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How Does ERP Integration Help Your Business


A business requires the support of a large number of employees working in different departments. In the same way, an efficient ERP tool requires the integration of different tools. Such coordination of ERP tools or software tools is called ERP integration. This activity helps the business to operate smoothly and effectively. As coordination of different departments helps a business to team up the best employees of each department for managing different projects and operations, the ERP integration enables the business to get the support of the best applications and customize the operations. Before we go deep into the different aspects of ERP integration we can check the importance of ERP and know something about integration.
Enterprise resource planning tools are software platforms that can be used by business ventures of different sizes for managing different operations. IT will help us manage all activities from accounting to human resources management and sales to purchase. It will also help the business to plan marketing strategies and ensure customer management the best way.
The ERP tool will also support you to restrict access rights and control operations from any part of the world. IT eases multi-company management and enables you to operate a business in different countries. Work center management and fleet management can also be synchronized without difficulty using this tool.
ERP Integration
ERP integration can be considered as the way linking two or more applications or software platforms for managing the workflow. It will also help the business to automate the workflow. ERP integration can be of different types, integration of different ERP modules, different ERP tools, ERP tools with third-party applications. Integration of ERP solutions will help the business to customize different applications to manage.
Integration helps the business to easily connect the software system used by the company with the software tools used by the vendors and customers. This eases the sale or purchase activities. This also supports the linking of payment gateways with the ERP tool.
Apart from integration with outside tools, customization is also similar to integration operations. Here, an ERP becomes more effective when different modules developed by the ERP vendor are integrated together for managing different tasks.
Integration features are more useful for larger business organizations as large business ventures will have diverse operations to complete and different tasks to fulfill. A large chunk of data has to be managed and they are more likely to engage in multi-country and multi-currency operations. Besides, it will need better human resources management support, an improved customer management system, and better marketing features.
Major Benefits of ERP Integration
We have discussed the key features of ERP. Now we can see how ERP integration can support your business. In this blog, we can discuss the importance of ERP integration and its impact on your business to get inspired and assure improved performance. First, we can check the ERP integration highlights.
Automated of Operations
Artificial intelligence and improved technologies are the highlights of the period. With ERP integration we can assure the automation of different operations. IT can also help you to streamline the activities of different departments. Tracking and controlling workflow and employee management can assure the immense growth of your business. As departments are integrated the document management also gets automated. For example, every invoice in sales gets recorded in an accounting journal.
Reduced Error and delay
As the ERP tool tracks the operations of employees, a manager can frequently check their work and make corrections and give suggestions. Besides, automation of activities helps to address issues like forgetfulness. That means, when we are using ERP, there is no chance to forget journal entries or bank reconciliation. In the same way, product replenishment and invoice generation, and a refund can also be done in an error-free manner. Besides, it addresses delay as the processes are automated and get completed on the basis of the time set for the process.
Centralized data
ERP is a single-click solution for all business worries. This enables us to store all documents and data at a centralized location and access it from anywhere in the world. This system will reduce the effort required for data gathering and document management. It will save your team from wasting time collecting data from other departments. This especially supports the accounts and human resources wings. If ERP integration is not enabled, the accounts team will have to collect financial documents and transaction details from different departments frequently.
Workflow tracking
ERP integration enables the team to have an online network of employees. It helps the team manager to get updates on the work of their subordinates. In a business firm, a single project may be handled by multiple employees. Proper tracking of the work and the integration of the work are required to complete the task efficiently. With Odoo every team member with access rights can view the status of their colleague's work.
Types of ERP integration
ERP integration is of different types. Here, we can check major ERP integration types using third-party applications.
Payment Gateway Integrations
Odoo modules allow payment gateway integration. This will enable a business to complete all financial transactions with the help of these payment gateways. An Odoo expert can guarantee support for the integration of various payment gateways with Odoo. CIMB, My bank, Paytrek, Ipay88, Payment Sagepay, PayPal, We Pay, Peach Payment, Redsys etc can be integrated.
Integration of Social Media
Social marketing is a tool of the times and an Odoo partner like Cybrosys is the best partner for you to manage social media integration. This will help the business to gather data from social media regarding the demand for a product, the type of products searched for, etc. This data will be analyzed by the tool to help the business plan accordingly. With Odoo you can make the best integration of Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn, and Twilio
SMS Gateway
It is a simple process that can be used by you by copying and pasting lines of codes. Odoo also supports multiple SMS Gateway Integrations including Mobily SMS, Bulk SMS, Msg91, Way2SMS and Twilio SMS.
Docparser Integration
Odoo equips the users with Docparser Integration. This will help the user for document analysis in an efficient way using a -known third-party application. Docparser, an application enabled using Lisp systems can help you in multiple ways to manage and analyze documents in a specified manner.
Integration with Biometric Devices
The majority of the business firms and organizations are now depending on biometric devices for attendance management. Odoo is equipped to automate attendance management with integration support. Odoo integration with biometric devices enables the easy use of biometric detection of the face and thumb.
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