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Cab booking management system in Odoo

Cab Booking Management System

Odoo's Cab booking management has a very simple interface for managing complete cab system. It helps to book the cab, maintain the log details of every cab trip and records every activity related to the cab booking management system. 

Main features of Cab Booking Management System are

- Helps booking the cab,

- Cab  logs for every trip,

- Record every activity related to the CBMS.

We also have amazing features like

- Email Notification-Email is sent on the successful booking of a particular cab to the user.

- Status Bar-It shows the cab booking status.

Steps In Cab Booking Management System


1.Cab Creation

To create cabs we have cab creation form.

Go to Cab Management > Cab

Cab-booking-management-system cybrosys.png

- You can add image of your cab

- Fill all the information about your cab(model ,colour etc)

After creating cabs, you can view all your cabs on Kanban view


This is Kanban view of created cabs

Cab-booking-management-system cybrosys.png

- Kanban view is nothing but shows all the cabs possibly  grouped in columns


2.Setting Time and Route for Cabs

After creating cabs, we need to set route and time for each cabs.

For this we have Timing form.

Cab Management >Timing

Cab-booking-management-system cybrosys.png

- Don’t worry about seating capacity. It is automatically filled while selecting cab

- You need to create  time and route for each cabs


3.Book Your Cab                 

Now, we have cabs and set time and route also. Next step is booking

- We have option to select cab from list of cabs based on your time and location.

Go to - Cab Management > Booking

Cab-booking-management-system cybrosys.png

This is the form to book your cab.


- Here we need to provide booking date, time (at what time you need cab) and route.

- A list of cabs working on your selected time and location will listed as shown in picture

- User have option to select cab


Email is send when your booking is confirmed :)


4.Maintain Cab Log Details

- To maintain all details, we have cab maintenance form.

- Here you only need to select cab and date.

- Total information of that cab on that particular date is fetched automatically ie you will get total fuel used ,total odometer reading etc  of  that cab on that particular day.

 Main purpose of this form is to get total expenses of cab on daily basis


5. View Your Cab Activity

- With Odoo's cab management system you can maintain the total activity of the cabs on timely basis.

- It shows the total expenses for a cab, on daily basis.

Cab-booking-management-system cybrosys.png


- This is our cab creation form but we can also view all activities here.

- We need to select starting date and ending date.

- All the log details of selected cab is listed.

- Total activity will show the total expenses of the selected cab



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