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By: Cirin C Baby

How is Odoo CRM more beneficial than excel?

Odoo 14 CRM

In the earlier days of functioning in any company, Microsoft Excel plays a crucial role and it does theme now too. The user-friendly data description software capable of providing the user with an ease of data stored in the form of a table has been used all over the world and has been providing the users with reliable results. The functionality of an excel sheet can be seen on all levels of the company as well as a personal professional as well as personal life. Moreover, ist one of the basic tools used for business management operations with data description and functioning according to it. Today Microsoft Excel has grown up further for providing the user with more capable futons and tools to describe their data efficiently and reliably.
As the business has started to grow and the improvements in the operation of the functioning of the company in both inhouse as well as outhouse operation the need for software to run them became inevitable. The functionality of Excel in the customer relationship management aspects became non-beneficial and was not able to cope up with the real-time needs of an establishment. Customer relationship management is vital for any company operations and without adaptable and functional tools of operation the aspects of the company will be rooting for catastrophic losses and a decrease in business opportunities.
The customers of the company are the most vital asset to any organization. Making them happy and satisfied with the company products and services available will provide them with more business opportunities and thus improve the company function. Therefore, the business organization needs to have an efficient customer relationship management system. The Odoo ERP exhibits an effective CRM module that provides the user with all the tools of operation for the customer relationship operations to be conducted. Odoo, basically a complete business management software developed in the last decade, is a reliable solution for any company's operations. Functioning from a single platform and a centralized approach with central inventory management and database of operations Odoo is capable of running the entire company functions at all levels of operations.
In addition, the CRM module of Odoo is integrated with the option of the other modules of the platform making the information exchange and data sharing to run with ease. The main aim of Odoo CRM is to generate sale opportunities for the company. This would be done with ease in the platform the user can directly create sales orders for a respective customer form the module which is possible through the integration of Odoo CRM and sales module.
This blog will provide an insight into the aspects that why Odoo CRM is more beneficial than excel
High access speed 
The Odoo CRM can be accessed from any remote device where the Odoo platforms are configured. In addition, Odoo has a mobile view that can be enabled while functioning with portable gadgets. The speed of access to information comprising an excel file is higher in the OdooCRM.
Data sharing
It is a commonly understood factor that Excel files can be shared to be used among the required people. However, the user cannot restrict certain data content which can be easily done with Odoo. As the platform operated based on hierarchical security level based function. Therefore, making the user restrict content or data to respective users.
Mistake elimination
The excel files can be easily deleted and the changes made are not described distinctively. Whereas in the case of the Odoo CRM operations it cannot be deleted and all the changes made are logged into the database with a descriptive description on it.
Alert functionality
The Odoo CRM will alert the user based on the deadline set and the changes in operation. Moreover, the user can configure the respective alerts at the instance of entering data to a respective user.
Advanced tools
The Odoo platform is equipped with advanced operational tools which will provide the users with the capability to procure more business opportunities. Tools such as lead generation, lead enrichment, schedule activity with potential opportunity will be useful in the customer relationship management operation of the company.
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