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By: Muhammed Nishad

Odoo IoT Box Integration


Simple, Customizable and Secure. For the aforesaid reasons, among all the emerging technologies, IoT is projected to have the greatest impact on the industrial economy. People love IoT in a box for numerous reasons like higher productivity, increased quality, enterprise scalability, more data etc. Today IoT box acts as a prominent choice for smooth conduction of business operations in all industry profiles. 

What is IoT?
IoT or Internet of Things refers to the ever-growing network of physical objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity. A communication is followingly triggered between these objects and other Internet-enabled devices and systems.

Why IoT
1) IoT ensures High Productivity
    a) IoT as technology, it enables smart devices to get connected together, communicating with each other in a fast and significant manner.
    b) It helps in being abreast to changes happening in the environment.
    c) It helps to take swift actions with respect to new changes or actions.
2) IoT ensures Increased Quality
    a) As IoT being a network of machines, it has the least chance to get mistaken.
    b) IoT devices are as accurate as they are programmed.
    c) IoT devices enable users to take the most accurate measurements.
3) IoT enables Automation
    a) IoT devices, as they are connected to a network or a system, can make requests or trigger actions within their host.
    b) IoT devices measure changes in the environment.
    c) IoT devices can take automated actions.
4) More Data
     a) IoT generates a lot of data, More data means more information and more information means more accurate results.

IoT Box
The Odoo IoT Box is a small raspberry pi based device that comes completely integrated with Odoo. It enables Odoo in getting connected to different types of external devices like printers, cameras, scanners, footswitches, calipers, and more.


IoT Box has the following connectivity features
    1) USB (Universal Serial Bus Support)
    2) HDMI
    3) Bluetooth(Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity)
    4) WiFI (Wireless Fidelity Network)

Step 1:
    a) Connect the devices to IoT Box
    b) Plug in USB or HDMI Cables
    c) Turn on WiFi or Bluetooth on Your Devices

    a) Connect IoT Box to Odoo
    c) Power on IoT Box
    d) Install Odoo’s IoT Box App


Click Connect from IoT Boxes Menu

Step 3:
Connect Here, we have two options

1) For wired network
    Click Scan

2) For Wifi,
    Copy the token
    Connect to the IoT Box wifi
    Enter the token in the page where you are redirected to

Step 4:
The IoT Boxes are Shown here


And the devices in the Devices Menu.


Advantages of IoT Box

Gain in time
Since IoT Box enables fast operations and automation, the time taken for a particular process is significantly reduced to low. Secondly, when the devices are used for inputs, the encoding mistakes become the least.

Reduces Workload
Since the IoT Box contributes to automating the work, the workload gets reduced like never before. 

Easy Configuration
Odoo made the IoT Box configuration the least technical. It enables any raw user to easily configure it. It acts as simple as configuring a home theatre or a TV.

Simple usage
As Odoo has introduced the IoT Box app, it becomes the easiest and most seamless option to conduct.

The IoT box comes readymade with odoo integration

Some Useful Devices include

A) Caliper
B) Printers
C) Web Cameras
D) Foot Switch

Hope the article gave an insight into IoT Box and Odoo’s functional vicinity with respect to the same. 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


Manish Bohra

Can we connect IoT with any Barcode device and microchip reading device?




Jayant Bulbule

Can the IOT box be used for connecting the Serial Port Weighing Scales?




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