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By: Cirin C Baby

How Does Odoo Offer Data Security?

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Cybersecurity is a major concern for individuals and business groups in recent times where hacking of confidential documents can pose serious risks. Any episode of hacking can cause severe loss to the business as personal data, spoofing, phishing, and financial malpractices can occur after hacking. 
With the advent of technology, hacking and internet-based crimes are also witnessing growth, though unwanted. To address this situation, the software tool developers are trying new ways out. Frequent updates and new functionalities to ward off the hackers is the need of the day to get rid of cybersecurity issues. 
All IT companies and ERP developers are constantly trying to develop new tactics to transform their tools into highly secure ones. With cloud computing and internet connectivity, the importance of data security has also increased. 
Why do we need data security?
To avoid data breaches: Only a software tool with utmost security will be able to protect confidential data. It is required for protecting employee details, client details, transaction details, and other documents. 
It may cause 
> Financial loss to the company
> Trust of the customers
> may drag the company to legal conflicts
> Affect the business
Help the continuity of the business
If data is not protected the data may be stolen, deleted, or lost from the system. It can affect the operations and all operations may be at standstill.
Prevent unauthorized access and unauthorized operations
Unauthorized access through hacking can affect the website, computer systems, and the network. It can cause different issues.
Other benefits also include
> Protect client contact and other details
> Manage confidentiality of employee details
> Helps to uphold the policy of the organization
> Manage the reputation of the firm
Why choose Odoo?
> Odoo has always been working hard to provide the best security features to its clients. Odoo releases a new version every year aiming to improve the functionalities from time to time. This will help Odoo to provide their clients with the best business management features and best security features. 
> Odoo being open source software works in collaboration with community groups spread across the globe. These community groups along with the Odoo team works to find out the bugs and find every major and minor issue that a user may come across. Proprietary software solutions will get the support of only the paid employees of the company whereas Odoo gets the support of developers across all age groups and geographical territories. This helps them introduce the best and localized security features.
In short, Odoo offers comprehensive software solutions to different ERP users. 
In this blog, we can take a glance at the key security features offered by Odoo. 
Odoo supports backup and disaster recovery
With Odoo, a user can be sure of full backup for all its instances for up to three months. As data backup management is a key feature of data security, any user of Odoo can take three months’ time to store and manage the data. Any loss of instances during this period could be recovered with this feature.
Besides, Odoo provides efficient disaster management strategies. The disaster management practices followed by Odoo help to recover data at the earliest without hindering the working of the organization. 
Secure Database
Odoo supports the users with a secure database. As database security is the key to the success and continuity of any business this feature will certainly help your business. Odoo stores customer data in a dedicated database. The data of customers are not shared with others. Odoo also ensures the use of access control rules to ensure complete control over confidential data. 
Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication or 2FA can be considered as a method to improve the security of any account. This will help the user to have double protection. We can consider it as one of the best methods to protect accounts from hacking. Let us check what two-factor authentication is? It is nothing but the storage of secret information inside the authenticator. When we need to access or log in to the software we need to exchange the code provided to the authenticator. In One-factor authentication, the hacker will have to crack only the password. Suppose a person accidentally gets the password, then he will be able to access the data and misuse it. But, in two-factor authentication, the user will be directed to enter the password first. Then they will have to enter the secret info as well. 
Assured Password security
Odoo uses a standard password to protect customer documents. The customer will be solely responsible to reset the password in case of the loss of the password.
Odoo Employee access
Even if the Odoo employees access the user accounts for making some corrections or rectifications, this will be done with staff authorization. That means, Odoo employees never access your user password. This indicates that Odoo values the privacy of the customer.
Assured security Odoo Data Centre
Odoo uses security cameras for round-the-clock monitoring of physical data centers. The entry of staff to this location is also restricted. The entry is limited to technicians and that too is monitored. 
Credit card safety
Odoo erp never ever stores your credit card details. Even if you make use of your credit or debit cards for purchase requirements Odoo does not save or store the details. The only thing that Odoo does is to work as a link between the user and the Payment Card Industry Acquirer.  
Software Security of Odoo
As mentioned earlier, being Open Source software, the software code is always under the surveillance of contributors and users of Odoo. Bug detection, reporting, and debugging take place very frequently improving the software strength. 
As discussed, Odoo has many security features and these features can be used to improve data security. The user of Odoo can easily manage all operations in a secure atmosphere with all these features. Odoo introduces new features every year and security features are also improved. Removal of bugs from the codes also is a continuous process if you are using Odoo. 

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