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By: Sree

Features of Odoo Timesheet Module

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Time is precious than anything else. You can buy products, services, and laborers. But time cannot be purchased. It can only be managed. 

Odoo Open source software offers you the best time management applications. With Odoo Timesheet anyone can easily manage the usage of time in an organization. Odoo time tracker facility is beneficial for the manufacturing industry as well as for the running of a company. The service sector, point of sale, and other business ventures can also make use of the timesheet for improving productivity.

Here, in this blog, we can take a look at how Odoo ERP can benefit us? We can also review the different features of the Odoo Timesheet Module.

Features of Odoo Timesheet Module 

1. Timesheet Management

Odoo ERP software helps an investor or a manager to manage a timesheet of all activities done by his employees or subordinates. The time taken for the completion of a particular task can be managed with ease with Odoo support. 

Odoo enables you to get a quick glance at the employee's time utilization by setting a target. The details including the position of the employee and the server number can be monitored with the help of a timesheet. The total number of working hours, effective working hours, and other details get automatically entered in the timesheet. The total working hours per week, hours per month, and the average effective working hour per day can be analyzed with ease with Odoo support. 

The software support helps to identify the department of the employee and the work schedule also. 


The working hours of all employees on a particular day can also be calculated. This enables the manager to calculate the exact time required for the completion of a task. Effective planning of tasks and workforce distribution can also be ensured with the help of timesheet.


2. Segmentation of work hours

Odoo Timesheet helps to divide the total work hours into different segments. The time spent for different works can be easily calculated with this feature. This can be done with the help of all timesheets. For example, if a marketing executive is spending time in office and on-field duty, he can divide his time into office time, fieldwork, and meeting hours. The effective utilization of his working hour can be managed with ease with Odoo.


3. Timesheet App

The best ERP provider Odoo has also introduced a timesheet app for the users. The app can be downloaded from the Google play store. Any user can access the app and schedule his/her time. The app helps to work when disconnected. It enables synching and retrieving information.

The Odoo time tracking app provides non-stop support to track the working of an employee. The app can be accessed with the support of any device and enables round the clock monitoring. Another important feature of the app is its ability to provide support when offline. It can help you work from anywhere. The work time will be updated even though your employee is working from a different location. The offline support is an advantage.

The app can also be used to plan the day. Different activities can be listed. Time can be scheduled for each activity. Alert generation on the completion of the task or at the end of the time period is also possible.


4. Validate Timesheet

Odoo helps to validate the working time. The working hours on different days and the total working hours can get validated through a timesheet. The validation can be done for a period of one week or one month. This enables the employer to calculate the salary payment and improve productive hours. 

Timesheet can also be used to validate the working hours of the work center. This can improve work center capacity and help in rescheduling the working hours.


5. Timesheet by Employee

The timesheet helps to generate reports of the working hours of each employee and calculate the productive hours of the employee. Employees can be alerted if the effective working hours are less. Besides, the employee can set the work schedule and work to complete the task as per the plan. The employer can also allot a time schedule to improve the productivity of a team.


6. Report Generation

 Like every other Odoo Module, one of the main features of Odoo Timesheet is its ability to generate reports. The time is taken for the completion of a project and the time allotted for the completion of a project can be reviewed with ease. The timesheet will help the manager to adjust the required time based on the performance of the employees. Timesheet based on task and billing rate can also be done with Odoo Timesheet.


In this blog, we have reviewed the key features of the Odoo Timesheet Module. These features, with the help of an ERP consultant, can be integrated with different Enterprise Resource Planning Software for the effective management of time. Odoo timesheet gets along well with accounting, payroll, school management, and other ERP applications. The main attraction of this software is its ability to work online and offline. 

We can have a detailed analysis of the uses of Odoo Timesheet in a different blog. This blog aims at opening up the key features of timesheet which be of use to different ventures including manufacturing, service sector, consultancy service, and other sectors.

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