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By: Anju A.P

ERP for Agriculture Industry


Agriculture Industry or Agro business plays a pivot role in the economic development of a country. The Agriculture industry makes a significant contribution to the real-time supply of food resources, contributing to the economic prosperity of the nation. The Agro-business turn the country self-sufficient in meeting the terms of food. For this reason, for a very long period, the agricultural industries or agro-business groups have been constantly investing and adopting the latest technologies in the market ensuring premium quality products, high production rates, and fewer operational costs in the industry.
The importance of ERP software in Agriculture or Agro Business is high, as it helps in streamlining every process like procurement, production, and distribution. A scalable ERP for Agriculture Industry thus helps in efficiently maintaining the business operations, ensuring the product quality, tracking the money accounting, facilitating the inventories, or offering the supply chain management and distribution.

Thus a comprehensive ERP for Agriculture Industry can facilitate the business with various modules like accounting, purchase, sales, inventory, and other administrative divisions.  

In a quick glance, an ERP for agriculture business can provide the following benefits. 
> Essential reports for a monthly/yearly expense, revenue, and balance, facilitating the management of corporate finances.
> Optimized and efficient method to track the resource wastages if any.
> Effective inventory management determining inventory spoilage, providing business access to inventory, accounting, and inventory technique.
> A centralized and unified ERP system that can assist and smartly manage every information pertaining to sales, purchase, inventory, and expenses from a single database.
> Facilitating the provision to safeguard company information and data from leaking.
> Better forecasting of the resources and facilitating to scale inventory and production. 
> Enhancing business compliances to new regulation norms and protocols. 
> An all-inclusive dashboard that provides real-time reports like Bar Graphs and charts.

Now let us look in detail, 
ERP for the agricultural industry can bring in many qualitative changes in the industry. When used correctly and prudently, the ERP for the agriculture industry can satisfy all the desired business requirements. 

Customer satisfaction is supreme and a pivotal factor for business success. In the agriculture industry, in order to sustain in the market, the farmers or agro-business people have to ensure that the seeds they produce are clean and safe to consume. They must track everything right from using the fertilizers and pesticides for producing the food.  After harvest, the agriculture industry must also track their customers, who bought their corps and when was the delivery date. 

All the above tracking, quality control management, and timely delivery are assured with an ERP in Agricultural Industry. An ERP for Agriculture Industry or Agro Business can also help the farmers in tracking which crop is grown in a particular field. An ERP for Agriculture Industry thus helps the agro-businesses to be self-sufficient in all aspects and be a part of a worldwide chain of food production industries. An ERP for the agriculture industry provides that kind of traceability. 

HRMS integration
An agricultural industry revolves around seasonal works. In this case, an ERP for the Agriculture industry integrated with the HRMS module will be of great help. An ERP for the agriculture industry can thus track the seasonal workers, efficiently look after their payments, and withhold taxes and other costs associated with seasonal workers. As agriculture industry workers keep moving from one field to another, ERP software in Agriculture Industry can look after the desired needs of the farmers. An ERP for the agriculture industry thus helps the agricultural industry management or farm managers in ensuring and facilitating proper care of their workers. 

Efficient Livestock tracking
An ERP for Agriculture Industry helps the rancher in tracking the different growth cycles of an animal on his/her farm. An ERP facilitates in tracing the animal life stages like birth, parental lineage, amount of food it takes, whether its weight increase in accordance to norms, veterinary services, and more, giving full traceability to the farm happenings. 

Field mapping
An ERP for the agriculture industry also helps with field mapping in the industry. Field mapping, help the farmers in knowing the field areas where the farmer has to apply more or fewer fertilizers based on the soil quality. This feature of Agriculture ERP helps in yielding a balanced crop. 

In short, an ERP in the agriculture industry has much scope than the normal visibility features.

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