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By: Anju A.P

Business Benefits with Employee Outsourcing


Though employee outsourcing or software development outsourcing sounds bit tricky, it is no more a taboo subject as it was once. Today even big enterprises who can keep a pool of talented resources in their workplaces, they opt for employee outsourcing, as it brings greater savings in the form of time and money. 

Right from offering flexibility in work conduct to cost-effectiveness in project management, employee outsourcing comes with lesser risk for the business organization comparing to working with their own in-house team.

This is the reason that along with big companies, modern businesses too shift their work to third parties. This mode of practice, helps the business organizations to reduce the company investments on recruiting talents, providing them on-board trainings and incurring other employee benefits. Moreover, with employee outsourcing, the company is benefited with boosting their effectiveness in the market with qualitative work deliverables. 

Let us see how.

First and foremost, there is a pool of talents accessible around the world to provide adequate services towards your needs. Software development vendors are acquainted with complete expertise team for comprehensive service offerings. Be it application development, ERP implementation or website development. The work you name it, there are resources, who are skilled and expert in the sector. Therefore, getting the work done is no arduous task.

> In that case, if your business outsources their software projects to third parties, it can save up to 70% of total expense. This is one of the significant advantages of employee outsourcing for software development projects. Cost savings is significantly higher compared to in-house project development. If you build a solution with your in-house employee team, the expense of work might be higher depending on the nation, for instance Europe or USA. Further, you don't have to oversee other recurring costs on the outsourcing vendor as your experience with your in-house team of workers.

> Time is Money. Coming to the competitive circle, this phrase is all more significant as it directly impacts the company’s successful run. Building up a team of talents, further training them for a specific project takes considerable amount of time of an organization. Moreover, there is no guarantee that this newly built team will succeed in delivering the anticipated result. However, with outsourcing software projects to experts, there is lesser risk of failure as you get hold of industry experts, who have years of experience in the sector.  

While the in-house team may expand your expense just as your time, with outsourcing, you get with specialists who handle your task strictly adhering to time frame that you targeted. Along with time-saving, with lesser risk, outsourcing set you to go live early.

> While you outsource your work to good established vendors, you get hold of complete expertise, a talented workforce for different industry verticals. The vendors will have a team of workers incorporating developers, senior developers, team leads, project managers, testers and so on. So for each stage of project development, you have expertise to monitor and stringent the quality.
On the other hand, setting up such an equivalent team inside your association might be not only challenging but also a tedious errand. Because here, your company should spend surplus amount of time in recruiting, training, scaling the employees to ensure proper delivery. And to your dismay, how hard and extensive the training provided was to your in-house employee, the expertise in holding different kind of projects has to come from the practical implementation of the same. This often lacks in-house employee comparing to outsourcing vendors. Because the vendors come along with set of employees who have optimum knowledge in different industry verticals also the skill of professionally handling them. Industry standards can be assured with establish employee outsourcing vendors.

> Moreover, with outsourcing, you get insights on new innovations and advancements that can be utilized for your software development venture. As we realize that innovation is advancing each day, in this way with in house group, your organization may not utilize the best innovation.

> Employee outsourcing helps you to mitigate the risk of the venture as before choosing the outsourcing partner, your company gets a chance to comprehend their ability, assets, resources, encounters and so forth. This may not be the situation with your worker in-house. The assessment can be made only at the end post-delivery of the project. 

Things to remember while you hire or outsource your projects

1) Before you opt an outsourcing partner for your project development, firstly understand the in and out of your project outcomes.

2) Post setting up the expectations, go in search of potential vendors who have set records in the field of your need.  

3) Always go for a background check like testimonials of clients, industry verticals they performed so as to assure the depth of knowledge and quality of work.

4) Gain demo access to seeing how the base of programming will look like and in the event that you have any progressions that can be conveyed.

5) Understanding outsourcing models. Employee outsourcing vendors come up with various models like 
    > Project-based outsourcing
    > Time and Material based outsourcing
    > Staff Augmentation
    > Contracting 
    > Offshoring

 Each outsourcing model comes with its own specifications and benefits. On the first hand let’s take the prominent- project-based outsourcing model. If any business wants to outsource their project completely, rather a part of it, this model viably works. Here, the company is relieved from the responsibility of gathering requirement analysis for their project, plotting development and customizations, needless to say providing sufficient training of the end-user how to use the application. The outsourcing partner gets all this work done in a professional and intelligent manner. 

However, if your requirement is very minimal and is needed of hardly one or two resources, the time and material based outsourcing model works better for your company. Because under this model, you acquaint with the facility to hire minimal talents for a short term project encompassing minimal development require. Thus the company should not pay themselves a huge sum for their minimal requirement like that of project-based. You get the flexibility of choosing wiser. 

Coming to the need of specific talents, you have the model called staff augmentation. In case if your company is deficient in terms of particular resource skill, hiring new talent for the same may not be viable for every business. In that case, outsourcing can be the best option as it saves you from the strenuous task of recruitment, training and much preceded steps. And if you need a resource to work for months or years at your place, the outsourcing partners lays the option of hiring onsite employees. This can be of great help for the organizations to save their time in accomplishing the project rather spending time in preparing their in-house group to perform the task.

To conclude employee outsourcing comes with a great share of benefits such as adaptability, flexibility, better advancements in building up any product for your business. The quality is priory checked before lending the work and in this manner helps the development of the project in a contempt way.

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