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By: Asaf Muhsin

Benefits of Odoo Social Media Marketing

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Social media or new media is the new marketing tool for all types of businesses. From home-based businesses to international firms are depending on social media platforms for marketing and campaigning. Unlike other marketing tools like television advertisements or print media advertisements, social media campaigns are more informal and thus touch the heart of the people in simple ways.

Odoo ERP has a dedicated application for social media marketing. This application helps the Odoo users to link all their campaigns and programs with the help of social media. This increases the reach of the campaign and directly influences a large number of people. Unlike SMS or email marketing where the campaigns focus on a specific list of contacts, social media marketing targets known and unknown people, customers, and non-customers. This can collaborate with email and SMS marketing also. The campaign reaches across the globe through the internet platform helping the business to spread its wings slowly.

In this blog, we can take a look at the key benefits of social media marketing by Odoo.

Market your brand

Branding is the first step to success for any business. The customers or the public in general should be aware of the brand. The products offered by the brand and the services should be familiar for the people. This type of branding can be done with social media by introducing intensive campaigns. A campaign through different social media platforms targeting the social media groups helps the firm to familiarize their brand and product to the public. The number of visitors to the social media campaigns can be viewed with Odoo social marketing helping the firms to improve their campaign methods.



It is a cost-effective tool as the social media campaign needs only the support of a tool for coordinating social media campaigns. The publishing of posts or streaming of visual contents does not require any fee in normal cases. The user will only have to spend money for a tool to manage the operations. Such a tool like Odoo Social Marketing will help the business list all campaigns and activities.


Grow brand awareness among people

Make the people aware of the existence of your brand with social media marketing. Multi-faceted branding techniques can help the business to scale heights. The repeated presence of a brand name in the social media and discussions in the social media platform can be a booster to the business. Using Odoo the user can analyze the impact of the social media campaigns with the leads and opportunities created with the help of these campaigns.


Increase traffic

Increased traffic to a website is assured when we share a link or post to the active social media sites. This ensures increased click and traffic helping the website of the company to enter into the top lists. This automatically promotes the branding and popularity of the products and services offered by the firm.

Market products and Services

Apart from branding, social media helps to promote the sale of products and services. New offers and discounts can be used as social media campaign tools and the customers are more likely to click the links and visit the website for purchase.

Educate People about the Product or Brand

A major benefit of social marketing is the increased awareness of the public about the products and services. The users are more likely to purchase a product that is familiar to them. This strategy operates the same way a television advertisement operates.

Connect with different customer groups

Social media groups like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the key platforms used for campaigns. Odoo social marketing, which is a social marketing tool, helps the business to directly stream the campaign materials to these groups. Odoo also enables the use of push notifications for campaigns.


Informal Communication

The method of communication for social media campaigns is informal and the chances are high that the direct to heart communication will prompt many to follow your brand and products. Blogs detailing the starting of the firm and other informal posts mixing light stuff will have a long-lasting impact on the customers.


Collect visitors' data and study trend

Understanding the trend and recognizing visitors is the key to improve the benefits of social media marketing. A social marketing app like Odoo social marketing can easily give you facts and figures regarding the visitors and their viewing habits. The number of visits turning into opportunities can also be viewed.


Social marketing is a tool with immense scope for improving business and sales. If you want o know about our social marketing tool search Odoo Social Marketing or contact us.

Refer to our blog to know more about Odoo Marketing Management.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


Priya Sharma

absolutely amazing article! nowadays social media is working like a boon for the small businesses. Thanks for sharing this amazing article with us. It's really very informative for me.




Priya Sharma

Thanks for sharing this amazing article with us. i got a lot to learn from it. and I am surely going to share it with my network.




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