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By: Evin Davis

Complete Insight on Odoo Approval Module and its Capabilities

Functional Odoo 14

Approvals play a huge role in companies and institutions. Approvals are essential in almost every sector of a business. Approval in its traditional sense is an important documented permission that an employee receives from an executive or a group of executives on a request placed earlier. Approvals are one of the essential parts of a business and they are essential for the workflow of the institution but actually creates huge barricades on employees waiting for approvals because a company with a huge number of employees find it hard to deal with requests, this often costs the company a lot of time and essential energy, but for ages, every company followed the same procedure for Approvals. Most of them were successful in dealing with the applications in a physical manner but it's a fact that none could have saved them for future references.
Approvals generally take a heavy load of time to process. In the traditional format of working, one request sent by an employee is forwarded to all of the executives and managers until it finally reaches the relevant manager or the executive related to the field, by the time it reaches, requests might have expired of its not need anymore or for the worst, the employee leaves the requests out of exhaustion of waiting. Approvals are not something that can ‘wait’, because they are necessary for the smooth working of an organization. So for the smooth flow of work, an effective management system such as Odoo must be implemented and Approvals are one of the many business management tools in Odoo.
This blog talks about the approval module of Odoo ERP and how it can help you.
Why should you have the Approval Application of Odoo 14?
Odoo is a powerful ERP system developed by understanding the roots of the needs of a company or an organization. The approval tool in Odoo is a sophisticated management system that allows easy management of employee requests and approvals in a short period of time. The application has the ability to store and preserve data of the employee requests and approvals so that the company can refer to it in the future. This is one of the many advantages of using the Approval application in Odoo. Keeping the history of the company's requests and approvals helps the management to decide many factors related to the fields of the employee requests. For example, you can look up the history of purchases in your company and act according to the purchase, and set a budget for that. Like this, you can utilize the maximum out of the Approval application for your institution. The approval application is integrated into almost all of the applications in Odoo for better handling of the requests that each field of the institution or the business demands. 
The approval application of the Odoo can be customized and additional request options can be included. Even Though the application is doing a complex job it doesn't need you to be a scientist. The application is designed for easy working, and almost all of the procedures in the application can be understood without guidance. This simplified nature of the approval module is one of the major advantages that it has so that any employee with basic computer knowledge can go through the application with ease, unlike its predecessors Odoo 14 doesn't require coding knowledge to customize the Approval section, and the employee or the manager for that fact can include necessary customizations that are pre-installed in the application for a smooth transfer of data and communications between the employees and the executives.
The major reason that the traditional approval system was a catastrophe is that it is physical in form and will eventually die out. The advanced version of Approvals is not a physical system anymore; rather it is a much more advanced and sophisticated system that can help you in the most extreme ways. One of the major issues even today with companies that don't have an ERP system is managing the requests in an accurate manner. With Odoo’s advanced approval system it is easy for you to manage the essential requests. The application sorts and filters the requests according to their categories and the employee has the freedom to choose the executives or a group within the institution that are related to the field and send the request directly to them. This is the major advantage of the Odoo Approvals application.
Approval application has a dedicated system that allows the employee to add groups and executives to who the employee wishes for the request to be seen. This feature is widely used because of its effectiveness in the management sector. It is easy for you to reply to your employee's request as a manager of the respected field that you are working in. 
Approval application has their roots all over Odoo, and applications with approvals integration enable a direct association with the employees and the managers. For example, the Sales application in approvals has Approval integration so that the decisions relating to the sales of the company are not given to a salesperson or an employee above a particular limit and the final decision always rests with the sales manager. Approval applications ensure the guiding supremacy of the managers and the executives. This particular feature allows the executives to calculate the dates according to employee requests and plan for the future.
Basic features 
The basic feature of the approval module is generalized above. The approval application has a set of basic pre-installed requests and the options are customizable like the rest of the Odoo, according to the needs of the employee and the nature of the request. The set of pre-installed requests in Approvals includes: Business trips, Borrow items, General approval, Contract approval, payment application, Car rental application, Job referral award, and procurement. You can go to the approval types and select one of the types or create one of your own and give the name for the type of approval and you can choose the fields from the options and you can choose the Approvers and the minimum number of approvers. It is that simple and will only take a matter of minutes before the entire process is over and the request is ready to be sent.  
Approval application has an important role to play in your business, it can guide and help you in managing huge amounts of application requests with ease and ensures the smooth flow of work, by effectively managing and sorting out the requests according to various requirements departments of your business.   

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