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By: Swapna

How to Create a Barcode in Odoo 16

Technical Odoo 16

Let’s discuss how to create a barcode in Odoo 16. As we all know, a barcode is a machine-readable visual representation of data. It represents numerical or alphabetic data using a pattern of parallel lines of various widths and spacings. The barcode scanner reads and analyses the information encoded in the barcode, which is then processed by a computer.
Let’s consider two cases, 

1. Take an example of the Generates EAN13 Standard Barcode for Product. 

import math
from odoo import api, models

class ProductAutoBarcode(models.Model):
    _inherit = 'product.product'
    def create(self, vals):
        """generate barcode when create new product"""
        res = super(ProductAutoBarcode, self).create(vals)
        ean = generate_ean(str(res.id))
        res.barcode = '21' + ean[2:]
        return res

def ean_checksum(eancode):
    """returns the checksum of an ean string of length 13, returns -1 if
    the string has the wrong length"""
    if len(eancode) != 13:
        return -1
    oddsum = 0
    evensum = 0
    eanvalue = eancode
    reversevalue = eanvalue[::-1]
    finalean = reversevalue[1:]
    for i in range(len(finalean)):
        if i % 2 == 0:
            oddsum += int(finalean[i])
            evensum += int(finalean[i])
    total = (oddsum * 3) + evensum
    check = int(10 - math.ceil(total % 10.0)) % 10
    return check

def check_ean(eancode):
    """returns True if eancode is a valid ean13 string, or null"""
    if not eancode:
        return True
    if len(eancode) != 13:
        return False
        return False
    return ean_checksum(eancode)

def generate_ean(ean):
    """Creates and returns a valid ean13 from an invalid one"""
    if not ean:
        return "0000000000000"
    product_identifier = '00000000000' + ean
    ean = product_identifier[-11:]
    check_number = check_ean(ean + '00')
    return f'{ean}0{check_number}'

class ProductTemplateAutoBarcode(models.Model):
    _inherit = 'product.template'
    def create(self, vals_list):
        """generate barcode number when create new product"""
        templates = super(ProductTemplateAutoBarcode, self).create(vals_list)
        ean = generate_ean(str(templates.id))
        templates.barcode = '22' + ean[2:]
        return templates
Here, we are going to generate a barcode for a product. EAN-13 is the most widely recognized barcode in Europe, and it is used for basic product identification in supermarkets and other retail businesses. It is the European version of the American UPC-A barcode.
For more information, you can refer to the below app link https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/16.0/product_barcode/

2. Next, we can check how to generate a barcode for the sequence and display it in the report in Odoo.

Print .py file:
def generate_barcode(self): 
   data = { 
       'response': self.name, 
   return self.env.ref('module_name.action_generate_barcode').report_action(self,data=data)
Print Button Xml:
            <button name="generate_barcode" string="Generate Barcode" type="object"/>
Print barcode_action.xml:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
       <record id="action_generate_barcode" model="ir.actions.report">
            <field name="name"> Barcode</field>
            <field name="model">module.name</field>
            <field name="report_type">qweb-pdf</field>
            <field name="report_name">module_name.print_barcode</field>
            <field name="report_file">module_name.print_barcode</field>
Print barcode_template.xml:
<? xml version ="1.0" encoding ="UTF-8" ?> 
<template id ="print_barcode_custom" > 
    <t t-call ="web.basic_layout" > 
        <div class ="page" > 
            <div class = "col-md-6" > 
                <img class ="barcode"
                      t-att-src ="'/report/barcode/?barcode_type=%s & value=%s & width=%s & height=% s & humanreadable=1 & quiet=0' % ('Code128',response, 205, 67)"
                      alt ="Barcode" /> 
</ odoo>
This blog will give you an idea about barcode creation in Odoo 16.
To read more about managing barcode naming in Odoo 16 inventory, refer to our blog How to Manage Barcode Naming in Odoo 16 Inventory

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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