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By: Cirin C Baby

Odoo - A Smart Business Solution

Odoo 14

The business sector was established long before and was prevailing before the implementation of the barter system, though it had various strategies and methodologies of operation the main terminology of sales and purchase remains the same in the operation. A company's main aim is to battle more customers' marketing or any promotions, methodology which roots to high business opportunity and gains in terms of profit and company development. As the modernization grew into the world and the improvements in digitalization and use of telecommunication facilities have provided the vital need for management solutions all across the world.
This necessity found the boom of the business management software which provided a reliable solution in the functioning of the company operations. Enterprise and resource planning software was being used all over the world today which is a highly acceptable business management model. Developed in the last century during the end years the ERP solution terminology has helped the various companies to develop their software solution for business management. Considering the usage and the methodology of operations there are mainly two types of ERP available one, for the application-specific operation and can be used for the dignified operations in a company the other provides the user with the capability of running the entire business operation of the company.
Although, there are various business solutions available on the latter type of ERPs Odoo tops the charts in operation as well as the usability towards its users. Odoo a new generation business management software is defined as the one-stop solution for business operations. Developed in the last decade Odoo operated for a single platform providing the users with full capability of business management of the entire company operations. Moreover, the platform has a centralized approach to business operation providing the user with central inventory management making them capable of running the retail, wholesale as well as e-commerce operations for a system or a central hub. In addition, the platform has a centralized database of operations providing the user with ease in communication as well as information exchange.
This blog will drive insight for you on why Odoo is a smart business solution
Before jumping into the topic let me provide a little background information of you on where Odoo stands now. The Odoo platform developed in the last decade of the century now has 5 million users across the world and is regarded as one of the fastest-growing ERP solutions that is available. The latest version of Odoo the Odoo 14 came out in November of 2020. Yeah! I know what a dreadful year. It was released in the doo experience meet which was conducted virtually but with the best of spirits due to the prevailing pandemic situation at the time.
Here are the aspects which make Odoo a smart business solution:
The Odoo platform is fully customizable business management software that can be designed and developed to suit the business operations and the functioning of the company. Moreover, the advanced integration applications which will root for the development of a fully customizable solution will provide the users with much more reliability in functioning as well as company operations with their terminology and parameters.
Advanced integration tools
The Odoo platform has advanced integration tools of operation providing the user with the capability of running the operation of the company on their terms. The IoT box which can be availed provides the user with the capability of integrating various advanced IoT devices that are capable of providing the users with the ability to interlink various IoT devices with Odoo. Secondly, the platform supports biometric as well as barcode integration for ease of operation in the inventory as well as Human resource management.
Website builder
The Odoo platform has an in-house website bustling tool that provides the user with the ability to build and create a company website in the most fashionable way available. Moreover, with the help of operational tools the user can manage the operation of the website and the e-commerce platform.
Advanced options in Odoo
Like the Odoo platform has advanced tools operation to run your company it also has options that can be configured to support any method of company functioning. Here is a list of some of them:
> Lead enrichment
> Lead generation
> Fiscal positions
> Analytical acconting
> Ádvnaced shipping methodologies
> Supports drop shipping and cross-docking
> Configuration option fo route and rule of product movement
> Supports multiple currencies, website, and company operations
> Warehouse routing and manufacturing
These are some of the features of Odoo which makes it a smart business solution for any level of company operations and not limited to.

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