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By: Cirin C Baby

What makes Odoo the best ERP Software?

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Odoo is a new generation enterprise and resource planning software developed in the wake of the century. The software supports complete business management to be run from a single platform of operations. Odoo compared to its contributors exhibits various set features that bring orderly business management solutions to the company. Moreover, the user-friendly approach and the adaptability to be dwindled in operations as per the user needs would make it stand out of the group of ERP software of the world. Through odoo runbot users can try the latest versions of Odoo ERP. The advanced business management operations included with Odoo will help the user to run the functionalities more efficiently and reliably which would turn around the company's productivity and profitability to higher scales.

The capabilities and reach of the Odoo software are large and it can be stretched to reach vast areas of business operations. However, the Odoo platform is best suited for the operations of the business in small and medium-sized enterprises. Moreover, they bring in full controllability along with the manageable need of the operations of the companies. One of the key aspects of the Odoo platform that makes its operation stand out is the ability to customize the platform and its operations to run as per the needs. Additionally, the user can define the aspects of the software function to run as [per the company terminologies and the standard of operational levels.

Odoo is considered as one of the best ERP available nowadays, mainly due to the operational aspects which the platform brings into the company to run the operations with reliability, effectiveness, and cost-efficiency. Considering there are various constraints in which the Odoo platform tops over the charts than other ERPs.

This blog will provide insight into the key aspects which make Odoo ERP the best.

Centralized operations
The Odoo ERP business management software operated from a single platform. Here all the instructions can be provided from a centralized common in control center form which you could be capable of running the company on all standards. Moreover, the centralized approach has made Odoo have a central database for information storage and management operations. This has rooted for efficient information exchange between employees, departments and managers of the companies. Furthermore, documents can be stored digitally and help the company to go paperless. This is additionally supported by the methodology of the digitized signature option which can be enabled for efficient paperless and fast operations in the company. In addition, the inventory management of Odoo also has a centralized approach making it accessible for the retail, e-commerce and wholesale operations of the company.

Modernized approach
Odoo is considered one of the most advanced ERP management systems available today in the market. The integration capabilities of the platform allow advanced systems such as IoT and biometric device integration to run the company in a most efficient and more advanced manner. In addition, the platform provides capabilities of integration to run the company with the existing devices and applications while implementing Odoo.

Modular design
The Odoo platform has a design that is modular in approach and has a dignified module of operations to run the company operations with more reliability and effectiveness. The designated modules such as accounting, sales, purchase, inventory, manufacturing, field services, fleet management, documents, data cleaning and many more have been designed and developed to deal with various application-specific operations of the company.

Odoo community
The Odoo platform is supported by an open-source community which is the backbone of the ERP software. The community consisting of Odo developers, partners and consultants work toward the same goal of making the platform better for its customers day in and day out. The Odoo platform releases regularised updated and new versions of the platform with the support and contribution of the members of the community. Moreover, the community services are easily expendable to any Odoo user and they are available all across the world.

Odoo apps
The Odoo platform offers the user to implement and use various application-specific add ons for the running of the company. The Odoo user can avail of the Odoo apps for the Odoo apps store available on the Odoo website. Here certain of the applications can be expensed for free and there are certain others which you need to pay for. The Odoo apple allows the user to run various in-house operations to customize it as per the applicational need.

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