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By: Cirin C Baby

What will be the future of Odoo?

Functional Odoo 14

The business management operations are always trickier and need the utmost care in dealing with them. Moreover, there are various constraints in which a company operates. Additionally, the real-time environment of business operations in a company's fast-moving business has to cope up with the requirements of the customer. In a way, efficient business management can provide the company with not only instant profits and productivity hikes but also customer satisfaction which leads to indicted profit due to the business increase this brings in.

Earlier from the use of the barter system being in the world, humans have been implementing various stages of operation. Back in those days they didn't mean the needs for business management and coined it but they functioned with cortisol principles and terminologies which brought them more profit. As industrialization came various companies were booming into existence in which each had an efficient management team consisting of a list of executives who worked tiresomely to run the company and bring in more profitable sums to the establishment.

As time changes and with the end of the last century and the strike of the new century there came more technological advancement. Science is an ever-changing field and various inventions and developments were being developed to bring ease in the operations bot for the establishments and humane life. Here, came the era of digitalization and improvements in communications technology. Which brought in various advancements in the functioning of the world. A new terminology of communications was being involved and operational accuracy and speed was a great cause of concern in these operations.

These advances are rooted in the developments of software which contributed to the ease of operation and reduced the load on employees. Various software was developed day by day to be useful if the application needs operations of the companies. Further can the use of software as a survive(SaaS) terminology which coined that the software can be used as service operational tools in the company. Enterprise and resource planning software came into existence by these terminologies and can be used for efficient business management. There were various ERPs developed which contributed to the various aspects of business management and brought in high productivity and profitability to the uses.

This blog will drive you to an insight into what Odoo ERP holds in the future.

Odoo is one of the ERPs which can be used for business management operations. Developed at the beginning of the current century Odoo ERP is a business management tool that is reliable, efficient, and cost-effective in operations. In addition, it is usually coined as the one-stop solution for all business needs due to the managerial ability the software brings in to its users of operations.

Future of Odoo.
The future of operations cannot be one that can be predicted. For example Covid 19 we didn't have a clue that the pandemic will strike the world in such a devastating manner. Nobody warned us and we were not prepared but it is the survivability and the history of human populations that makes us still go through this crisis. Likewise, Odoo is advanced operational software that houses the modern advancement and application prospects of the world, Considering the previous history and the present operational capabilities there is no doubt in the fact that Odoo will thrive to its prime in the future world.

Odoo had recently released its new version of ERP software the Odoo 14 during the last Odoo experience event of 2020. Considered as the fastest and most advanced Odoo ever the new Odoo 14 is packed with features to run the company operations at a higher level. With an agile methodology of innovation approach, Odoo will bring in new advancements that are existing in the future. IoT device interactions are one of the aspects which Odoo might focus on because of its capabilities and the reforms these technologies can bring into the world of business as wells human life. Additionally, the future of Odoo can be measured with its past where it has brought in regular updates, smart tools of operations, and the technological and application aspects of existence in that time of the world.

There is no answer to the question about the future but all I could point out based on my experience using Odoo and working with it is that the software will be helping you to run any form of business in the future and from my point of view the future of Odoo is bright and promising.

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