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By: Lijin AJ

How Does Odoo ERP Stand Odd Among Other ERP Systems, & Why?

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For a business to step forward with planning, it should also scrutinize the advanced technologies for the steady growth of your business. Before the technologies were not implemented, the ERP system was not placed when people started focusing on their business. Still, specific large industries and IT industries started adopting the ERP functionalities, which were later introduced to specified sectors. Nowadays, there are vast options for ERP in the market like Tally or Quickbooks ERP for Accounting and Finance, Infor or SAP ERP for supply chain, etc. Odoo ERP is the most advanced flexible ERP system, which is more simple to use and can be complex. Odoo is an interconnected, one-stop solution for your business that plays a single platform in your all-around business.
With the invention of electronic technologies in the 21st century, the world has conjured different types of Enterprise and Resource Planning resources. And now, every business does not depend on the structure and size initiated in implementing the ERP software solutions. As an open-source ERP system, Odoo is said to be the most outstanding renowned and refined scaled-up ERP that came into being. Due to its infinite features, this open ERP is an all-inclusive suite for creating business apps such as accounting, billing, inventory, supply chain, manufacturing, purchasing, website built up, e-commerce, etc.
Still, if you are confused about choosing the right ERP for your business, this blog gives you more informative solutions to tackle and configure the suitable ERP and the best option for your business. 
This blog gives you an acumen in describing the reasons and features of using Odoo ERP in any business management and why it stands odd among other ERPs.
In the past few years, the Odoo ERP has faced boundless growth in all business fields due to its unrivaled coherent nature that enables to reduce the iterating manual entries followed by the countable labours resulting in a dreadful headache. Almost all parts of Asian and European countries have seen tremendous growth in the usage of Odoo ERP.
Seven Secrets That Odoo Erp Stands Odd With Other ERPs 
Now let’s describe the main reasons for Odoo ERP in any business background and why it stands odd among other ERPs. 
1. Incredible User-Interface
Ostentatious, swanky design with a classic outlook interface is built by the latest version of Odoo. Using this upgraded version of Odoo makes your eyes a cool effect to handle your business elegantly. More experiments have been experienced and have been successfully implemented with a comfortable theme and colors of the Odoo ERP.
2. Modular design as an all-rounder business management software
Odoo, with its more than one thousand modules and enables you to configure many more applications for your ease to balance your business operations as an all-rounder business management software. Instead of using a cluster of applications for specific functions. You can set your business planning under a single roof with these comprehensive features.
3. Highly versatile and task-oriented with its scalability
The developers can configure odoo to the business activities you imply and can be customized that suits your business requirements. And also, by making to stand against your competitor if you imply creative ideas to your business, it can be customized easily and boost your business's productivity. Frequent modernization and scalability enhance the two virtual features for Odoo to stand upon the best platform for your business. 
4. Cost-productive as your use
We can implement Odoo, but it seems to be that the initial cost can be high due to the tax and customization to your business suite. But it can be tackled with your business and by maintaining techy experts who can handle the Odoo properly, reducing the cost. However, if you can take the professional experts in Odoo, the cost of what you offer can be tangible.
5. No peddler shall hem in
Odoo ERP is not required any licensing fee to download or install the software since the vast number of coders or developers are found in the Enterprise Resource Planning and its management tool. Coders or developers who are a font of dealing with it and who have bountiful knowledge in customizing the Odoo ERP and who can function it according to their requirements and fix the bugs can handle it smoothly and conveniently. Since Odoo ERP is open-source software, any tech team can fix it.
6. Consistent upgradations by the Odoo team
As Odoo is upgraded every year, it suits and is adapted to the latest business paradigms, and a professional expert must deal with it. No other people are not familiar with the customization of Odoo with its upgrades to deal effortlessly.
7. Active communication between clients and peer groups 
You can deal with active communication between your clients and peer groups smoothly without any hindrance with Odoo ERP. In a business environment, to run your business effectively, you need to put forward and discuss your doubts and updates with both your peer groups and clients. With Odoo ERP's latest version, you have a facility in implying with video meetings and chat spontaneously, similar to social media chatting. And if you require to chat with your peer groups, you need not go near to him and ask it, which can be solved with direct messaging anytime, which won't interfere with the work of your peer groups.
With this, we conclude the blog that gives you an idea of why the Odoo ERP stands odd among other ERPs. Even if you are not able to invest more income in your dream project, you can facilitate a quality business with Odoo ERP that makes you manage different operations like warehouse management, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management,  Accounting and Finance, Manufacturing, Sales, Purchase, and E-commerce management, etc. With its customization feature, you can maintain and task your duties efficaciously.

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