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By: Sumaiba

How to Create Certification Quiz with Odoo Survey | Odoo eLearning


For an employee or a student, certification would mean 

- Improvement of skillset

- Having career advantage

- Upgrading the effectiveness of work

- Advanced professional credibility

While providing certification one cannot offer it to all people who take part in the course. There must be a standard to test the eligibility of the course attendees to acquire the certificate. This is where quizzes become important. 

Anyone who has been part of some kind of online course or webinar would have had to attempt a certification quiz. Certification is important for both trainers and trainees. It communicates to the trainers, the amount of knowledge they have successfully imparted to their students. Whereas for the trainees or students, certification validates their knowledge. Courses and webinars with certificates have more value among the recipients.

Some courses conduct periodic tests to evaluate the knowledge and improvement of the students. These tests also motivate the students to work better on the content of the course. The online courses on short time scales would not require elaborate test facilities or strict examination. It could do with short quizzes that would quickly test the major parts of the course.

The evaluation is easier on an online platform with answers already uploaded for valuation. But creating a quiz that could test the effectiveness of the course in as few questions as possible requires good planning. It would also require us to develop a combination of multiple-choice, single-line, and multi-line questions. The quality of a course is reflected in the test for certification. 

Most small and medium-sized businesses have started organizing online courses for their employees instead of outsourcing the certification process. For this reason, it would be a greater advantage to have an ERP software that could also include the module with certification quizzes. With the Odoo Survey Module, we can add certification quiz to the online courses.

Integrating with the eLearning Module the survey module will help create quizzes that can be scored and evaluated to provide the complementary grade or certificate that is obtained by the attendee. 

After creating the course and configuring it to allow certification for the e-learning courses we can use a survey module to create the quizzes. 

We are redirected to the Survey module from the eLearning module, once we enable the certification menu in the configuration. 

Creating an eLearning Course

The eLearning module would have the option to create a new course in the opening dashboard of the eLearning module. This would open the window to create a new course. We can fill in the details of the course and add the related tags to the course created. For courses with certification and certification quizzes, we can add them in the tags.


If the tags are not available in the option we can create them after selecting the search more menu. We can create tags like certification, quiz, live session, and other certification-related tags as demanded by the course.


Add Content 

We can add content to the created course from the add content option. There are options to create sections, content, and certification. From add content or add certification we can add the certification and the quiz for the course. The content type is given as certification and the certification link is added in the respective field.


We can redirect to the certification chosen and then edit the details of the certification quiz from the new window.

Create Certification Quiz

We can create certification quiz from

- eLearning -> courses> Certification 

- eLearning -> reporting> Certification

- Surveys -> Create 

Certification Quiz in Odoo Survey

The odoo survey is a module to create various survey forms. Here we can create feedback forms, quizzes, certification, and similar surveys. The survey dashboard will display all the surveys in progress and we can choose to edit the existing survey as a certification. Otherwise, we can create a new survey and make it into a certification.

For a new survey, we can fill in the details of the survey and add questions. 

The add questions link would redirect to a window to provide the details of the question. 


Create Survey Questions 

The question type can vary between multiple-line text boxes to the matrix. The question and its answers can be filled in the tab and if needed we can provide a description for the quiz/survey. 

The question can be marked mandatory, or as a conditional display. The mandatory answer error message can also be modified. We can edit the display options as multiple columns and enable images on answers. If the quiz is a live session we can set a time limit for individual questions. If we allow the comment section we can edit the comment message and opt for it to be displayed as an answer choice.


The conditional display will allow the triggering question to be chosen from the previous questions. 

Once the questions have been created we can edit the survey details. 

Survey Option

We can edit the survey option from the Options tab


The question and scoring settings can be edited in the tab. Under the questions section, we have the layout option. This determines the layout of the questions when an attendee accesses the quiz. The display can be a single page for all questions or section-wise and question-wise division of the pages. The progression can be altered between percentage and number.

The time limit can be set for the whole survey, demanding the attendees to finish the survey within a given time. The option to set a time limit in the question separately and for the whole survey allows improving the versatility of the quiz created. 

We also have the option to shift between all questions and randomized per section. This cuts short the possibility of answer sharing between attendees. 

In the scoring section, we can edit and modify the scoring settings. Once we allow scoring for the survey, we have the option to set a success percentage and modify the survey as certification. The scoring can be with or without answers at the end. Once the modification is done to convert the survey to certification, we can edit the email and certification template. 

The live session lets us reward quick answers. 

Once we create the certification we can add them to courses from the eLearning module. For an overview of the eLearning module, you can visit our blogs below.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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