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By: Anusha

How Small Business can Benefit from CRM

Functional Crm

CRM – Customer Relation Management. CRM software actively tracks and manages customer information. CRM  also helps us to keep all our clients emails, history of all transactions of each customer, each and every conversation with our customers etc, In short, CRM is a software that makes maintaining customer relations an easier task.

Many people think that CRM software is only for big firms; however, it is not always true. Maintaining a warm and friendly relation with customers is extremely important for an organization; especially, small and medium enterprises. Using CRM software for small business could help to retain and manage good customer contact, making it easy follow - up with your customers.

CRM isn’t just for large enterprises ...

CRM performs like a magic wand that converts the small business into a strong, vibrant and swiftly growing one. In the initial stage of growth of an organization, your contacts play a major role. Normally, we all keep this contact in an excel sheet or business cards. There is no way for efficient management of these contacts. Here CRM has to play something.

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions used to streamline your business processes. However, if you are a small business owner, because of the unfamiliarity with this new concept you may be hesitant to use it. So let us check out the key benefits of CRM for Small Business Owners.

1 . Organization .

2 . Faster Exchange of Communications.

3 . Efficient Scheduling and Tracking.

4 . Close Analysis of Customer Data.

5 . Superior Customer Service.

6 . Automation .

7 . Improved Marketing Strategy.

8 . Better Team Collaboration.

9 . Integration with Other Software.

1 . Organization : -

CRM solution provides secure and organized storage of client information. All of your client information (such as previous contact details, the complaint details, follow up details, feedback and suggestions, details of all transactions and all types of previous contact details ) will be stored in one place and it can only be accessible to privileged users. You won’t need messy filing cabinets or multiple Excel / Word files to keep your files updated anymore. This will ensure that your customer data is secure, easy to access, and of course accurate.

2  . Faster Exchange of Communications.

With the help of CRM, you have a different platform for client communication. Your customer management division can easily view messages of customers and respond to them in a timely manner.

3 . Efficient Scheduling and Tracking: -

Many tasks can’t fulfill when people do everything manually. CRM system will help you monitor and analyze your campaigns and schedule your activities accordingly. And remind all your meetings/appointments via pop-up/text messages. And of course, it helps us to track all activities.


4 . Close Analysis of Customer Data.

CRM solution will definitely help you develop better client relations and improve your customer service. This will also help you find leads who have the same requirements as your current customers.

5 . Superior Customer Service.

With closer communication and timely responses, you can always keep your customers happy. This will help, the retention of existing customers and they will definitely refer your company to others.

6 . Automation .

Most organizations have repetitive tasks that are done in a particular format, such as sending out monthly customer reports or weekly / daily follow-ups /calls/marketing methods etc, These processes can be programmed into CRM software so that the uniformity of the activity will never lose.

7 . Improved Marketing Strategy.

As you evaluate your customer data more closely, you can identify what your customers’ demands and requirements are. This will help you in cross - selling your other products/services that are in line with their current and previous purchases. In turn, this will increase your sales and result in better customer management.

8 . Better Team Collaboration.

Your client management section /marketing or technical team will be able to better collaborate with other departments, such as marketing and finance since they have all the data they need to be saved in one system. They can also share marketing ideas that are particularly focused towards your customers and similar leads.

9 . Integration with Other Software.

Many CRM systems can be integrated with other programs such as accounting, project management, inventory management and data processing software. This allows you to match your customer information with all of your other business processes. Having a CRM system in your business will help you achieve better organizational growth , However, you need to choose your CRM system wisely. 

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