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By: Sree

Odoo e-learning is Here to Fight Learning Hurdles


E-learning or electronic learning is the process of imparting different courses with the help of the internet. E-learning has become the new normal with Covid-19, the pandemic.

As schools, colleges and universities are all operating distantly with the spread of Covid-19, all regular academic courses and certificate courses have taken the e-route to reach the learners.

Apart from regular universities and schools, even tuition centers are taking the e-way to reach out to their students. The fear of the pandemic and the concern and the safety guidelines will force the education sector to continue the e-learning process for a longer period. Moreover, the new normal will be the future model as e-learning offers convenience to the learners.


Why choose ODOO for e-learning?

A specially designed ODOO E-Learning ERP is the best tool for anyone opting for e-learning. The developers will be able to deliver the best-suited e-learning tool to the teachers or institutions by coordinating well with our clients. E-learning, which is usually considered less interactive and communicative takes an entirely different mode when the learning is carried out through ODOO e-learning ERP. With more interactive methods, features allowing the inclusion of graphics and external videos, ODOO e-learning help the teacher as well as the learner.

Learning becomes a positive experience for learners with ODOO e-learning applications. Specially designed for different groups of students, ODOO allows the course coordinators to ensure strict surveillance.

Organizing the learning modules, the possibility of using multimedia tools, regular reviews, and proper conduct of e-assessment are the highlights of the ODOO e-learning tool. Let us take a look at some of the important features of ODOO E-learning ERP.


The organized content and systemize learning process


Our ODOO E-learning ERP helps you organize the content of the e-learning course in an effective manner. It helps you arrange the modules with heads and subheads.

Marking important sessions and adding graphic details to the important modules are no big deal with ODOO E-learning ERP. Just present your need to the ODOO E-learning ERP developer and get the best-suited application for you.


A systematized learning process also helps the systematic conduct of reviews and examinations. Though the learner and the teacher do not meet every day like the regular school and college system, ODOO E-learning ERP will help you feel the bonding between the teacher and student.

Easy to embed video content

A bundle of letters crammed together in a module will not be interesting stuff for learning. Learning becomes a positive experience when learning is assisted by videos, photographs, and other multi-media tools.

ODOO E-learning ERP helps you easily embed video contents, either prepared by your institution or by external sources, for the learning purpose. The inclusion of the latest updates related to the specific course, interviews of the experts from the field, and visual assistance for absorbing each and every part of the module is sure to glue the learner to the modules.


Learning everything with the help of video footage is sure to help the learner grasp the lessons quickly. Communication between the course coordinator and the learner could also be improved with the use of videos in the module.


Inclusion of external links for adding value to learning is no big deal

Learning is a never-ending process. Apart from the textbook related modules, a learner should look out to the real world to acquire the best knowledge. 

ODOO E-learning ERP helps to transform learning into a knowledge acquiring process without much difficulty. The course coordinators will be able to share the links of books, research papers or other internet resources along with the modules to invoke curiosity in the learner to acquire more.

With an era of abundant video sources for learning freely available on the internet, the course coordinator will be able to choose the right video from the web world and add it to the module. Learning becomes a visual experience with ODOO E-learning ERP. 

Multimedia use

ODOO E-learning ERP enables the use of multimedia for e-learning. The use of multimedia including graphics, videos, audios, and photographs makes learning more interesting with ODOO E-learning ERP.


Graphs make lessons more interesting and easy to understand. 


The ODOO E-learning ERP even enables the use of gaming and other applications to make learning entertainment for all. Holographic lessons and graphic representation, charts, PDF files, and documents can be included in the e-learning module with the help of ODOO E-learning ERP.

Retain knowledge and improve understanding

Learning alone will not make everything perfect. What is more important is the skill to retain knowledge and ensure a proper understanding of the subject.

ODOO E-learning ERP helps the retention of knowledge and understanding with the inclusion of quizzes and review oriented learning sessions. 

Cramming of the lessons will not be needed if the course is offered through our ODOO E-learning ERP application. Each part of the module will be understandable to every learner as it is activity-oriented. Besides, grading with badges and points will make the learner keen to learn the lessons.

Proper alignment of the important points, use of multiple examples along with the modules also helps the learner improve their retention power.


Regular review is the highlight

Learning becomes complete when the learner's knowledge is tested and reviewed at different levels of learning. One of the shortcomings of e-learning, proper review is addressed effectively with the ODOO E-learning ERP tool.  The timely review is the highlight of this application.


The teachers will be able to review the progress of their students even without the conduct of the assessment. The use of some techniques including quizzes and other activities in between the modules ensures that the learner is acquiring the imparted knowledge.

Online tests at the end of every module with special focus to important portions make learning interesting to the learner.

Assessment becomes simple

ODOO E-learning ERP has special features for the perfect conduct of examinations. No need for sending the photographs of the answer sheets or doing tiresome work. Everything becomes simple and complete with a click on the ODOO e-learning platform.

Attending assessment the e-way is not at all a tough task for the learner also. With specific modules on examination, the software developers help the teachers with the best-suited model for their needs. 


The ERP tool is developed noting down the assessment pattern of a particular institution. The time limit for the tests, correction time, and all other processes will be followed accurately to ensure the best performance of the ERP.

Evaluate the progress of students

Learning is a continuous process and it becomes complete when the teacher is satisfied with the progress of learning. The learning process can be evaluated only by evaluating the progress of the student. 


After each module or at the end of every day, the teacher can use different tools to assess the progress of the students. Quizzes at the end of the day could be the best tool to assess the skills.

During the evaluation process, the course coordinator will also be able to assess the retention skill and understanding of the learner. 

Introduce question pools to prepare for better learning

How do you prepare for the assessment? A good question pool to revise the module and do and re-do the activities helps in effective learning. 

The preparation of the question pool is not a tough task with ODOO E-learning ERP. The question pool gets a prominent place in the ERP and the learner will be able to make use of the facility quickly and frequently.

Using the question pool, the learner will be able to test their skills on their own. Clarifying their doubts with their teachers and improving their learning level takes learning to the next level in the ODOO E-learning platform.

Certify the progress at each level

A learner spends more time learning and improves his/her skills if the teacher certifies his/her skills. ODOO E-learning ERP tool helps to certify the learning level and skill level at each step.

With a bundle of activities, the learning becomes more active and certification of progress becomes more accurate. Contents in the module and the certification process are interrelated. 


Module-based learning, acquiring knowledge with the help of external links, and practical knowledge can be tested and certified when the learning is carried out with ODOO E-learning ERP.

Feedback makes learning effective

E-learning is no more one-way communication that does not derive results. Instead, feedback plays a key role in an e-learning platform. ODOO E-learning ERP provided the best feedback mechanism to ensure a better learning experience for every learner.

The learners are allowed to register their feedback after every module. The feedback on the course content, the way the content is handled by the course coordinator, and the suggestions to improve the classes can be shared in the online platform. 


Feedback will improve the learning process and help the teachers improve their skills. The requirement of the e-learners could be identified by the universities and institutions offering e-learning modules.

Assess performance with timed tests

Assessment of the learning process can be effective only if the tests are conducted within a fixed time frame. Timed tests help the teachers to test the skills of the learner the perfect way.

The ability to use the thinking pattern, practical learning of the students could be assessed with the timed tests. The quickness of reaction, ability to assess a problem within the given time, and the skill to complete a specific task within the given time limit also can be tested with ODOO E-learning ERP application. 

ODOO E-learning ERP assessment can be conducted in a simple and effective way.

Issue scores and certificates the professional way

Conduct of assessment alone will not be enough to establish the course.  But, you need the perfect scoring mechanism and the certification process to complete the course in the professional way. 


With ODOO E-learning ERP calculation of scores becomes easy. The introduction of score sheets and a score based certification system makes e-learning a professional experience.


Offer interactive learning

E-learning is no more one-way communication. E-learning is the most interactive way of learning in the new era.

Being able to learn everything from a convenient place at a convenient time, e-learning aspirants enjoy a lot of advantages.

The chance to make learning interactive makes learning an interesting experience for them. 

ODOO E-learning ERP application helps the student to clear their doubts and seek examples from the teacher during the session itself. Proper communication is essential for all activities. Education is a sector that stands on the principle of interactive learning. This principle is followed by the ODOO E-learning ERP.

Track performance

Apart from tests after every module, the teachers should be able to track the performance of the students throughout the conduct of the course. The tracking of performance is not just based on the module based learning of the student. But it depends on how the learner reacts to every module and how he/she imbibes the lessons. 

ODOO E-learning ERP application gives focus to performance tracking to make learning a better experience.


Allow the rating of the course

ODOO E-learning ERP not just allows the teacher to rate and rank the students. It also provides a platform for learners to rate courses. 


Rating the course helps the University or Institution to revise the course module and make learning a better experience taking into account the rating. It also helps other learners to choose the best rated courses. 


Learner teacher interface 

Learner teacher interface is a key feature of ODOO E-learning ERP. It provides a platform for the teacher and learner to interact.

Sharing of knowledge and thoughts make e-learning an interesting experience. At the learner teacher interface provided by ODOO E-learning ERP, they can build good and lasting relationships.

Communicate through email 

ODOO E-learning ERP provides a feature- communication through email. Apart from the chatbox facility and other interaction facilities, the teacher can interact with their learners through e-mail communication. 


The registered e-mail IDs of the students receive all communications and alerts from the teacher. All information related to the module, tests and assessment can be communicated through e-mail.

Ensure that the learners spend required time for learning the module

ODOO E-learning ERP helps a teacher to assess if the learner is spending enough time learning the module. The time spent on the internet and the activities completed can be reviewed frequently.

The completion of the module and step by step learning process can be completed with the help of the special feature of the ODOO E-learning ERP application. The total time required for completing the module and the total time taken by the student to complete the module also help the teacher assess their performance.

No technical glitches

ODOO E-learning ERP offers a platform that is free of all technical glitches. No disturbances and noise enters the module when you are using ODOO E-learning ERP. 


Quick interaction, quick to access external links and undisturbed video streaming are the features of the ODOO E-learning ERP.  Technical glitches will not affect the smooth conduct of examinations, quizzes and other tests if you are using ODOO E-learning ERP for the learning process.

Features of the E-learning module in ODOO 13

ODOO 13 has better e-learning features which could be of benefit to the learners and teachers. Some of the important features are given below:

> Karma points

> Quizzes

> Reward points

All these help the teachers assess the skills of the learner the perfect way and reward them in a suitable manner. 


Unlike many other e-learning solutions, ODOO E-learning ERP is user friendly and more effective. Embrace ODOO E-learning ERP application and do not worry about the outcome.

The application comes in handy and is easy to handle for the teacher and learner. It is sure that ODOO E-learning ERP will give you a new experience. 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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