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By: Evin Davis

Certification in Odoo 14 e-Learning

Functional Odoo 14

Elearning the new normalized learning methodology being adopted by the world due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. As the education and literacy of the children, as well as teenagers, are an important aspect of a country many nations have been adapted to this new terminology of lessons. Moreover, minors, as well as college students, are not able to attend classes in the normal way as they are more vulnerable, and concerning their health, it's better they stay at home till the pandemic situation calms down. In addition, children's scrolls would take a heavy toll on teachers and educational institutions to maintain social distancing practices and self hinge methods such as masks and sanitizers.

Elearning is the answer for all educational institutions to strive for their courses to reach the candidates. This way the students won't lose a year and would be able to continue with their studies. Odoo is one of the business management software platforms which has the provision to manage the eLearning lessons of your institution. The modernized ERP with its new version 14 update will bring in various advancements into the online learning methodology.

The news Odoo 14 comes packed with features that help the users to run the business management operations of the company on a full-fledged scale. Moreover, as the e-learning aspects of the operations among stations are booming due to the pandemic prevailing, Odoo will be the ideal tool to run, operate, and manage the e-learning operations of the institution. In addition, the certification tool of Odoo E-learning will help you to bring out the valuation aspects as well as testing the candidate to a new level of operations.

This blog will provide insight into the following aspects of Odoo operation:

- eLearning in odoo
- Certification Programs in Odoo
- Set a certifications program in Odoo E-learning

e-Learning in odoo
The e-learning terminology started to develop in the last decade as with the advances in communication and technology. But recently due to the Covid 19 being prevailing the sector has boomed to its ultimatum as of the need for education. The Odoo e-learning platform is an advanced management solution for your eLearning aspects of an institution. The module allows users to create multiple courses for the students to take part in and create certification programs for them. With the integration of various third party devices, the institutions can conduct live classes alongside the course operations

Certification Programs in Odoo
The certification programs in Odoo are the analysis methods the Odoo platform puts forward to the users to test their students. The aspects allow users to design and create various questionnaires referring to the course curriculum and grade them based on the responses being provided by each student. In addition, the security protocols of the students allow the certification programs only for the enrolled students. The questions can be of various formats as single-line answers, multiple-choice or descriptive ones.

Set a Certifications Program in Odoo eLearning
The certification programs can be created under the respective courses the user wishes to. These programs are course-specific and could be derived for grading the students. In addition, common certifications can be created and sent out to the customers or candidates via their email.


On enabling the option the user can now create certification programs under each course as per the need. The option to add certifications will be visible under each course description.


In the certifications creation windows, the user can provide a name. Associate the documentation for certifications type, passing the certification, duration and the preview option can be enabled.


The respective certification type details can be edited by seeing the external link available. The questions of choice various types of which are available as per default can be created and customized.


On selecting the questionnaire creation window the user can choose from a list of questions available.


As the candidate logs into the company website and chooses to do the certification program the questions described by the user are well depicted and the candidate can choose the option of answering or provide it in the dialog box available.


Moreover, the list and track of the candidate for the user can be obtained from the surveys module and filtering out the respective certification program.


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