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Best Themes in Odoo

Functional Odoo Apps

1. Night Mode
Employee wellbeing and health should be a concern of any business organization. If an employee is healthy and in a good state of mind the productivity from them increases thereby increasing the profit of the company. Since most of the employees of an organization spend most of the time staring at their gadget screens while working a night screen option would be helpful in reducing the strain in their eyes. The new application Night mode by Cybrosys Techno Solutions helps the user to enable the night mode screen in their Odoo platform. Since various backend themes do not work in the Odoo enterprise edition the application. With the application, the user can enable and disable the night screen easily with the click of a button. The user can customize the contrast and the blue light settings for the mode. The user is also provided with the provision to view kanban, pivot, graph and form view in night view mode. In addition, the readability to the user is improved and the stress on eyes is reduced by installing this view. The application is available for Odoo versions v13.0 and v12.0.

Download Link:  Night Mode

2. Outrageous Orange Backend Theme

Customizability feature is a handy tool in any process or operation, it helps the user to adjust and manipulate the options as per the need. The new application Outrageous Orange Backend Theme by Cybrosys Techno Solutions changes and modifies the theme of your Odoo platform. With features such as modifying the font, reposition icons and advanced search options the application is much helpful for the user to broadcast a unique style. The application can change the design and the visuality features of the Odoo platform and provide the user with a new look. The application is available for Odoo version v12.0.

Download Link: Outrageous Orange Backend Theme

3. Open HRMS Theme

Visuality is a greater aspect of concern while handling important data and records. If the screen is designed with a much comfortable colour combination the viewer can deduce every minute information with ease and this information will not go unnoticed.  Human resource management is one of such modules which is much important and should be handled with all the information knowledge. The new application Open HRMS theme by Cybrosys Techno Solutions is apt to provide a good design HR management. The application provides a clear and concise look to the HR menu with the help of blue and white colour combination. The application is available for Odoo versions v13.0, v12.0 and v11.0.

Download Link: Open HRMS Theme

4. Dodger Blue Backend Theme

A customizable theme for the user can be a good interface tool which led to the development of new application Dodger Blue Backend Theme by Cybrosys Techno Solutions for the Odoo platform. A coloured theme application based on blue can change the overview of the user dashboard. With advanced options to search and reposition various icons in the dashboard, the application can be very helpful. Additionally, with modified font and app drawer and new colour combination, the application can change the face of your dashboard.  The application is available for Odoo version v12.0.

Download Link: Dodger Blue Backend Theme

5. Chameleon multi-colour

The new application Chameleon multi colour by the Cybrosys Techno Solutions helps the user in the Odoo platform to customize the colour settings in the dashboard. The view can be used to adjust the overall colour configurations of the platform. This comes in as a helpful tool enabling the user to depict the information in much more efficient colour contrast. With the modified fond and a login page, the user can create an efficient user interface. The user can modify the colour contrast in form view, kanban view, loading and in a tooltip and also a separate control panel to change the colour background is enabled with the application. The application is available for Odoo version v12.0.

Download LinkChameleon multi-colour

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