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By: Evin Davis

The Vitality of Email Marketing for your Business

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Email marketing is one of the new forms of marketing strategies that have been brought to the world recently. With the best of electronic mail along with the fast spread development and usage in communication technology, the internet, and electronics the Email has turned out to be one of the daily things that we use today. One of the key aspects of its popularity is its reliability, fast pace, and free-of-cost operations. Today emails are used for aspects such as communications, sending and receiving applications, marketing aspects, and many more.
From the earlier stages of the evolution of business, the marketing aspects were present all over the world. Initially, marketing was done by word of mouth which turned into drawings, flyers, and further billboards. Today, we have marketing operations of a company run on television, radio, social media platforms, newspapers, and email. As the newer methodologies were implemented into the marketing aspects they became more reliable and easy to operate with. Email marketing operations of the company have greater functionality and are now the best mode of marketing due to their reachability to the customer. With just an Email ID you can send out numerous emails to the customer without disturbing their privacy and indulging in their life.
The email marketing operations of any company should be conducted with dedicated tools to manage the operations. This is where the use of ERP software solutions will come into benefit your operations. The use of Enterprise and resource planning software in a business will not only help in the complete management of the company but bring in reliability as well as efficiency in operations. Numerous ERP software solutions are available today, which are for specific sectors of operations, types of industry, and the ones that can be commonly used for any business. The Email marketing operations can be configured to be run efficiently and can be managed with most of the ERP software solutions
This blog will initially provide insight on why email marketing is of vital importance for an organization and will further describe how it can be done with Odoo.
Importance of Email marketing in a business
The use of emails has boosted up during the last decade and was used as an effective way of communication, parking information, and performing marketing and promotional operations. Today the use of emails has been further grown into marketing aspects and it has become an effective way of communicating your offers and promotional campaigns to the customer. A person who is outside the bubble of not knowing the importance of email marketing might say that they are just promotional emails. However, these promotion emails are more vital than you think. A study depicted that every 1$ that you have sent on the aspects of email marketing will have a return of investment(ROI) of 42$ for the company. Let now move onto understanding certain aspects which will showcase to you the importance of email marketing in an organization or any form of business.
Stay connected with your customers
Emails are one of the effective communication tools which allow you to stay connected with your customers by sending out promotional emails as well as personal ones. By crafting a definite marketing strategy for the emails to be sent out to your customers and provide them with promotional content which will make them interested to visit your store or website.
Instant accessibility
With the modernization of telephonic technology and the introduction of smartphones, people are now able to access their emails remotely from them. This will help your email marketing operations to reach the customer instantly. Moreover, people can't bear to look at email on computers or laptops as mobile phones are a more convenient way to do it. 
Sending out emails will not cost you anything or will come with certain lower prices. Moreover, you can send out a bulk number of emails at an instance and with the right tools, they can be automated to operations.
Targeted messages
The mail contents can be created based on the targeted audience and sent out in bulk numbers. Moreover, with effective management tools for email marketing operations, these mails can be grouped based on the customer, regions, product, or services. 
Certain aspects will showcase the importance of email marketing in an organization. However, without an effective management tool and a dedicated operational strategy the email marketing operations of the company cannot be well executed. Therefore, you will require complex software solutions which will provide you with full control of operations. In the next section, we will describe Odoo, an ERP software that can run your email marketing operations.
How can you run email marketing in Odoo?
Odoo has a dedicated Email marketing module thanks to its modular structure of operations which helps you to run your business with dedicated modules. With the module, you can define distinctive marketing campaigns which can be configured with the email marketing aspects. Moreover, you can define a distinctive mailing list for the marketing operations and you can configure email templates to be sent out at the needed times.
Furthermore, the process of sending out marketing emails can be automated with the marketing automation tool available in the Odoo platform. This will ensure that you run your campaigns effectively and hassle-free in operations, bring in more customers and improve your clientele. You can read the following blog to understand how to configure email marketing and campaigns in Odoo:

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