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By: Cybrosys Technologies

Dedicated CRM Software vs Odoo CRM Module

Functional CRM

Customer relationship management is the growth manure for many organizations, as effective management of the customers as well as attracting new ones will be beneficial in the success and the ultimate growth of the organization. Today as the business competition in almost all sectors is booming the company management should be keen on focusing on aspects of bringing in customers to your company. Moreover, you can focus on bringing in new customers or making sure that the customer you have remains loyal towards you and it's the company facility regularly creating business opportunities with them. Additionally, you will require dedicated tools and management software to run the management of customer relationships in your company and a certain number of employees being associated with it.
In this digitalized world the use of software, as well as applications, have been common and there are ones for every aspect of an office as well as personal operations. Similarly today there are software and tools for the customer relationship management operations of the companies too. Moreover, there are mainly two ways by which the customer relationships can be managed: the first one is by the use of dedicated customer relationship management software which is readily available in the market. On the other hand, various ERP solutions are dedicated business management solutions functioning with application-specific tools with there will be dedicated customer relationship management aspects.
Odoo is an ERP software with dedicated functional modules of operations that will provide you with dedicated application-specific modules of functioning. Moreover, the Odoo CRM is so advanced that there are various functions as well as advanced tools of operations that will be beneficial for your customer generation and opportunity creation for your business.  Furthermore, there are various other modules in Odoo for the specific operations which can be used to define the operations of the company.
This blog will provide a comparison between the dedicated CRM software as well as the CRM module available in Odoo.
Let's initially discuss the Dedicate CRM software and Odoo CRM module separately and compare them at last in a separate section.

Dedicated CRM software

On the one hand, dedicated CRM software is a tool that has been defined and described for the sales management operations of the company. You can easily customize certain functions and the entire software can be removed or updated if found necessary. On the other hand, the dedicated CRM can be only implemented in functioning with the help of an integrator which helps the software to run along with the other operations platforms of the company. These CRMs may be lacking in advanced support solutions such as chat options, database management, and many more for that you will require the support of other dedicated tools which would add up to your implementation cost.

Odoo CRM module

Odoo is a business management ERP and due to its modular design and approach to operations, the platform puts forward dedicated modules of operations. Therefore, the Odoo platform has a dedicated CRM module that will provide you with a complete view, control, and manageability for your customer relationship management operations. In addition, the Odoo ERP has various other dedicated modules for the operations of the company such as sales, purchase, inventory, accounting, website, e-commerce, and many more which are in direct integration with the CRM module.
Now let's move on to compare the dedicated CRM with that of the Odoo CRM in the following section.

Dedicated CRM vs Odoo CRM - A Comparison

There is no questionable doubt in the facts that both the CRM models exhibit certain qualities that many overpower over one another however, its entry up to the decision of the person or the company who is willing to implement a CRM to choose which model to be, here is a comparison of certain features of both which will help you to choose one.
Initially let's consider the implementation aspects, the dedicated CRM software is designed and developed by the salesperson who understands the requirements and can be only used for the sole purpose. On the contrary, the Odoo CRM comes along with the ERP and will be flexed based on the requirements and able to grow or diminish the operation based on the company requirements.
The choice of which CRM software should be implemented entirely depends on the sales management team of the company and the software which is convenient to their operational principles is selected to be in operation. However, considering Odoo CRM you should take the entire organization into account as the Odoo ERP is the complete management solution for your company operations.
On the one hand, the deployment of the software will require connector tools that can be functioning throughout the operations of the software as it will be useful in ruining the CRM software along with other operations tools of the company. In addition, you will require a strong IT team to support you throughout the functioning. On the other hand, considering Odoo it will be developed and defined by expert developers for you based on your operational requirements and they will be always available to you at the needed times. You can choose various Odoo implementation partner available all across the world. Cybrosys Technologies, the leading Odoo gold partner offers you hassle-free implementation and other Odoo related services.
In case of the aspects of functioning the platform with other applications available you will be required to connect each application and tools manually in case of the dedicated CRM software which will be time-consuming and the chances of making errors are high. On the contrary, the Odoo CRM module is integrated and connected with all the modules in the Odoo platform. In addition, the integration and connectivity aspects of the Odoo with other application-level software can be easily done by the use of connector tools which are readily available in the Odoo apps store.
These are the certain features comparisons on the dedicated CRM software with that of the Odoo CRM which will help you with the choice of the best CRM solution for your operations.

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