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By: Evin Davis

Product Comparison Tool and Wishlist Option in Odoo 13

Odoo 13 Website&E-commerce

Providing a memorable shopping experience and comfort to the customer has always been a successful tool in various business organizations. If the customer is provided with various options on choosing the right product with an accurate description of their specifications and technicality the chances of a customer buying them are much higher. The companies should provide a good shopping experience for the customers whether it's online or a retail store. The retails store demands many physical and visualization changes to be made for the customer to have a good experience in the conventional way of shopping. Whereas in the case of online shopping the customer should have various options and settings available to select their product since there is no physical presence of a salesperson. The comparison options and saving the product function are unavoidable factors nowadays in the online shopping methodology.

The Odoo platform allows its users to configure the product comparison tool and the Odoo wishlist option for the company's eCommerce website. These options will provide a good shopping experience for the customers, by saving the product which they wish to purchase in the future or are fond of and can be saved to a menu. The wishlist in Odoo, the functionality uniquely for each customer, i.e. when a customer logs in he/ she is depicted with only their wishlist since the Odoo eCommerce website is configured based on the portal login of the customers. The users can be redirected to the purchase menu by adding the product to the cart and proceeding to check out.

The comparison tool in Odoo helps the customers compare the specification and the price of a similar product as per the customer's understanding. On comparing the product will be added to a separate menu and the customer can view them by selecting the compare menu and purchasing the product directly by redirecting to the purchase window from the menu.

Configure a wishlist and product comparison tool for the Odoo eCommerce website

The product comparison tool and Odoo wishlist option in Odoo can be configured for the eCommerce at the back end of the platform in the settings menu of the website module. While in the settings menu the user should navigate to the product secession under which he/ she should enable the options product comparison tool and the wishlist and save the settings menu.


How the product comparison tool in Odoo works

The product comparison tool in the eCommerce module of Odoo enables the customers to compare the products while purchasing them based on all description details being provided by the user. The customer can select the product and click on the compare icon indicated with opposite-facing semi arrows on selecting each product to compare it will be added to the compare menu.


As the products are being added to the compare menu the user can select the compare option available in the product window and will be directed to the compare window.

The user can view all the products which have been added to the compare and can view all the description provided by the user. The descriptions will be classified based on similar parameters on each product. On comparing the user can select the respective product that he/she likes to the cart by selecting the add to cart option available under each one respectively. The user has the provision to add all the products in the comparison menu by selecting the add products to cart available respective to each product. Additionally, the user can select to delete a product from the comparison list by selecting the delete option available.

How the wishlist option in Odoo works?

The wish list option in Odoo allows the customers to save the product to a customer-specific window which can only be accessed by the customer. To add a product to the wishlist the user can select the wish list icon under each product available. On adding products to the wish list the customer will be depicted with the icon to view the wishlist in the customer dashboard.


On selecting the wishlist menu the user will be depicted with the information of all the products available in the wishlist. The user can add each product to the cart by selecting the add to cart option available under each product. The user can also remove the products from the wishlist by selecting the delete option available. The user can add the product to the cart but will be removed from the wishlist but this can be forfeit by selecting the option to add the product to my cart but keep it in my wish list, this will allow the customer to reorder from the wishlist.

The wishlist and compare options available in Odoo help the users to provide the customer with a memorable shopping experience and in turn boost the sales of the products available on the e-commerce website. Refer our previous blogs "Product Comparison Tool in Odoo 13 eCommerce" to know more about the product comparison tool in Odoo and its benefits. 

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