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By: Anju A.P

ERP for Healthcare Industry

    With the upsurge of technological innovations and increasing competition in industrial markets, the Enterprise Resource Planning software got wide adoption in various industrial domains. ERP software’s successful and robust feature of breaking the information silos, streamlining and automating the broad range of business functions under several departments, making it an inevitable choice among the business crew. ERP software has proven its capability to increase the productivity and profitability of business solutions, no matter what stream and how complex the business is. An ERP software comes as an integrated application, capable of managing every business departments like accounting, inventory, customer relationship, human resource, sales or purchase. It has eliminated the implementation of multiple software solutions for managing multiple business functions. An integrated ERP software implementation comes highly economical and profitable to the business organizations. 
Like any other industry, ERP implementation in the healthcare industry has its own job role and benefits to derive. The business requirements and implementation of ERP in the healthcare industry are no different. Any healthcare industry running across the globe has two major objectives to fulfill. Firstly, to impart high-quality patient care, their easy accessibility towards the good treatments and secondly, execute a profitable business run by reducing the cost and unwanted business expenses. 

For this reason, there is an exponential rate in the number of healthcare industry investing in ERP implementation. Today there comes a large community of health industry service providers who go after ERP implementation for bringing progress to their work portfolios. The benefits of ERP in the healthcare industry are numerous. An ERP implementation in the healthcare industry comes with easy accessibility of quality patient care, minimizing or eliminating the possibility of clinical errors, increasing the productivity of healthcare service providers, etc. Let us see in detail.

How an ERP plays its role in the Healthcare Industry?

    The first and foremost necessity of a hospital or any healthcare industry is the efficient management of patient records. An ERP comes with a robust database that can store large, quantitative data. An integrated database can facilitate easy and quick access to patient records, crucial records on doctors and employees. With the integrated Human Resource module, an ERP can successively manage the needs pertaining to employee management. With the help of the integrated database, the doctors or healthcare PR actioner can get access to the real-time information about patients, their diagnostic reports facilitating to further communication on possible treatments. This easy information transfers can make the treatment impartation effective in the healthcare industry.  

In addition, the automation of business functions via ERP implementation helps the healthcare industry bind together its core services, support services and seamless and effective management of back-office operations. This automation and seamless integrations from ERP in the healthcare industry thus help in reducing the operational costs and overhead tensions of the management

Thirdly ERP streamlines every information across different healthcare departments like pharmacy, laboratory, radiology and more. This helps in quick access to the consolidated information on patients facilitating quick and liable decision making.  

In the modern healthcare industry, implementation of ERP comes along with strategic achievements. An ERP in the healthcare industry can constantly support organizational growth, enhance compliance with laws and regulations, ensuring the business standards and eliminating the possibility of downfalls

The key benefits of ERP implementation in healthcare industries are:

Facilitating with better Patient Care: A robust ERP software helps the healthcare industry to provide their end-users i.e. patients towards accessing the database and healthcare reports for making further communications. This facility helps the patients to get updated and informed about their status and make prompt decisions. The automated actions facilitated by ERP in the healthcare industry help in carrying forward the tests and other healthcare procedures in an easier and hassle-free manner. 

Curbing down operational costs: An integrated ERP solution like Odoo brings every business department under one single roof. Under a single common database, an integrated ERP helps in optimizing various business functions pertaining to accounting and finance, human resource, inventory, and other back-end office operations or functions.           
Streamline Medicare Processes: An ERP in the healthcare industry helps in integrating every core service of the healthcare industry like patient registration, management of electronic healthcare records, emergency, information access to doctors, management of crucial information on doctors, etc.

Initiating fine healthcare practices: An ERP implementation in the healthcare industry helps inefficient execution and management of policies and procedures with regard to patient/member benefits, their claims, enrollment conditions and others helping in updating with the best industry practices and norm policies.

Upholding Patient Safety: ERP software in the healthcare industry enables the healthcare industry to uphold and enhance the safety of their patients by executing real-time communication. Transparent, reliable and timely communication is facilitated under ERP helping timely and wise decision making with regard to treatments and others. An interactive ERP grounds a patient safety culture among the healthcare industry giving the status of a reliable service provider, enhancing the public image of the healthcare industry.

    In nutshell, an ERP in the healthcare industry brings the patients, healthcare service providers, insurance providers and other miscellaneous department men under one single roof, keeping all information intact, streamlined and centralized. The real-time access to crucial and pertinent information, helps the healthcare industry showcase qualitative and reliable patient care, at the same time helping the healthcare management to focus more on their strategic goals. Increased accountability and transparency are counted along with ERP implementation helping its easy adoption in the healthcare industry. 

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