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By: Evin Davis

Odoo for E-waste Management Industry

Functional Odoo 14

Recycling is the terminology that has focused vital usage in the operations of the modern world. Every nation, company, and institution is promoting recycling activities and setting up the plants and factories to do so. The recycling can not only be done for plastic products but can be used on industrial-grade products and electronic equipment. The waste generated from electronic equipment is termed E-waste. Moreover, the quality and the generations of this has been gradually increasing as per the statistics. Therefore, the manageability of the condition has been far gone from the hands of the authorities.

So how is this E-waste generated have you ever wondered? The computer and equipment do not use water, paper, fire, or any non-renewable products from natural resources. They only eat up the electricity consumption and bring in a huge bill for that every month. The major cause for E-waste generations is the development of new systems, devices, innovations, and technology which has rooted for the disposal of the old ones. In this ever-changing world to couple ups with the needs, every institution should be updated with the most recent developments and should be using equipment that supports these. 

Let me explain the operation in layman's terms. You should have wondered about the storage device Floppy disk, which was utilized in the earlier stages of digitalization, way before the era of CDs and DVDs. As time progressed the new advancements in data storage such as CDs, DVDs, and Hard drives were developed which showcased higher potential capabilities than that of the floppy disks. Now the entire equipment used along with the floppy disk technology is replaced with the one used by CD and DVDs. Further along, they also will be replaced by Memory cards and pen drives.

This blog will provide insight on how the Odoo will help the users to run an E-waste industry efficiently.

What Odoo got to do with E-waste let me describe, Odoo being a management solution can help the users of the platform to run the entire operation of any company. The E-waste operation is generally based on the logistic functions which can be easily defined in Odoo. Furthermore, the manufacturing and processing plant can be efficiently managed with the platform. Odoo has modular management modules specified for applications specific operations in a company which has rooted for the manageability of any sort of business operations in the platform.

Benefits of using Odoo for E-waste Management Applications:
    - Odoo has a modular approach defined to make the operations of the company form its process of accruing the raw materials(E-waste in this case), managing the purchase, processing operations, and storage and sale of the finished products.

    - As the platform is fully customizable the operations of the Odoo can be flexed to fully suit the operational terminologies of the company(The customizations can be efficiently done by a well equipped Odoo partner)

    - Third-Party devices and applications can be integrated with the platform to be functioning alongside, therefore helping the user to run the business asper the own terminologies furthermore reducing the cost on purchase of new equipment( In case of implementing Odoo for an existing company)

    - Double-entry data-keeping along with centralized inventory operations will allow the platform to be redundant to errors and will act as a reliable tool for the functioning of the company.

    - Advanced system integration abilities to use IoT and biometric devices the Odoo platform is coined as one of the most advanced management software existing today. The platform has an IoT box integration external tool and an internal IoT module to implement advanced connectivity devices for operations.

Having said that, it's evident that Odoo is an excellent management Enterprise and resource planning software for the operations of a waste management industry. Furthermore, the platform can be used by the governmental authorities for E-waste as well as garbage management operations. In addition, the users already implemented Odoo In their company could draft the platform to be operational for an additional waste management department which will be beneficial in the long run of the company as well as the environment.

The new Odoo 14 has been released recently which is considered the fastest and the most advanced Odoo ever available. The Odoo platform is supported by the Odoo community which comprises Odoo developers, consultants, partners, and additional staff who support Odoo. The community supports Odoo users with constant updates and error rectification along with the Odoo app store containing booth paid as well as unpaid user-specific applications for the business operations.

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