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By: Asaf Muhsin

Features that Make Odoo HRMS Suitable for SMEs

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Human resource management is one of the hectic and difficult tasks to be running a company. The management aspects of the HR department and a company have to consider various parameters and constraints of functioning with their employees. Moreover, to this the timing and the duration of work per day, week and month should be as per the regulation of the authorities in the respective region of the company functioning. In addition, the factors such as maternity and paternity leave along with the monthly time off should lo be considered in the operation. Furthermore, in case the company functions with multiple shifts of operations the managers should be able to easily allocate employees as well as manage and monitor them efficiently.
In this era of digitized operations across the world, it is common to have businesses as well as company operations to have functioned as managed with the help of software. Furthermore, the HR management aspects of the company would have to be more efficient and reliable to be operational under any circumstances of the functioning in a company. So your question might be how could you achieve it? There is various management software to choose from, which is the best one? Let me introduce you to Odoo HRMS, the management tool to deal with all the employees and the staff operations in your company.   
Odoo HRMS tool will allow the user to inculcate and manage all the HR department operations for the initial stages of staff recruitment to the employee payroll aspects. The integrated tool will also allow the user to run the other company operations other than the HR management integrated with the HRMS tool. In addition, the platform will allow the users to have advanced integration abilities of external devices and software. The Odoo platform allows users to integrate biometric and IoT devices to be operational in the HR management aspects of the platform. Moreover, barcodes can be integrated to run efficiently with the regularised detection operation in the attendance monitoring and registering.
This blog will provide an insight into the features which make Odoo HRMS suitable for SMEs.
Let me initially describe the operations of Odoo in an SME. Although Odoo is being designed to be customized and developed to run all sorts of company operations at any level, ist best suitable for small and medium scale companies. Moreover, the platform will provide full-fledged operational control on the functioning as well as the business aspects of these companies.
Certain misconceptions
Having said that, let me address some of the misconceptions based on HRMS implementation to SMEs. Firstly, the belief is that the system is suitable for corporate establishments only, which is entirely wrong. Moreover, It can bring advanced employee management into any sector operations. Secondly, the cost factor, compared to the losses and the time spent on HR management which is directly proportionate to the reduction in productivity, the investment to an HRMS tool to your company will be beneficial and cost-effective. Thirdly, there is no such aspect that your HRMS implementation is not too early with the establishment of the company. Moreover, ist best to be running HRMS from the initial stages of company functioning. Finally, it's not a vital system for your company, furthermore, the HR operations are manually managed. You are wrong my friend, as the business grows the complexions and the constraints of operations change which it does not find it suitable to be managed with a manual approach.
Features of Odoo HRMS
> Employee management: Track all the employees in your company. Moreover the various aspects such as payroll, payslip and each employee's time off. In addition, the contracts of employees can be described and functioned with.
> Attendance management: Monitor and manage the attendance and time off of all employees of your company.
> Gamification: Create and run competition games where employees can participate and earn prizes.
> Recruitment: Recruit the employees via both online and offline acceptance of the application and undergoing the management of the recruitment process.
> Payroll and appraisal: Manage employee payroll based on attendance. Moreover, the appraisal contains can be defined and set and operated upon.
> Expense management: Manage the employee expense with the reimbursement functionality. Additionally, HR expense management can also be configured to be operational.
> Timesheet: Describe the work duration of each employee based on the timesheet operations on each task and projects of operations. The remunerations can also be paid and the allowances can be generated based on these.

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