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By: Cirin C Baby

Functional Tools in Odoo that can be Beneficial for Distributors

Functional Odoo 14

The distribution business was well established from the industrialization era as it is still thriving in today's world. Proving the customer wit useful logistic service pro their sale as well as the purchase has been the key goal of this industry and they are well intended to keep it and provide reliable solutions or your logistical needs Today there is various logistic operations variable all across the world, moreover, there are various companies that offer the best solution for you. Integrated with all the modes of travel and shipping the logistics business across the world is booming and there is an inevitable need to keep up with the need and the scheduled time of delivery of the product. In addition, today many companies have an in-house logistic system for their product rather than depending on an external service provider. Considering them the scenario is similar the logistic operations should keep up with the inventory, manufacturing, sale, and purchase operations of the company.
As the demand is growing these industries need to cope up with it and provide in effect services to their customers. Moreover, the inhouse management as the operational control around these industries are in a fast-paced environment and without outs, a reliable system and controllability rule the functioning of the company may turn up to be a catastrophe. Today these industries are managed by Enterprise and resource planning solution which provides the capability of full control and management to the executives of the company. Moreover, these solutions will bring in high productivity, operational tools, and bring up the profit of the company with ease in operations. Enterprise and resource planning software was developed as a business management solution in the last century and became popularised due to the digitalization and improvements in telecommunication aspects.
Odoo is one among the ERP software available all across the world providing the user with the full-fledged capability to run the business operations on all levels of company functioning. Operating from a single platform, the software has a modular approach to business management with a designated module of operations for application-specific needs. Moreover, considering the logistic environment Odoo ERP has a centralized approach of operations with a central inventory management system and database operations providing ease of information exchange and communication with the in-house as well as the outhouse operations of the company. In addition, the fully customizable business management solution will provide the user with the capacity to design and customize the operations of the platform as per their company specification, and the operations.
This blog will provide an insight into the functional tools available in Odoo for the efficient running of a distribution company.
Odoo platform can adapt and be operational in any model of business and will provide the user with a capable solution to do so with advanced tools and functional operational methodologies. Here are the tools that the Odoo platform will bring in to run the distribution firm or the aspects of a company efficiently:
Product movement
The Odoo inventory operation will provide an advanced product movement description methodology helping the user to define it based on clear-cut rules and routes of operations. The product picking aspects, product removal, and transfer can be defined in the Odoo inventory management tool. Moreover, there are advanced operational methodologies such as dropshipping, cross-docking, and many more to run the company operations as per the user terminologies.
Effective Inventory management
The warehouse operations, as well as the respective inventories of them, could be efficiently managed from a remote location and from a centralized system which will provide the user with a reduction in the cost of installation and full control of the inventory operations. Moreover, the inventory operations of the platform are integrated with the sales, point of sale operations, e-commerce, purchase, and all the operational modules of Odoo providing an efficient management system for it.
Logistic management tools
The Odoo fleet management tool can be configured with the inventory operations of the company to define the logistic function. The fleet of trucks, delivery vehicles, and all the associated vehicles can be efficiently managed in the Odoo fleet management tool providing effective logistic operations to your company.
Reporting and prediction tools
The salient feature of Odoo is the reporting capabilities which will provide the user with both analytical as well as quantitative reports on the inventory operations of the company. Here, the user can define the various parameters of report generation based on the default ones and can be customized to set the user's needs. Moreover, the inventory valuation and forecasting tools will provide the user with a steady flow of purchase, inventory, and sales operations of the company.

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