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By: Mashood K

Automatic Alerts in Odoo 13 Subscription Module

Functional Odoo 13

Subscriptions are a way of running a business by a service industry effectively. People use the subscription options of cleaning, hospitality services, newspapers, magazines, etc. Various companies promote subscription options with various offers to maintain the customers and to attract new customers to the company. Managing the subscription business manually with the help of the management team has proven to be providing the companies with promising results in the earlier days. In this new era of modernization of the digital world, the companies should be able to adapt to automated systems to manage the operations of the companies.

Enterprise resource planning software(ERPs) have been apt for managing various businesses and automating their operations. With help of ERPs, the business operations are effectively modified and the operations are suited with the existing terminologies of the company. There are various ERPs available in the market which can manage the company's operations at various stages of operation. As most of the ERPs lacked the operation methodology of managing the business from a single platform Odoo software topped up as the best ERP to run the business.

Since Odoo operates from a single platform the ability to control the business can be assigned to a single user or multiple ones. The main advantageous factor of using Odoo software is that it can be customized as per any business needs. With the help of various outsource integration to the existing equipment and terminologies, the user can be able to easily manage the existing business in Odoo.

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This blog will describe

What subscription alerts mean in Odoo?

How to create a subscription alert in Odoo? and

How to view the survey on subscription?

Subscription alerts in Odoo

Odoo being a user-friendly platform allows the users to maintain healthier customer relations with ease. The Platform allows the users to generate feedback surveys and surveys of other custom formats on the products being sold. The same is in the case of subscription services the Odoo platform allows the user to generate feedback rating services on the subscription products being subscribed by the customer. These surveys can be configured to be generated to the customers on a specified delay interval of days from the start date of the subscription period. Users can view the feedback ratings of the various subscriptions under each product and alerts created.

How to create subscription alerts in Odoo? 

Various subscription alerts on the products and services can be created by the user, on which the customers can rate the quality based on percentages.

To create a subscription alert in the subscription module of the Odoo platform select the alerts option available in the configuration dashboard. On selecting the alerts icon the user will be directed to the window as depicted in the below image. The user can select the available alerts or select to create a new one selecting the create icon.


Upon selecting to create a new alert the user will be depicted with a window as shown in the below image. The user should provide a name to the alert and can choose the subscription template to be applied on. The user also has the provision to create a new subscription template by selecting the create a new option available. The alerts can also be assigned to a specific product by choosing the respective one in the products option available. Similarly in the case of customers and the company the user can choose the one available in the list or create a new one straight away from the same window. The cost and the duration details can be specified along with the stage of operation on which the alerts should be generated on various subscriptions.

The required action can be chosen from the default options available such as emails, text messages, or phone calls. In the case of phone calls, an employee of the company can be assigned by the user. While in the case of emails, an existing default template that is available can be chosen from the list or the user can opt to create a new one. The triggering time of the subscription can be set and the parameter to trigger the alerts can be specified.


Upon providing the details the alerts should be saved to be operating in the Odoo platform. Which can be viewed in the list of alerts in the alerts menu.


The below image depicts the action based on call alerts which as showcase depicts that a responsible person is allocated and there is custom made instruction being provided to the responsible employee by the user.


How to view the survey on subscription?

On selecting the survey option in the respective alerts the user will be directed to the survey's menu. In the survey menu, the user can view all the surveys which are described based on the respective alert.


To view the description of the survey and the quotation details the user can select the respective survey needed from the survey menu. Upon selection, the user will be directed to the respective quotation which will provide the user with all the details of the subscription sales.


The subscription alert option in Odoo will allow the users to obtain feedback and suggestions of the subscription products provided by the company in terms of services and products. These options will also help the users to improve their companies' customer relationships and improve or develop the products based on customer requirements.

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