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By: Anju A.P

Benefits & Precautions While Hiring Odoo Developers


Odoo ERP is known for its simplicity and scalability in performing various business operations. From large enterprise to small, Odoo is widely used by these businesses to carry out their business tasks and streamline their business operations. However, you need an Odoo developer to set up the application at your workplace or make certain customizations in it.

Recruiting an Odoo developer may not be feasible in all cases. For example, if your work is very minimal say a small Odoo customization, or say your employee (an Odoo developer) has gone in a medical leave or for vacations, recruiting an Odoo developer for this short period will neither be practical nor profitable. Because, once the current need is accomplished, you cannot utilize the Odoo developer for any other purpose. The company has to unnecessarily pay the salary and other employee benefits to the Odoo developer without optimally using the resource.

Thus all efforts put by the company in recruiting the Odoo developer go in vain.

Do you know how much it costs to recruit and train a new developer?

The studies show that it costs more than $31,940 to recruit and train a new developer. You might be thinking how?

Here we go. It takes almost one and a half months to say about 6 weeks to go through the recruitment process. And it further takes another 30 weeks for the newly hired developer to reach their optimum productivity, altogether amounting to around $31,940.

This denotes an investment of plentiful time and money to recruit a fresh developer. In order to bring the new dev on board, the company has to invest much of its time and cash. And unfortunately, if the employed resource doesn’t come out as good as your company wanted, or leave after acquiring all the necessary training,  all your effort put in the recruitment and training goes in vain.  You are once again bound to undergo all the talent acquisition pains and onboarding sessions, to get a good developer. This can indeed cost the company several other dollars and further wait for the new developer to make up for the lost productivity.

Waiting means losing your money.

Hiring an Odoo developer instead of recruiting a new,  gives no such traumas and financial pains. Instead, it can give your company a more profitable business. Here it is:

Well, with hiring Odoo developers, your business is freed from paying for advertisements, setting infrastructures, paying employee benefits like health insurance, life insurance, workplace perks, paid time off like vacations and leaves, and so forth.  There are no burdens like that of the recruited resources.  In short, the company is saved from surplus amounts of spending.

It is estimated that a company spent about $121,855.01 on an employee every year. And unfortunately, if the employee( here the developer) fails in meeting the expectations of the company, or leaves in the midst all the effort and money put on training and onboarding sessions gets wasted. However, with hiring a developer,  you will have no such financial drains.

Moreover, the hired resource can be utilized for any Odoo services such as Odoo Implementation, Odoo customization, Odoo Migration, Odoo Integration, Odoo Apps Development, or any other allied services in Odoo. No matter your requirement is small or big, hiring Odoo developers from an outsourcing partner gets you with the feasibility to hire resources for both the short and long term. Depending on your project and the work, you can decide upon the duration of hire. If your work is small you have the feasibility to hire for a short period and pay only corresponding fees. This considerably saves money of yours as you are charged only for the service made. Also, you can get along with the service providers, and make up an estimation of time to be needed for completing the task and bill accordingly. This assures no unwanted expenses come by you.

With hiring, you get the best and you need to pay only for that.

With a regular employee, this isn’t the case. Even if the developer has a task or not, a fixed pay with additional employee benefits should be provided.

Moreover, the recruited developer may not be excellent in all industry domains. No matter how much your developer is skilled or literate in Odoo, not everyone can showcase the very same qualitative performance or decision-making power in different industry streams. The choice the developer makes or the solution he proposes for a particular business solution ultimately resides on his interest and industry knowledge.

Your developer may be very good at handling say accounting or trading operations of the business. He may be excellent in proposing defined solutions in these sectors but may lack the very same expertise in websites or e-commerce. In that case, you can’t utilize the developer confidently for projects outside his stream of expertise. That may not bring the anticipated result you aspired for.

However, by hiring an Odoo developer from a reliable outsourcing partner, you get with running choices. You get the option to choose the developer from a team. You get access to a team of Odoo professionals who can produce widely different outcomes.

Unlike other service providers, where you get blindly assigned with some random developers for the work, here at Cybrosys you are assigned with developers who have the captaincy and knowledge of the Odoo modules that are required for your project implementation. We analyze your project thoroughly and later propose the developer exactly matching your requirements. Cybrosys have running choices of developers who are experts in all modules alongside specialists for specific modules for deeper intelligence on the subject. Our developers are backed by a strong team for the quick resolution of issues and a wide spectrum of services.

The following are certain checklists that you should take into consideration before hiring Odoo developers for your business. Much like other developers, hiring Odoo developers also calls for certain guidelines. In order to get the full benefits of hiring an Odoo developer, keep in mind the following:

Hiring an Odoo developer will be comparatively cheaper than recruiting a new Odoo developer at your workplace. However, it isn’t that cheap to hire a resource. It almost cost the price of an electric car. But the quality will be assuredly served. After all, to get with a quality developer, you must pay a standard fee.

However, cheaper options are also available in the market like that of freelance Odoo developers. Opting for freelancers, however, comes with a trail of bad effects.

To list a few:

Freelancers are individuals only having a certain specialization, not in all the dimensions. Moreover, they will have no access to the Enterprise edition source code of Odoo, which limits their service or offerings in the project/task. Thirdly, freelancers simply exchange their time for cash. You can’t expect a genuine feeling of serenity from freelancers. Also, they may not follow the official standards that are to be practiced.

For any business meeting business deadlines is a matter of pride and achievement. However, working with a freelance Odoo developer, there is always uncertainty over the quality of work, quality of methodology, and project deadlines. And in case of any issues, they may take either too much time or may fail in fixing it. The short-term relation makes working with freelancers all more challenging. There is no guarantee that the freelancer shall provide future support or not.

In short, it is a bad choice to opt, Odoo freelancers, if your project size and scope are large. The lack of supervisors, well planned and organized process makes freelancers unfit for long-run projects. Freelancers might sound cheap in the beginning, however, may cost your business much in the future if the quality isn’t met. Much like the recruited bad developer.

Thus if you are hiring an Odoo developer, it is advisable that you get connected to a reliable service provider- an Odoo partner. With Odoo partners there is always a 100% guarantee in meeting quality. Because they are accredited directly by Odoo.

The benefit of hiring from Odoo partners are large.

Unlike freelancers who are individuals, Odoo Partners will have a group of specialists who will be well trained and qualified in Odoo. Moreover, they will be having expertise in all fragments running from Human Resource, Accounting, CRM, Sales Purchase, POS, etc. They will be acquainted with rich functional and technical knowledge to meet any industry need and any Odoo modules.

Unlike freelancers, you will have no constraint on resources with Odoo Partners. They will have a huge team of Odoo developers who can quickly look into the resolution of bigger issues in the project. At the same time, Odoo partners can help you with scalability. They can offer flexible team sizes based on tasks and scale of operations. The access to Enterprise Edition Source Code moreover offers the practicality to offer boundless services in Odoo. With more profound learning in Odoo and its framework, Odoo partners remain more compatible than freelancers to provide extensive services in Odoo implementation, Odoo customization, Odoo support, Migration, etc.

One can hire Odoo developers from Odoo partners and make use of the resource for any Odoo allied services. Be it Odoo Apps Development, Odoo Implementation, Odoo Customization, Odoo Traning, Odoo Migration, Odoo Integration. Odoo partners can help you with all kinds of Odoo services.

Working with Odoo Partner gets your company access to an army of experts (developers, designers, project managers, QAs, and so on.). The practice of strict confidentiality compliances and assurances of best industry practices makes sure you are in safe hands always.

Also hiring an Odoo developer from a reliable source like Odoo Partners, your business can focus more on sales and marketing rather than the administrative woes. You are relieved from botheration on quality /technical stuff as skilled developers take every responsibility on their shoulders.

One of the major benefits you get via hiring Odoo developers from Cybrosys Technologies is the 10x developers (10 x developer is someone who is as productive as 10 others)backed with a big team. Each of our developers is skilled and possesses great knowledge of Odoo. The combination of technical and functional knowledge makes them fit to make the right decisions for your business.

The value of a good developer isn’t just in the code he or she writes but in the choices they make.

The rich technical and functional knowledge enables our developers to rightly access the matter, propose solutions to bridge the gap and finally code to bring out the desired output. Hiring Odoo developers from  Cybrosys frees you from the tensions of setting any infrastructure, paying any employee perks, or meeting quality and standards.

Being an Odoo partner, we remain stiff to our agile project methodologies and practices. The company powers with both 10x developers as well as a robust team to resolve issues if any. Also, we acquaint the client with regular work reports and real-communication to ensure the meeting of business goals. At each stage, the client is freed to monitor the work progress and quality.

Well, this isn’t it with hiring Odoo developers from Cybrosys, you get the following advantages as well;

1. A big team of Odoo experts (technical and functional experts) having wide industrial knowledge and UI/UX knowledge.

2. A team of professionals who always adheres to high coding standards, quality deliverables, and professional methodologies.

3. Access to Odoo developers for yearly and monthly contracts to work on projects.

4. Full control over the project and in the selection of Odoo developers.

5. Full freedom to propose requirements and changes in every part of development.

6. Guaranteed privacy on confidential business data - NDA on demand.

7. Daily work reports from our team to monitor work progress.

8. Monthly twice-free consultation with certified Odoo consultants on demand.

9. Real-time communication with hired resources using various mediums.

10. Flexibility in hiring resources (any number) based on task and project size.

11. Resources for Odoo implementation,customization,training,documentation,apps development, migration, integration, etc.

12. Developer replacement guarantee when a hired resource goes on leave for more than 3 consecutive days.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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