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By: Evin Davis

What outweighs Odoo CRM over others?


Customer relationship management(CRM) is an aspect of every business that should be effectively monitored and managed. Since customers are the main key for a business or a company to succeed, maintaining a healthy relationship with them can be beneficial for the company's growth. The customer relations in a company can be effectively managed by contacting them regularly, listening to their needs, obtaining feedback and suggestions on the products and services. In addition, promotional data sharing on the various aspects of the company can be much more beneficial for the organization to attract various customers.

CRMs are the modern game changers of business and it's the most in-demand customer relationship management softwares after the ERP solutions available in the market. There are various cloud-based CRMs available in the market and other ERPs which also provide the provision of the CRM being inculcated in them. As the operational methodology of all the ERPs is to manage all the business operations, note only the activities of CRM that fall as the major advantage of the ERPs over other CRMs. Moreover, most of the CRMs operate based on the cloud methodology rather than a separate database which can be seen in the ERP operations.

Interface Ability
The Odoo platform provides a CRM functionality with a much easier user interface features than various others available in the market. The platform depicts the pages of operation based on the breadcrumbs methodology allowing the users to navigate in and around easily. In addition, as the platform operates in a single platform and the single database usage methodology will speed up the operations without any lag.

Database operation
The single database operation methodology for all the aspects of the business makes the Odoo platform accessible to various gadgets such as laptops, tabs, and electronic devices. The CRM functionality can alone users while in the field using these gadgets to obtain information on potential clients. This option will be much helpful in obtaining various potential client information directly to the CRM platform while in a marketing campaign or a remote campaign operation. In addition to the high-security protocols of the Odoo platform, the ability to log in is done using biometrics or passcodes. Read more about the Benefits of using Odoo CRM.

Personalized customer interaction
Customer interactions in Odoo CRM can be of meetings, calls, and emails. The platform allows the users to send out emails to potential customers and existing giants on the various aspects of the business, other than the sales and purchase information. In addition, a meeting can be scheduled either physically or virtual one which could help the company to explain their business and the customer understand the products and services. Furthermore the calls an inevitable factor of any customer relationship management. The platform allows users to schedule client calls to promote their products. The main feature of these activities in Odoo is that the user can assign an employee or staff to be his or her representative and conduct the operation.

Activity management
As mentioned earlier assigning a respective employee for an activity helps in the management of them effectively in the CRM operations of the Odoo platform. In addition, the Odoo platform provides the provision to schedule them allowing the users to plan and create various presentation materials to the customers. The scheduling activity is managed in a calendar that will detail all the activities information along with the employees and the users assigned. This functionality allows the users to manage the activities in a way that each one will not clash with one another.

Email marketing
Emails are the major source of information transfer days which can be an effective marketing tool for customer relations management. As the CRM module of Odoo allows the user to send out emails on the various aspects of the business it can be configured for marketing operations too. From the CRM module, the users can send out marketing Emails in groups. These groups can be configured based on the user's terminologies.

Lead generation and enrichment
The CRM module of the Odoo platform will allow the users to go any extent to obtaining contact information from various sources. The lead generation functionality allows the users to obtain contact information and contact them by scheduling activities and turning them to potential customers. Additionally, if the user has only the email contact of the customer and is worried about leg generation, the Odoo CRM has the best solution to deal with such aspects. The lead enrichment feature will allow the users to look into various social media and outside sources to obtain full contact information.

Lead prioritization and tracking 
The lead should be manged contacted in an orderly manner considering the potential of each and every contact. Prioritizing is an effective way to do the operation. The CRM module of the Odoo platform allows the users to prioritize the leads based on the needs and necessity of the contact. The tracking functionality of Odoo allows the users to gain knowledge on the stage of operation their leaders are being described in their Odoo platform. This will provide information on the contact about their operations and the sales and purchase being conducted.

The Odoo CRM has always seen the edge of features which overlap its competitors with the advanced features and automation options available. In addition, the ability of the Odoo platform to be featured as the one-stop solution for all the business activities by able to manage all the operations clearly states that Odoo is the best ERP for business management.

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