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By: Cybrosys Technologies

How to Build Customer Insight with Odoo


Listening to your customers is the key to building a brand that understands and delivers to the needs of the consumers. Quality data allows you to get insights of your customers, which we can act on to provide a better service to the customer. Customer insights improve the communication with the customers, improving their experience with the company and therefore reflecting positively on the sales. 

Getting customer insights is not a one-step process. This would involve us collecting, analyze, research and segment our customers to attend to their needs and concerns. 

- Collect high-quality data: it is important that we have high-quality data from our customers in order to have more accurate insights. The data quality can affect the validity, accuracy, and therefore the resulting actions from the insights. 

- Efficient analysis: the data is a resource and what we gain from these resources is dependent on what we do with these resources. So it is important that we invest in good data analysis to generate the kind of insights that can considerably affect the sales.  

- Research and organization: do proper and continuous research on consumer behavior and engage with customers emotionally to understand them better. Once we have a good research database on our customers, we can segment them to deliver according to needs and interests. 

While trying to gain the necessary knowledge about your customers it might come off as quite difficult to streamline data across the various sections of the business to have an omniscient database about your client. This is why it is easier to use ERP software that can streamline information about your customer and their interactions and transactions with the company. 

Benefits of customer insights 

- Sales: we have better insights into customer retention, promising leads, and so on. This will help work out our sales strategies to keep the sales from dropping. We can also prioritize our time and effort to customers who will be of more benefit to the company. 

- Marketing: better insight is better delivery, we are more sure of what to serve to our customers. We can design and strategize our promotions for customer groups to get maximum return from them. 

- Management: manage your inventory better with better insight into future stock requirements according to buying patterns, buying history, and so on. Managing product price lists and also the market expansion is also better managed with a better insight into customer interests and needs. 

This being said customer insight would transform your business to be more customer-centric. The consumer demands are what would drive our business and having an insight would help us be more attentive to the concerns of our customers, proving to them that they are indeed our priority when it comes to the services we provide. 

Odoo CRM

The CRM module from Odoo is a dedicated module from Odoo to manage the customer relationship. It manages your customers from a single point but all aspects of the relationship that the customer maintains with the company.


We will have tabs that summarize the interactions of the given customer with the company, be it sales, event participation, or tickets.

We can create the list of customers from the Sales -> Customers menu in the Odoo CRM module.


We have a single database point with all insights on the customer interactions with the company. This would allow us to study customer purchase patterns and behavior. 

With each tab, we will get a detailed history of the activities with the customer.


The reporting in CRM summarizes all the customer activity from lead to won customers. We also have details of expected revenues, average deal size, and so on. 

Odoo Social Marketing

This module allows you to connect your social media with the Odoo database. We can now follow up on the topics of our post and its related activities on the various social media platforms. This will provide us insight into what the target audience expects from us. Social media connects a lot of people and it can be equally a positive and negative feedback repository.


Following tags and threads on topics that concern our service will help us identify the market requirements and our shortcomings. This would be a good way to start working on our product improvement as we would rarely get a more honest review than in the conversation threads. 

We can also gain insights on the social account by clicking on insights. This will give us statistical information about the audience engagement on the various social accounts and posts. This can be helpful in studying the customer interests. 

Odoo Website

Live Chat

We can install Live Chat from apps and then we can enable live chat in the website module. We have to link a channel and set it up. An on-time interaction with the customers through a live chat portal would let the customers communicate more about what they are expecting from us. Our sales team can always act on this information to design a better sales strategy for the customers.


This would display the live chat option on the website and the person responsible will be able to chat with the visitors, answering their queries and concerns. The chat initiated by visitors will pop up as a direct message. The live chat works in integration with the Discuss module and we can chat with the visitor to help them with their concerns from any modules in Odoo without interrupting the workflow. 

Odoo Survey

The Odoo survey is an app used to create interactive surveys and quizzes. The app is integrated with eLearning, Website, email marketing, etc. we can create insightful surveys that can be sent to our customers. We can create surveys to both get their feedback or experience or to understand their expectations.


We can create the form, add the questions and generate a very interactive survey form to post on the website or to be sent to the customers. We can share the survey directly from the form window or we can attach them to the survey link to our feedback emails after purchases, event participation, and so on. 

Surveys generate more qualitative data than quantitative which is more useful in understanding the “why” of customer behavior when it comes to purchases and interactions.

These different apps work in integration with each other and also with the various other modules like Odoo Sales, Helpdesk, and so on. These integrated suites of apps will provide the necessary database to generate a good customer insight.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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