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By: Anju A.P

How to Hire Developers for Startups?

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Every company has made a detour to technology, no matter what size they constitute or what service or product they offer. The world has accepted that every company is a tech company in one or the other ways.

For this reason, hiring developers is a crucial phenomenon especially for the startups and other early inceptors in business. Hiring right, talented and committed developers can greatly help in benchmarking the company service and establishing their brand name. 

A dedicated, skilled and passionate developer has a significant role to play in making the company survive and successful among the competitive market. But the challenge is finding the best developer to accomplish the desired objectives and company goals.

The tricky question is how can someone assume that this developer is good or best for your business organization? How can someone wisely choose over the different set of deliverables proposed by the different developer or their service provider? 

The question is how someone can be really picky while they hire developers.

Finding experienced professionals acquainted with right skills, their salary, and expectations, meanwhile competing with large and other established brands in the market are some of the greatest challenges that come in the way of startup when they go for hiring odoo developersApart from the above, there are many other questions that ponder a startup business, when they go for hiring a developer for processing a minimum viable product for their business. 

This blog helps you in finding the right strategies to hire a dedicated team of developers for your business.

First and foremost thing any business startup has to inculcate before hiring developers is the understanding of business. Understand what you really need. Before going in hunt of developers, one should understand what the current requisite is. For example, in the case of a startup, they need to start from scratch. Question yourself, what you are really looking for a front end developer or a database developer. Don’t let you get confused over a web developer and a web designer. 

So only after getting convinced and well defined with your needs, go after hiring developers for your business.

The next step is sourcing refers i.e. where to look for hiring developers. This is what am going to discuss in this blog. 

There are many ways of finding a developer for business or startup. 

1) Searching for developers or development team on the web.
2) Word of mouth or recommendation from friends.
3) Hiring from freelance platforms.
4) Contacting dedicated team over social media platform.
5) Managing to find developers from exponent service providers.
6) Engaging via meetups, conferences or workshops.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the aforementioned ways of hiring developers.

1) Searching your team of developers on the web or internet.

This is the most common practice that is carried by a large percentage of businessmen. If they are to proceed with hiring a developer or a developing team for their business, they start their job with searching on the web. 

So the next question is how to choose from the Google enlisted choices. The decision is simple. The companies that remain on the top search engine result page(SERP)  is assumed to be the big players or great performers in the industry. 

You might be thinking how come?? It’s simple. If the company website remains on top SERP’S, it’s well understood that the team is good enough in their job profile. They are experts with their in-house team of experts in marking their strong presence in the market. One can ascertain over the quality of service from the software development company website. The startups can easily check on the credibility and degree of reliability of developers from reviews of prior clients. 

But searching for a team of developers on the internet is accompanied with a few cons. If you or your business fail in putting the right keyword while searching, it’s likely to occur that you don’t get acquainted with the right professionals or the dedicated developers in the sector. 

Therefore, one has to rightly type the keyword say,” best development services, hiring Odoo developers, cloud solutions for startups, developer for full -cycle business service” or more to find the best and right developer for your business. Because many of the long-standing software service providers offer their service via their landing pages over the internet. Only the relevant keywords relating to your project can guide your search on the right path and find an expert developer. 

2) Choosing your developer over the word of mouth.
Perhaps, this method may seem more trustworthy comparing to random search over the internet. The anonymous factor is overruled here in word of mouth, as the service provider or the team of developers is recommended by your friends or other aids. Your business start-up can confidently go ahead in deploying the particular team of developers for your business analytics solution.

However, it is very important to keep in mind before giving a positive node to hire those developers recommended by your pals. Because the technology stack differs on each project type. Even if the developers recommended by your friends are experts and have showcased great service at your friend’s place of work, it is not mandatory that they work the very same for you. Time, money, expertise in the desired sector, are some of the key elements that you should look for before proceeding the word of mouth promotion. Because all these factors collaboratively draw the future of your startup or the company. 
So, what is the solution? Here comes the safest method of hiring developers for your startup.

3) Managing to find developers from exponent service providers.
Putting practice the aforementioned methods of searching,   one can quickly get into the landing pages of hiring developers of varied software development service providers. One can easily check on the specialization sector of these companies, their hiring processes, ongoing supports, support and maintenance plans and more. By analyzing the search results on can many conclusions on the credibility of the service provider. Say;

If the company website appears on top ie if they rank themselves under 1-2  Google result page it’s well understood that company encompasses a strong team for SEO. Secondly, if the company results on search over several keywords, again it’s understood that they have invested the right strategy of market promotion which can well work for your startup as well. This particular service provider can implement the very same marketing strategy for you.  

If the company website is fast performing, intuitive and appealing it’s likely to determine that the service or product they offer will have the very same feature quality. For example: if you are interested in Odoo ERP for your business start-up and you are searching for how to hire Odoo developers, you are enlisted with the list of leading Odoo ERP service providers. And you can easily to go their company websites to know more.

The decision of hiring Odoo developers can be made right there checking the metrics like performance and intuitiveness of the website, accreditations or other earned credits, testimonials of clients, offered supporting plans, the complexity of hiring procedures, the flexibility of time and more. One can easily the make the decision of further communication right there. 

4) Hiring from freelance platforms.
There are many websites like Upwork or Freelancer that quench your thirst of hiring Odoo developers, hiring SAAS developers, hiring.Net or say multiple software development teams working on different platforms. One can find both experienced and fresher on board offering an array of services from web development to mobile app development, payment gateway integration to custom CRM and more. Hiring a developer for you start up is made simpler via these giants as they help you to evaluate the reliability of the developers, reviews of their performance, expertise discipline and functional knowledge and also laying you with cost-effective and flexible work options. 

But hiring developers from freelance platforms has its own demerits. The quality of software deliverables, scalability of work, future supports etc are always put on hold when business go for hiring developers on freelance. On the other hand, if a business or startup go for a reliable and established service provider for hiring developers, their woes on these aspects are erased. You can read our blog Odoo Partners Vs Freelancer on understanding the merits and demerits over choosing a reliable service provider and a freelancer developer.

5) Contacting dedicated team over social media platform.
If you are an avid techie and good enough in transacting your communication through social media you have platforms like Linked In and Twitter for hiring developers for your business. These profile building platforms encompass thematic groups, where you can find your developers in ease. For a startup, this method can be a viable option as they can quickly reciprocate to the need. If your business is looking for hiring developers, all you need to do is post the project description of your, give your specifications like looking for hiring Odoo developers, web designers, SEO analysts and more for the project. And later ask for help. One can easily connect to professionals thereafter using platforms like Linked In. 

6) Engaging via meetups, conferences or workshops.
In order to survive in the competitive market, business should always remain abreast to latest changes and for this reason, it’s quite encouraged over their participation in varied conferences, meetings, conclaves, and other tech expos. For businesses like a startup, these platforms can be a self-learning platform triggering their professional growth. Often these platforms come with additional benefits like meeting big players in an industry, getting to know their offerings and services, which can be quite helpful for hiring best developers for your business. Talking with the participants during the event help you to jot down right strategies for your businesses and thereby propel the right tools for maximizing efficiencies. 

The drawback of this approach is again the consistency of developers. Like word of mouth, hiring developers from here,  may or may not succeed in getting your work done in the desired way.

If you are looking to hire Odoo developers for business, drop your request to info@cybrosys.com. Cybrosys is an exponent in Odoo ERP and has been outsourcing skilled techno-functional consultants in Odoo for better posting your business. 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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