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By: Keerthana

How Does Odoo 15 Benefit Social Media Marketing Strategies

Functional Odoo 15

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is trending today. And we all know that Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are the leading social media platforms for content marketing, introducing digital marketing to the audience, and so on. Social media has specific strategies, which are very much important.

Often social media consists of posts that are made just for the sake of posting something. But to make it of any use, there are some strategies or techniques. There should be a goal whenever someone chooses to post something on their social media handles. These goals can depend on the target audiences, their needs, wants, and reviews; the results depend on the same. Therefore it is crucial to find something that can help your brand grow faster than in the initial stages.

Along with the different ways you do it, Odoo can help simplify it.

Social media marketing and Odoo

It is evident that in the modern-day world, the arrival of social media has always been a boon for a variety of reasons which have paved the way for numerous changes in the field of marketing and communications. It has made it easier for the audience to communicate with the market and the organizations. Also, it has made the companies understand more about the needs and demands of the customers and process accordingly, which can be a boon for the organization itself. The way of marketing products and services has also changed to simpler but effective ones. In this modern era, where digital marketing is the trend, Social media is yet another tool for marketing. This is used by most organizations regardless of the size of the company or type of business.

Coming to Social media marketing in Odoo 15, there are plenty of advantages we need to know. 

This can be used to share information about products, services, advertisements, and many other activities which can be accessed at our fingertips. Social media accounts such as Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., when linked, can have greater impacts on the public. When the marketing strategies that include these advertisements and campaigns are efficient, the conversion of visitors to the social media platform into customers happens swiftly. Thus within just one platform, Odoo helps in managing multiple accounts in preparing and publishing the necessary content regarding the business.

Creating social media strategies for marketing

There are some crucial steps in creating social media strategies. This mainly includes the 5 Ws.

1. Why do you use social media?

That is what you really want your business to be on social media. These come with social media goals. There should be a clear understanding of what is to be really done, whether to use the platform to promote products, maintain enough traffic to the website, or do the necessary requirements of the customers. There can be multiple goals. The main aim is to focus on the target audience to achieve these goals. Some of the goals can be - 

a) Increasing awareness about various brands

b) Increasing traffic to the website

c) Generating new leads

d) Growing the revenue by increasing sales

e) Empowering the brand management

f) Building a community in business surroundings

g) Providing better customer service

h) The increased mentions in press releases

i) Understanding the brand reviews.

2. Who is your target audience?

This is a very crucial step. Identifying the target audience can make the next steps simpler. This includes knowing who the selected audience is, what they do or prefer, why they prefer the respective content, how they intake the given content, and so on.

3. What would you share?

This is not about the types of content you share alone, But rather the themes. There might be more than one theme. Apparently, the main aim of the brand will be to get the customer on hold with the ongoing and upcoming trends in the industry.

4. Where are you going to share?

This really depends on the target audience. For example, teenagers and youth scroll through Instagram daily more than any other social media platform. Also, the situation is different when it comes to a worldwide audience of all ages on youtube for the video content. Facebook involves another set of audience who gives importance to news and other information and so on. The influencers in each media have an impact on the audience, which is a part of marketing.

5. When are you going to share?

There are certain apt timings to post the content on these handles depending on the target audience. This can be related to their work, study, or leisure hours.

Also, apart from all these, there should be a definite plan on how to execute the strategy. Focusing on the big picture, posting relevant content at the right time, and being able to react accordingly can take the business to great heights way faster than in any other media in social media.

The Odoo social media marketing

The installation and use of the Odoo application in social media marketing are very simple. 

The following are the steps for the same:

Install the social marketing module into your database from the Odoo application module. 

Now you can see the Odoo Home dashboard.


Select the social marketing module from the home dashboard. 

This will lead you to another page, the Feed page of the accounts that have been linked. All the streams added can be visible in this module. Whenever new content is published, The Feed will track it and publish it on your accounts. Also, from this page, direct access to connect with the social media account is possible.


This image shows how you can see the links in social media accounts on this platform. You can get to know the number of followers you have, the number of visitors to your posts, the number of times they visit, etc., by creating stories on their followers' or friends' feeds in each account tab. The posts can show likes, comments, shares, and views. Also, you can see the comments to each post and like, reply or delete it by clicking on the post.

Social media Campaigns

In social media marketing, campaigns are very important. Different types of advertisement campaigns and programs occur in order to market the product. This is an effective way to market your content and attract the target audience. The main aim of the marketing done is any way to include traffic into your business sites. The campaign attracts the audience to the products and services provided by the organization through the advertisements on your social media handles. 

In this module of Odoo 15 social marketing, the campaigns for social media are done within no time using the "create and manage campaign' from the campaign menu.


There are various options available on the campaign's platform. Different stages like New, Schedule, Design and Sent are present. Whenever you wish to add a new campaign to any of these stages, the + icon near each stage can be used. It is easy to see the number of posts, SMS, and notifications of that particular campaign as it will be displayed in each campaign section. For creating a new campaign, using the create button would do. To create a new campaign, follow these steps.


Click on the create button.


Mention the campaign name, responsible employee, tags, etc., in the respective fields. 

If any edits are to be done, use the edit option.

After the edits, in order to generate SMS, social posts, and push notifications


Click on the Send SMS, send Social post, and Push notification options as per the needs.

Creating Posts in Odoo social marketing

This can be done with ease using the Feed itself by making use of the New post button.

The new post button as shown in the image can be used to create a new post as we do it on any other social media handle.


Visitors to the accounts

The visitors' list will be shown, which helps you to track the visitors to the published posts. This can be done on any social media account. The interactions of the visitors can be accessed through the visitors' menu in the social marketing module.

The visitors' list can show the details like contact details saved in the system, enabling the chat settings with them, SMS options, and Email options would also be enabled. 

Also, the number of times the visitor visited the post, last visited page, number of pages visited, chats, etc. can be seen. The green dot on the visitor tells that they are still online, and the red dot means the visitor has gone offline. 

Configuration in the social marketing module

The social marketing module comes with a lot of configuration options. This is available in the configurations menu.


The options like settings, social media social accounts, and social streams are present. There is an option called' demo mode 'in the settings menu, which can be used to test the social marketing module.

All your personal social media handles can be easily configured in the social marketing module. An active Odoo subscription is required to connect with social media accounts. This is done using the social media option present in the configuration menu. There might be social accounts linked to the social marketing module. This can be viewed with the help of the social accounts option in the configuration menu. The Medium Name, Social Media, and Company name will be displayed in the list.

Thus using the Odoo 15 Social Marketing module, the marketing of products and services can be done without any hindrance and with the presence of popular social media platforms. This can pave the way for the successful promotion of the company or the products and better communication with the customers.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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