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By: Asaf Muhsin

Benefits of Using Odoo CRM

Functional CRM

The customers are the major aspect of any business without them any business organization will perish from existence. Adding new customers and maintaining the existing customers in the company will always allow the organization to progress and spread their wings to new destinations by expanding their business. The Customer relationship is to be well maintained with healthier activities such as phone calls, emails, and meetings. In addition, the helpful feedback from the respective customers on the products and services will help the company to improve them and could be considered as a reference for the new products.

Due to the digitalization, the companies have opted for the automation of the business operations where Enterprise and resource planning software (ERPS) seems to be leading the market. This advanced automation software can help the users to manage the operations of the business at various aspects and the control of these can be well established from a single system. There are various ERPs available in the market these days which could automate your business operations.

Odoo being one of the best ERPs available in the market is a software that operates from a single platform. Odoo is often named as the one-stop solution for all the business needs. The customizability feature of the Odoo platform helps the software to be integrated into any business additionally the flexibility of the software makes it easy to be implemented in an existing business. Furthermore, the integration ability of the Odoo platform helps the users to integrate various third-party systems and applications with the software and continue with the existing methodologies of operation.

Enhance leads
The CRM module of the Odoo platform allows the users to describe the data of the customers which are potential as leads and provide provision to enhance these leads by occurring information and enriching the details. Once the leads are being verified and they are ready to be customers they are now raised as customers. This functionality in the Odoo CRM module helps the users to generate leads and upgrade them as potential customers and finally as regular customers.

Establish effective communication
The CRM module in Odoo also provides the functionality to establish a healthier customer relationship by scheduling various activities with them. The user can schedule meetings and calls with potential clients and discuss the products and services. In addition, the users can assign a respective employee to manage the activity. The activities conducted can be of any type such as emails, voice calls, video calls, meetings  and online meetings. The platform also allows the users to check out the calendar straight away from the CRM module so that any activity will not be intercollided.

Analytical reports
The reporting functionality of the CRM module will provide the user with specific information which is on various aspects of the Odoo CRM operation. The platform provides the reposts on the customer's salesperson and various other aspects that can be sorted out. The viewing of the reports is available in various formats such as pivot, Gantt, form, graph, etc. In addition, the module offers the users to filter, group by and sort out the data on various attributes that are available. The provision to add the filtering functionality as favorites will be handy in the future reference of the data.

Data security and employee operational levels
As the platform operates on a security fed database the chances of lossage of information are much lower and in addition, the security protocols of access to information are maintained strictly in the software. In addition, the provision for employees to access the information and perform operations are being scrutinized based on the employee levels of administration. Furthermore, each and every employee is provided with a separate passcode to log into the system. 

Customer satisfaction and feedback
Grading customer satisfaction based on the surveys being provided is always helpful to understand their experience in the company. The Odoo platform allows the user to generate surveys on the product description after sales which are sent via email to the customers and on filling out they are resisted on the company database for further reference. Additionally, the Odoo platform provides the provision to design and create accustomed made feedback surveys that will be depicted to the customers to obtain information on feedback and suggestions to improve the products and services of the company.

The Odoo CRM provides the users with one of the effective ways in which they can manage to maintain and create a healthier customer relationship as well as drive potential clients into company business. Learn more about  Odoo 13 CRM Videos and Updations

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