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By: Cirin C Baby

Manage your Technical Support Operations with Odoo

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Customers support a vital aspect of business operations and the factor of dealing with the respective operation is inevitable and the management of the company should provide their keen concentration into the aspects. The customers are more reliable to buy from the company which offers support to them on the various functions as well as technical aspects of the product they purchased. The support operation in the world became widely populated due to the aspect that the customers of the companies will not be having fully functional and technical knowledge of it to solve the generation of issues. Today almost all product-based as well as service-based companies offer technical and functional support to their product and services.
The major aspect while dealing with the technical team of the company will be the manageability of the operations. If the company has a large and variety of customer base the demand for technical support will be high and the team should be able to work round the clock to provide solutions. Moreover, without proper planning and strategy of operation, the functioning of the technical team will be driving to an unreliable level of operation. The Enterprise and resource planning software has been providing the user with ample management capabilities of the business operations. Developed mainly on two aspects ERPs will be designed to function in application-specific operations or for the management of the company operates from all levels of functioning. 
Today there are various ERPs available all over the market providing the user with reliable business solutions and manageability in company operations. Odoo is one of the ERPs which provide the user with full-fledged business operational capability making it call the one-stop solution for all the business operations. Functioning form a central platform of operations Odoo is a business management software that will provide the user with a modular design with designated modules to manage the levels of company operations on all levels of functioning. Moreover, having a centralized approach to business operations will provide the user with a capable function of inventory management, and a central database for effective information exchange and communication.
This blog will provide an overview of how the Odoo platform will provide the users with the capability to manage the technical support operations of your company.
What does customer support operations fail?
The customers support the operation of the companies facials mainly due to the unmanageability of the operations. The supported operations of the companies will be loaded and with an ample amount of employees available the functioning of proper methodology and strategy of operation will be driving to a manageable sector of operation.
Tools in Odoo to manage the customer support operations of your company.
The support team of a company is vital and there has been a separate department allocated to it. All the major companies employ support teams to help customers with the operations of the product. Moreover, the support team functionality of a company can be effectively and efficiently managed by the Odoo platform. Here are some of the aspects of Odoo which will help you to run the support team operations of your company.
Field service module
The field service module for Odoo will provide ample manageability for the field service operations of the company. The Odoo field service operations will allow the user to assign tasks to the employees, time the operations using timesheet functionality, and invoice the customer based on the timesheet as well as the product used straight away from the module.
The Odoo helpdesk management module will allow the user to configure the support option for the technical as well as functionalities of the products. Moreover, the employees can be assigned to register the support requirements and provide the customers with the required information. In addition, the help desk operation can be configured with the field service module to synchronize the technical support.
The appointment module of Odoo will allow the users to take and register the appointments on supported operations, The customer can call the company or request it from the company website. The appointments taken up can be configured with the field service operation of the company and assigned to a respective technician in operation.
These are some of the tools which will support the technical support operation of the company with Odoo but are not limited to.

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