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By: Anusha

ERP and startup business


ERP software is systematically designed tool benefiting companies of various domains. Though often surrounded by many fault beliefs, this software has been admired and appreciated by everyone who has implemented this system.

The important activities of ERP system involve efficient management of your business, tracking performance, HR management, efficient customer care, etc,

Startups are fragile.The reason many startups fail is due to lack of proper planning and the inability to capitalize their rapid growth. The idea to keep up with the change and adopt the ERP in an early stage. It is hard to accept the need for an ERP solution so early, but this ERP keeps the business floating and well equipped for the rest of the business life. ERP is a centralized system that takes care of different faces of business and helps to grow.

Let's get started.

Reasons for having ERP for Your Startup to Developed Business

1. A strong foundation

Startups are all about building for the future. The new ideas/techniques are tested against the need of the market and if they pass the initial stage and survive, they are good to go for next few years, after that they are transformed into a developed company.

2. Data Duplication can easily be monitored and removed

Without ERP solution, there can easily be a data inconsistency. Startups generally are disturbed with multiple systems that store the same data all over again. Without a central store of information, you can't verify the integrity of the data.This can lead to problems in a long term and there are always problems of data corruption as well.

3. Take control of critical business process from the beginning

Entrepreneurs start with a spreadsheet or MS Word, keeping all the entries within the outdated system. The Different department uses a different system. In addition, business process control is easy at the start but becomes tough with time. It is necessary for the business to take care of the critical business process and offer security and other important aspects to the process from the start.

4. Keep our contacts and communication

Every business needs contacts and communication. Communication is the key to success in the business environment.By using an ERP solution we can reduce the communication gap and offer better productivity and workflow as data can be retrieved easily.

5. Managing multiple back offices with ERP solution

The idea of startups being in one small place is outdated. There are various teams working on different location, bringing vital information and sharing data on the go.  Having this kind of setup is only possible with an ERP solution that connects the back-end office people from different departments in one single mouse click.

6. Performance and Profit Evaluation

Startups are all about a one-man show until it gets developed. When it gets developed, it becomes tough for the business to keep up with the data, analytics and performance evaluations.

7.There are No sufficient & Satisfactory systems to process payments

With growth, customers would like to purchase things or services from the startups. But, the growth can be so fast that you might not be able to fulfill the payment requirement of different customers leading to loss of profit and customer . How sad that a client wants to give you money, but you're not equipped to accept it. Actually, You're not only losing this business; you're also losing all future sale from that client.

Overall, it is always a good idea to prefer an Odoo Development system for the startup and take it with them to the developed or next stage. If you have any questions regarding ERP selection, contact us at info@cybrosys.com

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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