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By: Sree

Odoo for Construction Company


The design that goes into the construction process of any beautiful structure around our surroundings is the testimony of proper planning. Being an architect gives enormous freedom to the person to redefine the design concepts, make it more appealing for his clients, and expand his own world to a bigger horizon. Odoo ERP for a construction company is one’s stepping stone to building such a well-planned career which can perform beyond the expectation of any client in the modern world.

How will Odoo ERP help a construction company to redesign their operations? In this blog let us discuss the features of Odoo ERP that will help a construction company to function effectively.

1. Service delivery

Delivering prompt service to those who seek your service defines the future of your industry. In the construction field, the service delivery mostly includes the prompt planning of structural designs, customization of its features in accordance with the clients’ interests, and proper execution of the project with flawless site supervision. In all these areas, the magic of Odoo ERP will be palpable for the user. 

2. Employee Staffing

Keeping an accurate record of the employees or designers involved in the process comes as one of the top priority areas while considering the operations of construction consultancies.  Such a management technique will also support the proper execution of all our projects on time and without moving even a bit from the promises already made. It will also be possible to have better control over the total workforce through this ERP and address their job-related issues or other organizational requirements. 

3. Client database management

As we all know, the strong client base actually defines the success of any entrepreneurial venture. For a consultancy in the field of construction, the increase in the number of clients naturally attests to the growth of the firm to higher levels. So, keeping proper records of those clients who helped you to climb the ladder of success is a vital requirement. Odoo ERP for this purpose is loaded with all the required features to meet your requirements. 


4. Client billing

Having a professional-client billing system shows the fair functioning of any firm in the industrial turf. Considering the nature of architectural consultancy, Odoo ERP can help a lot for beginners or established players in the field. Giving them an accurate bill that complies with all the required legal parameters and tax norms help you known as a fair player in the industry. Such a billing practice will subsequently win you more customers who love to collaborate with fair trade or service. 

5. Contact management

The proper management of contacts, especially with those who can emerge as well-wishers or potential clients of your firm sets a perfect pitch for the future of business. Though there are multiple ways of doing this for the welfare of a firm, the use of a specially customized ERP from Odoo has many advantages. Contact management involves a lot of proceeding like sending messages, emails, and reminders on various services. A one-stop solution for all these requirements is Odoo.   


6. Service notification

The prompt update with details of an already undertaken project in the form of notifications underscores the commitment of any professional consultancy. The service notification side can be managed effectively when there is a proper system in place for assisting the requirement. Though a lot of technicalities are involved for an entrepreneur who makes use of the traditional system, he can easily unknot the complications with the proper use of Odoo ERP. 

7. Revenue recognition

The proper calculation of revenue recognition based on a particular time period is possible through Odoo ERP for the sector. Here, the highlight is that the owner of this particular ERP becomes eligible to compete with the world-level management of the accounting activities. Revenue does not indicate just the cash flow alone. It is the breadth of any industry and hence its management deserves a special attention in the e-world. 

8. Profitability analysis

Proper analysis of the annual or terminal profit becomes a key factor for the accurate calculation of the outcome in the form of monetary benefits. A proper analysis of the cash flow or revenue during each term becomes an easy work with the Odoo ERP for the sector. Even for a presentation, it can help the owners concerned. What is offered is a factual analysis with flawless records.  

9. Streamline business operations

The entire operation of an construction company can be streamlined with the use of a customised ERP. An automated business process does a lot for the speedy implementation of a lot of internal process. One of the major advantages of the product is that it can effectively use the existing manpower. Thus, optimum use of manpower oils the natural growth of the company. 

10. Maximize resource utilisation

Utilisation of the available resources the optimum way is a big challenge for all those who stick on with the traditional or the manual way of operation without much e-interventions. However, it is a cakewalk for those who are ready to embrace or move along with the technological advancements. The resource in terms of employee’s productivity or even the materials you procure for the operations become a less-troubling field with the use of customised Odoo ERP. 

11. Project management and execution of projects


The supervision of architects constitutes one of the major portions of the consultancy work in the field. Project management and execution will be the prime responsibility of any consultancy operating in the architectural sector. Project management involves the proper deployment of staff for the cause. Project execution too involves such a field-level supervision of the whole activities. Both these can be managed in a systematic with the customised ERP. 


12. Project preparation

The preparation of projects in architectural consultancy involves a number of tasks that a common man will not be able to comprehend the traditional way. The modern requirements are broader that doubles the responsibilities on all such firms. Project preparation, as known to all, involves a serious thinking process and its results actually define your business. So, having an eye on who does what at what time is important. 


13. Management of time

Time management in such a way to ensure the on time completion of works helps to win more clients. For an architectural consultancy, time management gets special attention as all those who approach them for the completion of projects are strictly seeking the service with clear deadline. Violation of deadline means that you breach the promise given to the customers. Here, the only way to make your staff accountable for time management is the accurate planning of the entire process and its phase-by-phase monitoring. An Odoo ERP can definitely create wonders in the field. 


14. Expense management

The more you reduce the cost, the more you get the profit. This simple logic is however less observed with high priority in many enterprises. Expense management is an art where the accurate planning can reduce a lot of dead investment or funding. Even a minor slip in the planning process can cause big loss to your operations and subsequently derail the profit margin. Expense management involves a lot of planning in the areas of investment, labour cost, logistics and project execution 


15. Task management 

Task management or risk mitigation is a highly sensitive area in any consultancy firm where the management skills of the entrepreneur proves about 50 percent of its success. However, he alone will not be able to perform the task the manual way. The tasks one will have to deal with the operational time may be beyond the natural predictions or calculations. It can be related to your labour force management, project planning, internal issues, unexpected calamities or even the failure of delivering a promised service on time. On such occasions, the task management decisions will have to be taken in such a way to drive forth the firm. 


16. Task setting and task stage management

Task setting and task stage management involve the proper identification of the mission the process it goes through and the final stage of implementation. Task setting process itself precisely gives us the idea of the whole route in an industry or consultancy venture to be taken care of in the process. In each step, the task managers or supervisors concerned will have to ensure that his team does it perfectly meeting the actual requirements. Stage by stage completion meeting the deadline thus becomes the integral part of the successful operation of a company or consultancy. 


17. Customer Relationship Management

An enterprise lacking proper customer care support itself is sure to face Himalayan tasks on their journeys to the target. There are even corporates those invest huge amount and human resources to maintain a good customer relationship team which can meet the goals very effectively and complying with the business strategies of the company. 


Maintaining such a wing demands a lot on the part of any successful consultancy. Identification of the crucial issues, the affected target group and quick solution to mend that in favour of the company can be done only with a professional team which can also successfully integrate the software assistance. It will facilitate easy communications, interactions, electronic way of follow ups and other scheduled interactions using the modern communication devices.  Even the media management too becomes a manageable area with the optimum use of the customised ERP. 

18. Mass mailing and communication management

Addressing individual clients by spending a lot of time is no more a feasible way of managing business when there are lot of customers involved. On Such occasions, the mass mailing or other convenient communication management strategy is vital for business survival. Mass mailing with a personal touch can be possible through customised ERP where one can just make it possible by the change of a name.


The hours put in the process of framing long letters can be cut short with the professional crafting of something with an ERP. 

19. Accounting 

For most of the companies or consultancies managing accounts become a huge headache in the absence of suitable hands or a suitable software. In the modern era, the selection of a suitable software to assist your human resources on the job is a crucial decision which primarily rests on the shoulders of the proprietor. So, selecting the best one actually sets his peace of mind in the days to come.  


Accounts can be managed with balance sheet generation and tax sheet preparation, expense and revenue details. With invoice generation and proper management of project cost and project estimation documents, accounting department can work flawlessly with Odoo ERP for service management.

20. Sales 

The sales team is primarily answerable for the revenue that actually comes to your business account. It is where we assess the profit of a company or the losses. So, ensuring their prompt functioning in such a way to meet the targets is crucial for any consultancy. Here, the assistance of a software is having prime importance as they can be held accountable for any flaws in the business.  Proper management of the sales records for internal assessment too is a vital area for all progressing players in the field. 


21. Planning working hours

The effective planning of working hours will naturally reduce the wastage of your valuable time at the work site or office. The targets can be effectively fixed or assigned to a particular person if the working hours are properly defined or planned in advance. Such kind of a planning with minute details for each employee is possible with customised ERP. Many of the progressing modern companies are now after the implementation of such a software which can successfully manage the planning process of working hours. 


22. Deadline setting

Deadline setting is a prime job where you reinstate your commitment to meet the customers’ aspirations. The moment a customer steps into your firm, he or she hopes that you will be able to keep the deadline. So any breach of the already set deadline will naturally upset your valuable client. The only option left out to avoid such an embarrassing situation is to control the whole planning process through a proper ERP, which can make you bridle the process very accurately. 

23. Time sheet management

It is the process of accurately recording the total working hours of your human resources or employees at the assigned task for which you are bound to give them the reward. For any professional companies, the time sheet management involves a number of process involving the pay roll management or even the client invoicing. The biggest part in time sheet management involves the activities related to the flawless calculation of salaries, allowances, payment in accordance with the attendance and accurate assessment of the fulfilment of the assigned commitment.  


Different types of time sheets considering the various requirements of firms are now available in customised forms in the field. Here, what Odoo offers is one of the fines customized ERP which can meet the complete requirements of an architectural consultancy. 

24. Project forecast

It is simply the process of reviewing the existing status of the already undertaken projects and check the possibility of a time-bound condition. As the name signifies, it is the art of forecasting the fate of the end product in accordance with the commitment made on the product or service delivery. An accurate project forecast will be possible only when a company or consultancy integrates the assistance of a software-based administration at all levels. Project forecast becomes an easy task only for those entrepreneurs who accurately follow the e-monitoring of their targets in a methodical way. This will be of great use to project managers for exploring predictive analysis with optimum results. It helps the effective integration of accurate data into the planning process and come up with accurate predictions which will have minimal error to land up in trouble.  

25. Profit and Scope analysis

An effective analysis of the existing data or completion report will only make the consultancies strive forward with better missions for the future. Such an analysis will become a reality only with the quick availability of reliable data with us. Gathering reliable data is not an easy task if someone is not following the software-based governance in the modern era.


Future ventures in the architectural field can be a success model only when it is crafted on the basis of a scope analysis result. There are multiple examples in the world where effective scope analysis played a crucial role in the future strategy building of companies. 

26. Invoice management

The job of managing invoices involves a lot of unnoticed works for an average customer or client. For a manager keen on professional functioning, the invoice management comes up as a top priority. 


The process itself includes multi-level requirements such as Customer invoicing, dealing with Customer credit notes, payment management, sales receipt, vendor bill and credit note, vendor payment, journal entries, payment terms, asset management, payment follow up and online payment. 


The online payment itself in the modern era is a big task if the number of employees in different verticals is high in number. Here, the invoice management becomes a tedious task without the assistance of a proper ERP. With the popularisation of online banking tools and applications, invoice management is quite a different task compared to conventional practices. However, it becomes a unique and trouble-free experience for those who are proud to own a custom-product for meeting their needs and win appreciations at all levels. 


If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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