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By: Manu menonn

Efficient Customer Relationship Management with Odoo CRM

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CRM is an efficient and sophisticated modern business tool that has the ability to deal with customer relations more effectively and efficiently. The module in Odoo is a really useful tool if you are running a startup. The module can help you in developing and constantly improving your business.
This blog will give you an insight into how efficient is customer relationship management with the CRM module 
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, it is an advanced system that has the ability to deal with customer relations more quickly and effectively. If you are running a new business then the most important thing that you want in your business is leads, they are necessary for the growth of your business. But integrating them is not easy. Leads are essentially people or companies who are interested in your product or services and have the chance of becoming potential customers. Nurturing this particular person/ company until the final stage of being a customer to the common is a process that requires intense amounts of work and patience and it is imperative for the company that the lead is maintained properly and efficiently.
Your efficiency in handling the customers can help you gain a quick boost in business. But this is not an easy task to accomplish. In its traditional way the entire customer management was done in an excel sheet and managing the sheet was not easy and it is extremely difficult to follow up on the leads on an individual basis, even today companies that are slowly growing to get leads to follow the same pattern but after a certain point he leads are likely to fall away due to poor management. It is here where the help of an advanced management system comes into play. CRM helps in dealing with leads efficiently and can help you to follow up on the leads as you please. The advanced system allows you to order and synchronize your leads efficiently allowing you to easily manage and control them. More efficiency in customer management means more business growth. 
CRM in Odoo is not just about customer management but it is an effective and efficient tool for business growth. The newborn business companies find it really hard to generate enough leads for their products or services and so this could lead the company to a depressed state from the beginning itself. CRM helps in overcoming this stage with various tools and features. For example, CRM in Odoo is equipped with a Lead Mining feature, what this feature essentially does is mine leads as maximum and quickly as possible. And in this case, you don’t have to spend time for customers to approach you, instead you could just mine them. And as the CRM has done its work in mining and automatically stacking them it is then the job of the sales team to follow up on the mined leads and convert them into customers. 
Creating a customer from a lead is a skill that your sales team or you should possess. Odoo CRM gives you enough and abundant space in CRM for enforcing your skills in leadership communication. The CRM allows you to have direct contact with leads through the live chat section. This allows you to have a direct conversation with a possible future customer. The live chat section is robust and quick in nature and it allows you to keep your lead gripped onto your product or services. The robust nature of the Chat tool can come in handy for the new business runners as the lead maybe not be well educated about your company or the service or the product that you are selling, so you can educate your leads about what you are trying to sell to them and how unique it is from the rest of the similar product available in the market. 
The application allows you to sell the uniqueness of the product before the product itself, this conversation gives the leads enough confidence to proceed with the purchase and this will also enable the customer to introduce your product to the next possible customer and thereby creating a chain of customers. And as the number of the customer increase ordering and arranging them according to company priorities is the next big challenge, with Odoo’s advanced user interface managing the leads is extremely easy, all you have to do is drag the leads to the positions according to priorities or you can set priorities or how important certain leads are based on different factors by increasing the star value of the leads by simply clicking on the Star sign provided near to the leads. This will help you identify the important leads to follow up on later. 
Keeping your leads in a constant loop of important information and offers from your side is necessary for maintaining the lead relationship. CRM can help you in keeping your leads in the loop. The application can also be used for email marketing and so for keeping your leads in a constant loop of important information about the product and this actually creates an urge to go ahead with your services or products. This also gives your leads a sense of your professionalism and thereby you can easily earn customer trust. 
CRM in Odoo is a powerful tool for your business in many ways and the application is designed to give you the maximum number of leads for your business. CRM allows you to set an email address for the leads to direct contact with the company, the email address or the contact details of the company for lead communication can be given in CRM, and if a person tries to communicate with the company on queries about a product or services the application will automatically consider them as leads and add rhythm into you dashboard immediately and you can set the leads based on the priorities that company has set before. As the application is highly integrated with the Sales module of the Odoo it will be easy for your sales team to access the leads and you can appoint individual salespersons for managing the leads separately.  
The application gives you enough space for you to work on and has the most advanced tools equipped for maintaining an easy and smooth workflow and thereby boosting your business to a huge extent. 

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