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Odoo Software for Managing Human Resource Humanely

Functional Human Resource

ODOO’s Software Solution to Manage Human Resource Humanely 

The triumph of any firm depends on the efficacy with which the human resource of the firm is managed. A strategic approach is needed for effective management of the human resource of any organization. Apart from ensuring maximum work results from every employee, human resource management should also focus on satisfying the financial and entertainment needs of the employees.


The coordination of employees from different departments, employees belonging to different grades, staff members with different salary scales is essential for the smooth functioning of an organization. Bringing unity among the employees, developing employee bonding, and offering the best working atmosphere is part of the tasks of a human resource department. 

ODOO Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and Open HRMS offer the best support for managing the human resource of an organization by addressing all their needs. The human resource wing of an organization has many major tasks to complete including the selection and recruitment of employees, managing employee bonding, clearing all salary and leave related formalities, and offering the best entertainment facility and working ambiance. 


Here, in the blog, we can have a look at the different tasks of a human resource wing of an organization. We can also take a glance at how our ODOO HRMS enables your human resource wing to operate more efficiently. The success of a firm is dependent on the efficacy of its human resource team and make your human resource wing the best with our best ODOO HRMS.


Department Management 

Small, medium, or big, every organization will have different departments. Department management is important as it helps to ensure the best coordination of various departments. Besides, the performance of each employee of a particular department can be assured with department management. 


Employees from different departments can only develop the communication level and working standards if they manage proper communication with the employees of all other departments. The Department management process of an organization ensures to bring out the best interactive skills and share the work pattern in a way that would strengthen the overall operation of the firm.

Employee Category Management

Employee category management, a part of the modern human resource management system, is the management of a category of employees by redefining the working structure to meet the standards of an aspiring employee. The categorization of different levels of employees and management of their documents in an organized way structures the modern employment scenario in a commendable manner. 


Managing employees from different levels become a tough task as strategic employee category management ensures satisfactory work ambiance for all. Managing different departments is also made easy. Equal treatment of employees belonging to different categories is sure to help the overall growth of the organization.

Asset Management

Asset management is a major duty of the human resource management wing as the distribution of employees’ assets falls under their responsibility. Though asset management does not have visible links with the Human resource management, it is to be made clear that asset management indirectly influences the efficiency of the workforce.

Proper management of employee details and the assets used by them for the work purpose can be made easy with our ODOO HRMS ERP. With a special entry facility to enter the details of all assets used by the employee- including laptop, mobile phone, internet service, and even the facilities provided at office ensure that all employees are provided with the facilities. The distribution of essential items including pen, paper, water bottle, teacups, and other assets which would be of benefit to the employee can also be managed by the ODOO HRMS. Distribution of festival gifts can also get a systematic arrangement with our ERP assistance.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process indicates the process of inviting applications for different posts, the conduct of interviews, and other activities. The toughest task of a human resource wing is the recruitment of suitable candidates for an organization. Selecting the most suitable candidate from a list of suitable candidates ensures that the organization takes a leap with the appointment of an employee.


The ODOO HRMS application comes to the rescue of a human resource wing from the moment of inviting application to a post to the completion of the recruitment process. Auto alert on the need for the appointment of new employees with the help of inputs from different departments.

The qualifications required for a new recruit could be set using the HRMS with inputs from department heads. Invitation of application, reception of the application, and sorting of application based on the educational qualification and work experience make it easier for the organization to manage the recruitment process.

Shortlisting of candidates from the number of applications received can be done automatically based on qualifications and experience. Age bar for the employment other features could also be reviewed automatically. Scheduling of interviews, written tests, and other formalities also gets completed with a few clicks if you are using ODOO HRMS ERP. 


Rating of the performance in interviews and tests and preparing the candidate list also gets a professional turn with ODOO ERP. Sending of notification to the candidates and initiating communication with them, collection personal details, generation bank accounts, and all other aspects are covered in the ODOO HRMS ERP.


Complaint Grievance Redressing Mechanism

Employee grievance redressing mechanism offers you a platform for transparently dealing with all the complaints of employees. Addressing the complaints of employees and addressing their needs timely make the human resource wing the best. ODOO HRMS ERP helps the employees file their complaints through the ERP. The same way the ERP helps the HR team to quickly access the complaints and study the aspects of the complaint. The initiation of quick redressal mechanisms helps to ensure the best employment culture and improve relationships with the employees.


Announcements, Notifications, and Circulars

Notification and circular to employees ensure proper communication of all official policies and strategies with the employees. Notification through an ERP platform helps the employees to get quick notification service. Notifications and circulars play the role of blood cells in a human body in an organization. The notifications issue all mandatory information for the employees regarding meetings, training sessions, new policies, and other activities.


Circulars help to educate the employees about projects and programs of the organization. The ODOO HRMS ERP enables you to reach out to all employees simultaneously the best way.

Training Management

Training is the most important factor in ensuring the successful functioning of an organization. Updating the knowledge and skills of the employees and learning more about market demands comes as part of the training sessions. In the modern era, management of training sessions has become simpler as training schedules, training access, and training modules can be communicated easily with the ODOO HRMS ERP. 


E-modules of training sessions, assessment at the end of the training module, completion status, and auto-generated alerts for completing training modules all become quick with ODOO HRMS ERP.

Training Feedback

Feedback makes every communication complete. Training, which is a form of educative communication, also needs the support of feedback for constant improvement and development of new training strategies. With the support of ODOO ERP for HRMS, an HR wing is equipped to get the best knowledge of the feedback of the employees attending a training session.

Besides, feedback on the policies of the organization, holiday lists, and program scheduling and work allotment also is made possible with the feedback facility.

> Performance Appraisal, Badges, and Memo


> ODOO Open ERP offers the best support to review the performance of employees and complete appraisal setting performance standard based on target. The ERP also enables the distribution of badges to the employees based on their performance. Distribution of memo for poor performance or bad conduct also is possible with HRMS. 


> Loan Application Management

The best loan management application ensures emotional support to an employee who needs financial support during troubled times. The majority of the organizations offer salary advance facility, personal loan facility, and the loan from Provident fund facility to the employees. With the evolution of the internet and modern technologies organizations are embracing paperless operations to ensure transparent and smooth functioning.

The loan application management facility of ODOO HRMS ensures that an employee can avail of the benefit of various loans with a few clicks. Entering the ERP log in, the employee will be able to click the loan section and select the loan choice. The selection of the percent of the amount required can be decided with a click. The loan repayment policy can also be accessed by the employee with the help of the ERP before taking the final decision on the loan.  Review of loan application status and the repayment status, eligibility for the loan, and other details can also be accessed from the ODOO ERP for HRMS.

Employee Report

Employee report helps an organization to review the performance of all employees. Performance reviews of employees from different departments are calculated with different measuring tools. While the marketing department evaluates the performance of employees with a target, other departments review the work based on the completion of projects, quality of work, and the timely completion of work.


Reviewing the work of every employee by calculating the working hours, targets achieved, commendable work performance, comments from the managers, and department heads can be made easy with ODOO HRMS ERP. Annual or monthly report on the performance of employees helps an organization to felicitate the best performers and improve the performance level of other employees.

Salary and Increment Report Management

Salary increment at correct intervals makes a company a favorite workplace for employees. The salary increment report helps the management manage their finance based on the revenue and expenditure



The increment report is prepared by evaluating the performance of an employee and the proportionate growth of a company. The multi-level task which seeks the comments and remarks of employees at different levels and the approval of the finance team and the head of the organization becomes quick through an ERP.

Leave Management

The leave management feature of the ODOO ERP helps to manage the leave of different employees. Leave requests can be filed by the employees to their direct heads through the ERP. Decisions of approval of leave by the head also take the e-route with the ERP. Besides, the approval of the HR team is also mandatory for final approval of leave as the HR wing is responsible for calculating the leaves taken and leaves available for an employee. Meetings and other work schedules can also be marked in the calendar. 


Leave hierarchy setting and leave status management are also done without technical glitches with the support of ODOO HRMS. The ERP Application enables the setting of the hierarchy of leave applications based on the reason for leave and type of leave. The employee can easily check the status of the leave application and confirm the approval of the organization before going on leave.

The leave management system also enables the employee to learn more about leave policies, the number of leaves available under different categories including sick leave, casual leave, and other leaves. Better planning of leave is ensured with the support of ERP which can be accessed by the employee with his ERP ID. The ODOO ERP also helps the HR wing to manage to the club of different leaves while approving or rejecting leave applications. 


Leave calendar management can also be done with the support of the ODOO ERP. Apart from weekend holidays or off days of an employee, access to the leave calendar with the list of closed down holidays helps an employee to plan trips and holidays in advance.

Attendance Management and Regularisation


Attendance management and regularisation mean the management of working days, working hours, leave days, holidays, and work on off days. Punching system with fingerprint and swipe card punching facility can be initiated by an organization to manage attendance. Features to mark break times, early out and total work hour calculation gets quick with the attendance management system. 


Technical glitches to punching machines or outdoor duty for the employees on field level duty can also be managed with the support of an ERP application.

The system enables the employees to register their attendance from anywhere and regularise attendance.


Track employee work progress with our work report module

Employee work pattern, efficiency in working, and the structure of working hours get auto-updated in the ERP. Team leads, managers, and the head of the organization can easily get the report and review the work. This module also enables the managers to assess the salary increment pattern and grading level for all employees.


Daily review of work progress

Daily updating of working hours helps to access daily review of work in progress. The work assignment, completion status, status of pending work, and workday report can be managed with ease with ODOO HRMS ERP.

Customize Company Pay Structure

Customizing the pay structure of the company based on the employee levels and performance and taking into account the revenue side of the organization is made easy with ODOO ERP. The pay structure can be decided based on the role of each department in the functioning of the organization. Besides, the assessment base pay structure encourages the employee to give their maximum for the firm.


Entertainment Management

To keep pace with the world and evolving work patterns, entertainment management is crucial. All new world organizations focus on the entertainment aspects of the employees by celebrating birthdays, success of different projects, and achievements of employees.

Sending birthday notifications and celebrating birthdays of the employees ensure a family atmosphere inside the office. Planning holiday trips, family get-together, party time also helps in improving employee relations. Managing photo gallery, video storage, birthday calendar, and congratulating the employees on the occasion of wedding and childbirth can be done with ease with ODOO ERP.

Cybrosys here with Open HRMS  

Here, Cybrosys has taken a leap by introducing OpenHRMS from ODOO HRMS. It is now a favorite HRMS ERP of many companies in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world.

These features will help you identify the segments required for your specialized ERP. Identify your needs, point out your working pattern and we will enable you to work more appropriately and accurately.

  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Employee Database
  • HR Administration
  • Payroll
  • Appraisal
  • Attendance and Leave
  • HR Reports
  • Employee Benefits
  • Recruitment
  • Branch Transfer
  • Disciplinary Tracking
  • Gratuity Settlement
  • HR Reminder
  • Salary and Salary Advance Management
  • Employee Checklist
  • Resignation
  • Employee Survey
  • Time Sheet
  • Insurance
  • Service Request
  • Project Management
  • Vacation Management
  • Managing Multi-company HR


We, at Cybrosys, offer you a service to bring the most out of all these special features under OpenHRMS. The service is available across the globe to master human resource management. We have an excellent team to offer you service within the shortest span of time. 

With high coding standards, Cybrosys is confident to help you develop the most suitable HRMS ERP for your organization. Our expertise in technical and functional segments is sure to guide you to choose the best.

Throw away all your concerns. Let us move hand in hand and develop an HRMS solution for your organization to grow together.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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