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Chat Box In Point of Sale

This blog gives you a brief idea about POS Chat Box. As we know Point of Sale system is an advanced and combined software that deals with several related hardware machines and user interface system to simplify sales in a point. In Odoo ERP, there is a nice and highly featured module for POS. Here we can easily configure several hardware like cash drawer, Barcode scanner, Alert Iot's, Printers etc. with its software part.

Normally in Odoo ERP, there is an attractive interface to chat among the users. So users can send the information to any others via this chat box. Not only in text format, it also support all advanced types of files like pdf, zip file, doc files, songs formats etc. This facility is a big tool in ERP point of view. Because, for some points, an ERP may hosted on a cloud system or leased server, the users may from different nations and for proper working of a company is only based on the employees unity and understandings. Although, Normal Odoo has no chat feature inside the POS screen at any versions. Cybrosys brings this user's chat feature in POS by “POS CHAT” custom module.

This customized module opens a chat box screen on the right bottom as Odoo standard. POS users can pass any information to their colleagues instantly. This module will work with enterprise edition also.

Have a just look on screen capture after POS Chat Box Module installation:

* New Chat Button on right top.

* Button clicks gives recent chat and selective menus.


* Clicking on any users, the Chat box will appear.


This cybrosys custom module is available  



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