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By: Evin Davis

How to Manage Your Fleet of Trucks by Odoo

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Logistic operations are to be monitored and managed with an effective strategy and analysis. The movement of products could become trickier at various stages of the operation. Consider your business deals with the movement of shipments by road and you need a fleet of vehicles to do the purpose efficiently. Managing this fleet of vehicles can come as a burden to the company. In most cases, the logistics companies outsource the fleet of vehicles from an effective logistics movement partner to manage their product movement.

With the change in time the management of the fleet which was basically done via calls and paper works needed to be automated to cope up with the trends of the world. Many organizations turned to fleet management software to run their fleet of trucks, cabs, buses, tow trucks, etc. These were effective only as software to manage fleets but they needed a system that could also integrate into the management of the company as well as their fleet from a single platform.

Various Enterprise resource planning software was developed for multipurpose usage to manage companies and their allocated resources. Odoo is the best in business management form all aspects that came out to be the best solution. The Odoo which works on a single platform is considered as the one-stop solution for all the business needs. The fleet management system in Odoo is apt for any logistics operations of the company as it provides the users with much more visibility, auto alerts, and various management features.

This blog will provide information on 

what is fleet management in Odoo?

What is the purpose and benefits of the Odoo fleet management tool

Who should upgrade to Odoo fleet management?

Operations which can be performed in the fleet module of Odoo

What are the aspects where fleet management helps your company

Fleet management in Odoo

Fleet management in Odoo comprises managing all the activities related to the fleet of your vehicles from initial financing, travel tracking, fuel, and speed management, maintenance and its costs, etc. In all, it acts as the complete management too for the a to z operations of your company's fleet of vehicles. Additionally, it provides safety management for the drivers and employees with strict adherence to take breaks and refreshment hours while driving and stick to the rule of the road. The fleet management of Odoo helps the companies to reduce risk, fuel consumption maintenance costs, and ensure that the standards and documents of the vehicle are maintained in compliance with the government or the authority of transportation.

Purpose and benefits of Odoo fleet management

The main purpose of the Odoo fleet management too at your company will be enrolled in the specific task of the fleet from vehicle acquisition to disposal. It also provides the user with the ability to integrate advanced systems such as driver sleep tracking, vehicle diagnostic information, biometric analysis, etc. through IOT mode of the interface. It also helps the user to monitor the activities of the driver and the vehicle along with the fuel efficiency. Live tracking functionality can also be installed allowing the users to get a description of the live location of their fleet of vehicles.
The main benefits of Odoo fleet control include the benefits of planning which will in turn lead to improved cost control and low fuel consumption by the vehicles. In addition, it provides the user with more productivity and employee accountability features. Further mode it allows the user an easy task, route allocations to employees. 
The fleet management tool allows the user to monitor the individual driving habits of each employee and allows to set new rules parameters to improve them.

Who should you upgrade to Odoo fleet management?

The Odoo fleet management tool can be installed by logistics companies who should be able to manage their fleet of vehicles effectively for the movement of products. It can also be helpful to companies who should be able to manage their delivery services of the products. The software is applicable for companies driven by people and their quality manpower which have grown gradually, over the years the manageability has been ineffective and there are instances of loss of information due to the people-driven approach. Additionally, it is equitable of the companies which often encounter mismanagement of resources, loss of billing documents and operates in an informal manner.

Operations which can be performed in the fleet module of Odoo

The Odoo fleet management tool can be integrated with various aspects of the transportation company such as accounting, inventory, payment, insurance, vehicle maintenance, employee management, work schedules, etc. Additionally, the management module can be customized as per the specifications of each company. The various aspects of operation in Odoo can be directly related to the day to day operations of the company such as vehicles, route management, work orders, driver information, etc.

All the aspects considering the vehicles a be stored and managed in the Odoo platform such as:
1. Model and manufacturing year
2. Vehicle specification - engine capacity, fuel type, doors, payload capacity, the weight of the vehicle, etc
3. Odometer details
4. Driver information
5. History of the vehicle - accident history, insurance history, etc
6. Contract details of the vehicle
7. Fuel log
8. Cost of the vehicle
9. Maintenance details and history
10. Device configuration of advance systems installed - GPS tracker, display screens, etc.

Route management:
All the details concerning the route of operation and the permits can be assigned to each vehicle in Odoo such as:
1. Regular routes of operation
2. Type of load and quantity
3. Permits required if any
4. Ongoing permit information
5. Route history
6. Regular pick up and drop off location
7. Yard details and location.

Aspects where fleet management helps your company.

The Odoo platform is helpful in the management of your fleet at the various aspects of operating effectively and efficiently providing profits to your company. The visibility factor of the Odoo platform is so high that there is no limit in the number of vehicles that can be added to the platform and managed effectively. No matter the number of vehicles the platform allows the user to perform all the operations via a simple connected device. Control of the fleet is entirely at the disposal of the user from the management control to the financial control can all be set up by the user. Report generation functionality of the Odoo platform helps the user to generate reports based on various parameters of the operation and draft them.

The trip management functionality helps the users to manage long-distance trips and short ones too with the same interface. Additionally, the user can mix and match various modes of transportation available from mini pick up vans to large container transport trucks. The maintenance operations which need to be conducted on all vehicles can be managed to outsource or can be performed at the company yard itself if the company has the provision of a repair shop. The platform also allows the field service maintenance of the trucks and other vehicles if they are stalled and can't reach the yard. The auto alerts feature available in Odoo provides warning and alert messages to the user on the license of documents of contracts, paperwork, permits, etc which are about to expire before the deadline.

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