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Pros and cons of open source software

Open Source software are a kind of software, which are gaining wide acceptance these days.

They help humanity to go forward fast and is having endless possibilities.


They simply refers to computer software, which is available in the form of source code, and this source code is itself the blue print of software. It will be including license, which permit users to inspect, use, expand and distribute freely.

That means it allows user to run the program freely for any purpose, modify the program to their need and freely distribute the same.


Today even many government organisations are shifting to open source.


Open source allows:

The entire code of program available to public.

The user to use the program for any purpose as he wish.

To work on source code on the user’s preference.




Any number of persons can edit the code and hence rapid developments are made on it. As a result, latest versions will be available every time.

Also bug detection and correction rate will be more.


Sometimes, the source code are made available online. This does not mean that it is open. For a software to become open source, it should be given permission through license.


Also open source should not have any sort of restrictions on the technology used, field to be used or the hardware as well.

That is, for example open source should not specify that it can be used only on windows or Linux.

Then it should not specify that it can be used only in a particular field like agriculture or defence,etc and in case of hardware the particular open source are not supposed to specify that it can be used only on particular devices like Samsung or Nokia or some other.




As every coin has two side, open source is also having its disadvantages:

The support may not be available and if it is, then we may have to pay for that,

May not be much user friendly.

Difficult to know which version is most up-to-date.

Also it doesn’t guarantee updates.


Overall, open source are of greater advantage and has many benefits that cannot be replaced.



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