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By: Cirin C Baby

A Brief Overview of Odoo implementation and Development

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Odoo ERP is one of the major enterprise and resource planning service providers available in the world. The platform developed from scratch is a new generation that came into existence only in the past decade. Making it the most advanced and modern ERP solution in the market. The popularity of Odoo spread across the world initially from Europe and to the neighboring continents today Odoo ERP has been employed in almost 100+ counties across the world and has over 5 million uses which vary in business sector and levels of operation.
The Odoo ERP is business software that provides the user with the capability to run the entire company operations from a single platform. Moreover, the open-source platform is flexible and fully customizable to the very end making the user capable of running the company operations in Odoo as per their terms of functioning. Additionally, the platform is designed to have a centralized approach to business operations with central inventory operations and a centralized database to run the information exchange as well as communication aspects of the business. In addition, the platform has a modular approach to business management and its operations providing the user with designated modules of functioning which have been described to be application-specific operations.
This blog will provide an insight into the Odoo implementation and development aspect.
ERP implementation in the companies is said to be a big stem and need of the hour to manage the operations of the companies in this fast-moving era of digitalization. ERP implementation could be costlier and should be providing you with promising results both in the short term as well as in the long run of the company. Your first stem while dealing with Odoo implementation is the decisions that you have been made to go ahead with the Odoo implementation.
Here are the aspects which will be followed while performing the Odoo implementation and development.
Requirement analysis
Initially, the Odoo implementation term or company that you have approached will analyze the needs of the business organization. This would include the study of company functioning, analysis of operations, in-depth leaning on different parameters, routine operation checking categorizing vital and non-vital operations, and many more. In addition, the input from the users as well as the employees of the platform will be put forward as they are the ones who understand the needs and necessities of functioning in the company.
Once the platform requirement and the configuration are being analyzed the development team will start with the building operation of the platform. Moreover, this would be conjured based on the needs and necessity which the customer has agreed upon and will be set under the budget allocation for the customer side. The hosting aspects as well as additional add ons required will also be considered which also adds up to the Odoo pricing.
Once the platform has been developed it will be subject to numerous tests that involve the concentration of the various parameters as well as the reliability and stability of the platform. Moreover, it would be done with a harsh environment and operational parameters to be functioning in the company. If there is the detection of the flaw in the operation it is subject to development and is rectified to be operational in the live environment.
Once the platform is ready it should be configured to be operational in the company. Here the device's functions are configured to operate with the Odoro platform. Moreover, the operational settings as well as the functioning of the platform your business organization should be installed and made available to the employees and the users.
Data migration
The data of the company which was already in operation should be imported to the platform tobe function with the platform. This is vital as the business organizations will be required to look back into the historical data and charts while functioning.
User training
As the Odoo platform has been successfully implemented the use of the platform should be trained to be operational in both the functional as well as briefly on the technical aspects. It falls under the responsibility of the developer's training session of the user providing an insight into the operation of the platform constantly during and after training.
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