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By: Evin Davis

How to Manage Skills and Resumes in Odoo 14?

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Employee management in this era of industrialization is a key factor in company operations. With a variety of candidates available among the wide range of people in the world, the companies should choose to hire each one with the skills and qualifications they possess. Even hired they should utilize these skills for the right usage and manage the operations effectively to attain maximum productivity. So the information on these skills and qualifications should be stored in an efficient manner to be accessible and retrievable at the various instances of company operations.

Proper documentation on the various qualifications, work experience, skills, and many more aspects of the employee would help the company at instances of an internal event, operation, or task thus reducing the external hiring for these temporary aspects.

This blog will provide insight into how Odoo ERP will help in the effective employee management of a company with tools to manage the skills and qualifications or resume details of the employees in a company.

Skills and resume management in Odoo

Odoo is one of the most advanced ERP management solutions to control, monitor, and manage the entire operations of the company. Odoo platform operating from a single central database has effective and reliable information exchange protocols and terminologies in action within the company and with external sources. Odoo's employee management provides the provision to its users to describe detailed information of the employee to be stored in the database for easy access at instances. Among them, one of the most important and advanced aspects is the descriptive storage of the qualifications and the skills an employee possesses.

How to add skills and resumes to the database?

The skills and resumes are managed and created under the respective employee in the employee module of the Odoo platform. These can be added at the time of employment creation in the platform or can be edited at instances of company operations. To add the skills to the employees the user should initially enable the skill management option available in the settings menu of the module. Under the employee menu in the settings window, the user can see the skills management option available and enable it.


As the skills management in the platform has been enabled the users can now add the various skills and resumes details under the employee menu. Back in the all employees menu the user can select the respective employee whose description should be edited or can create a new employee by selecting the create icon available. The below image shows the employee window and under the resumes tab, the user now has the options to add resume and skills entry.


To create a new resume lane elect the create a new entry option under the resumes tab. On which the user will be depicted with the pop-up window as shown below. Provide the name of the qualification, select the type, and describe it in the description area. The user should also enable the duration of the operation. After providing the details the user can save and close the window or save and create a new one.


The type of resume details can be created as specified by selecting the rerouting option available on the side of the type description. On selecting to edit the type details the user will be depicted with the window as shown below, where the name and the sequence of operation can be modified if required.


To add a new skill to the employee description select the create a new entry option available under the skills tab. On which the user will be shown with a pop-up window to create and add a new skill. Provide the skill type and the skill associated with it along with the skill level the employee possesses.


The user can edit the skill type by selecting the external link which will direct the user to the skill type window. Describe the skills by selecting the add a line option available and the same in case of the levels of the skill.


Back in the employee menu the user can view all the skills and resume details being added. These could also be edited by selecting them and can be removed by clicking the icon available with respect to each entry.


The skills and resume entry on the employee menu of the Odoo platform will enable the user to have legitimate storage on the qualifications and skills of the employees. In addition, these would be beneficial at the times of both inhouse and outhouse operations of a company.

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