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By: Abdul Azeez

How Odoo eLearning Helps Your Business


There is no doubt that e-learning platforms have conquered the academic world, but it is also undeniable that the technology and education alliance still has a long way to go, in terms of quality and quantity, in the business world. Today, 74% of American companies offer some form of online learning management systems, such as virtual classes or multimedia content, to enhance the professional development of their employees. In other parts of the world, we are still far from these figures, especially among companies that are not large. The European average is around 60%, as indicated by the few data available. What is unanimous is that it is a type of learning that is experiencing unstoppable growth. 

What is Odoo e-learning?

Odoo has set out to support this trend and, with its version 13, the last one it has presented to the market offers an e-learning module that promises to open new and unlimited horizons for companies and employees. Odoo e-learning is the perfect Learning Management System.


Since the technology is already available, it only remains to shed some light on the question of what companies can gain from their own e-learning platform. The list is long, but here is some information to give you an idea:

- Thanks to the fact that this system is self-training, the user, in this case, the employee, can learn on his own all the processes, products or services that the company provides, at his own pace and at any place or time, without having to resort to lengthy manuals or other people's help.

- Through webinars created internally or contracted to a third party, employees can be inspired and informed about new trends, techniques, and tools. This method is quite popular because they motivate the employee and also, the price, when hired, is usually low. They allow their distribution over the network without the need for anyone to teach them, as in the case of classic classes or seminars, which are in person.

- Through online pills, such as short video tutorials and guides, employees can keep up-to-date or learn about the use of tools, techniques, and software ... This format is also known as "microlearning", which seeks to help the worker to solve a problem immediately.

- Lastly, the human resources department can make the most of Onboarding programs before, during, and after the new employee's incorporation through videos, informative material, and even small self-assessment tests.

Let’s take a look at Odoo’s eLearning Module 

Go to Odoo Apps and Install the eLearning Module.

How to create a course in Odoo LMS?

To create a new course, click the CREATE button on the top of the dashboard.


On the popup window, you can type the course title, tags, etc.

Tags: used to categorize the course.


Content tab: add the section, content, certification for the course.


You can add the course title, course tag, course on the content tab using a dropdown menu, or by creating a new one.

Course type: Document, Videos, Quiz, Certificate, etc.


- One can attach documents under the content and restrict publishing the content to this website by selecting the website

- By clicking on Allow Preview, the course gets available to anyone.

- Also, you can set a duration for the slide.

Options tab have the following fields


- Course type: documentation/ training.

- Access rights: public/ on-invitation.

- Set the visibility of the course.

- Set the featured content based on date, votes, and views.

Statistics tab is used to get to know the course statistics.


As we mentioned at the beginning, Odoo has released the new version of its software that comes with the e-learning module. This module comes with the ability to add images, infographics, videos, and even certificates at the end of each lesson. In addition, it incorporates gamification to achieve incentives for the employee. These functions allow creating content in a more personalized way and focused on the needs of the company. Therefore, the possibilities are almost endless and are only limited by the capacity for innovation in providing the content.

Perhaps the best example of the results that can be delivered by the commitment to e-learning within the business field is Nissan Motor. The Japanese company, a pioneer in many things, has also been a pioneer in the implementation and use of e-learning platforms. His project is carried out through mobile devices that allow communication between the different companies and manufacturing and distribution chains. Communication of information and content that reduces training costs, dissemination to a greater number of employees. Thanks to this, they reach more than 10,000 interconnected people, which has meant an 80% reduction in training expenses.

One last piece of information before closing the blog. Remember that, through this learning method, the information retention rate is between 25% and 60%, significantly higher than that achieved through face-to-face training, which is between 8% and 10%.

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