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By: Hasna VP

How to Control the Quality of Product Using Odoo

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In any business, the quality of products and services they provide must be tested before they are presented to the market. Poor quality products and services will fade the growth of your business. Giving good quality products is the responsibility of the manufacturers and they should ensure that every piece of product is ready to sell without any defects. In order to facilitate a good customer relationship, a company should take some measures to check the quality of products they produce. Quality control is very essential to improve the marketing and productivity of an organization. 

Before completing the production and exporting product into the market, the product must be evaluated and tested through various quality checks. These tests should be facilitated throughout the production processes of a product and only good quality products will proceed to the next stage. Management of product quality requires a systematic plan and basic instruction so that they can work according to the plan.  It is necessary to set up a quality control plan and tracking of the quality of the product at each stage of production. Odoo has facilitated quality control management through the Quality module. This module will act as an assistant in the quality tests of products. 

A company will only grow when it never compromises on the quality of the product and service they provide for their customers. Quality should be maintained throughout the production processes and Odoo will help you to manage the quality control tests with the Quality module. Using this module you can easily ensure the product’s quality and if any issues occur you can take necessary actions to maintain quality. Lack of proper quality control will result in a decline in the value of the product in the market which will also affect the profit of the company.  No one will take risks when it comes to affecting the reputation of the company and its profit. The implementation of quality maintenance will help the company to earn customer’s admiration towards their products and services.

Let’s take a look at the complete details of the product quality management module in Odoo.

First, install the module into your database from the Apps module.


While you open the module after completing the installation, you will get a view of the dashboard of the Quality module. It displays the details of Quality teams in the module. This will be the overview of the dashboard of the Quality module.


Quality Teams

To test the quality of products and organize the operation, you have to create a quality team for this. While you select a product to test its quality you must mention the Quality Team in the required field to operate the quality tests. In the Quality module, it is easy to create a new quality team to aid in effective quality testing. 

In the configuration menu of this module, you will get the option ‘Quality Teams’ where you can create new quality teams for your company. 


Click the ‘Create’ button and fill the fields as shown below.


Save the data and this will appear on the home dashboard of your Quality module. 

Quality Control Points

In order to facilitate quality maintenance effectively, we need a set of quality control points. You can set up the quality control points in the option available in the Quality Control menu. While clicking the option you will get a drop-down menu and select ‘Quality Control Points’.


Click the ‘Create’ button to describe new Quality Control Points.


In this form, you have to fill in the Title of the product, select the Product to check the quality, and select the operation. You can decide the quality operation at the time of Manufacturing, Receipts, Delivery Orders, or PoS Orders. In the Control Type field, mention the interval of quality checking such as All Operations, Randomly or Periodically. Like this, select the Type of quality check, Team, and Responsible officer in the respective fields.

After completing all required fields in the new Quality Control Points ‘Save’ the data and you can use these points to check the quality of selected products.

Quality Checks

The Quality Checks under the Quality Control menu of the Quality module includes the list of all the quality checks taken by this module. When you click the Quality check you can see the all product list gone through the quality tests.


It will display the Product name, Checked Date, Checked By, Team, Status, and Company of the tested product. You can create new quality checks from the same window. These actions are taken on the product at the time of manufacturing or taking delivery orders of the products. The quality check can be integrated with the actions of inventory and sales while placing an order.

Quality Alerts

When the product fails in the quality test you can generate a quality alert to repair the product. If any defect is found at the time of manufacturing or delivering a product the quality check will mark it as failed. You can generate the quality alerts under the Quality Control menu of the Quality module.


Define the title of the alert, Product and Product Variant, Lot number of the product, Work Center, Picking, Quality Team, Responsible officer, Tags, Root Course (reason for failing quality check), and Priority.

Under the Description tabs, Odoo allows you to add some lines about the quality issue of the product. You can mention the action required to solve the quality issue under the Corrective Actions tab. In order to avoid the issue from happening again, you can specify preventive actions in the Preventive Actions tab. 

Save the Quality alert and you can arrange them in different stages according to the action taken on the alert. 



The reporting feature in the Quality module will help you to analyze the quality checks and the management carried out with the assistance of this module. There are two types of reporting available in the module, Reports on Quality Checks and Quality Alerts.


Different views such as Graphical, Kanban, Pivot, List, and Calendar views are available in the reporting of quality checks and quality alerts. In the graphical view, you can change the graph into Bar Chart, Line Chart, and Pie Chart according to the purpose.

In conclusion, with the Quality module in the Odoo, you can easily manage the quality checks and define the various Quality control points as well as operations for your company products and manage them effectively.

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