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By: Evin Davis

Clearing Certain Misconceptions On Odoo Migration And Defining What It Is?

Functional Odoo 14

In a software environment, you will be entirely sure of the aspects of migration and the functions involved in it. But for an outsider, they will not understand the term. Like everyone, they might only have heard about the migration of birds during seasons for them to habitat in environments that are suitable for their survival and well-being. Similarly, consider software the term migration means the up-gradation to a newer version from the older one to improve the functionality and its performance in operations.
Today a major business organization is functioning with the help of software solutions. The aspects of migration are so vital in them as it will improve the overall performance in operations. Therefore any software solution used to run the business operations, or help with the functioning aspects of a business should be updated or migrated to the latest version of the platform. Enterprise and resource planning software is one of the types of business management software solutions which are prominently used all over the world for the management aspects. Today there are numerous ERP solutions available from which you can choose based on your functionality and operational requirement. 
Odoo is one of the ERP software which will provide you with reliability in business operations management and complete control of the entire business from a single platform. Odoo was initially released as TinyERP software and was upgraded to be the complete one-stop solution for business management operations. In 2014 the version 8 of Odoo was released and in both enterprise as well as community editions rooting for the Odoo platform that is available today. From version 8 of Odoo, there have been regular updates every year which provide us with a newer Odoo which is much better than the previous one and is still bound to continue in the coming years. Now we have the Odoo version 14 which is considered as the fastest Odoo in performance as well as functional capability up until now. 
Migration in Odoo means upgrading to the newer version of the Odoo platform along with the data and the add ons used in the operations. This blog will clear certain misconceptions regarding Odoo migration and describe to you what Odoo migration is.
Misconceptions on Odoo migration
One of the main problems in the business environment of software solutions is the complete belief of certain misconceptions which will rupture the performance of the software. As with any software solutions, there are certain misconceptions and gossips regarding the migration aspects of the Odoo platform. Here I am about to describe certain of them and prove a clear knowledge on the migration aspects.
Migration is not vital
This usually happens in the case of any machines or software that the management may decide that migration or up-gradation to the newer versions are not vital. This is a blindfolded decision in the case of Odoo as the new Odoo versions will provide you with further operational capability and performance than the current version of the platform. In addition, most of the official partners of Odoo will only support you with the previous three versions of the current version. Moreover, the chances of finding a rightful Odoo service provider for the old version of Odoo are very low.
Should start operation from the beginning as data will be lost
Another misconception and wrong understanding about Odoo migration is that all the data will be lost and the operation should be started from scratch. This is not true as the Odoo migration involves up-gradation of the add ons available as well as the data available to be compatible with the new version of the platform. Therefore, the data will not be lost and you can start operating with all the functions that you have described in the previous version.
Need to train the employees again
This a misconception regarding the Odoo migration, the training should be given to the employees on the usage of the new platform. The new version of Odoo is developed from the previous platform by bringing in advancements to the existing one. Moreover, the operational functionality remains the same and more features, as well as capable options, get added up when the new version is released. However, certain new options will be new to your employees functioning with Odoo but only a minority of them which can be easily explained as they have the base knowledge of using the Odoo platform.
These are certain misconceptions regarding the migration aspects of the Odoo platform. Now we will move on to understanding what exactly is Odoo migration as many of you might not be clear on it.
What is migration in Odoo?
The migration in Odoo can be defined as the up-gradation of the Odoo platform from an older version of the software to the newer version. The main need to migrate to the newer version if you are using an Odoo version of Odoo is to bring in advanced functionalities, operational aspects, and operational speed. The Odoo migration can be done with the help of expert service providers who are capable and have abundant experience and expertise in performing the migration functionality of Odoo. Cybrosys Technologies is one of the prominent Odoo gold partners of the Odoo platform who offer you definite service of Odoo platforms such as migration, implementation, development, customization, and support services. You can contact us by dropping a mail at ino@cybrosys.com 
Odoo migration consists of mainly two aspects other than implementing the new version one migrating the add ons as well as supporting applications to the new version by making it compatible with it. Secondly, the data available should be transferred to the new version by making it compatible to be used in the menus of the new version. An expert service provider will help you with the migration aspects as they will perform the operation where you can look after your business operations hassle-free.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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