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By: Samna K A

How to Create New Stages in Odoo 16 ERP Software Using CRM

Odoo is the easiest and most integrated all-in-one software which comprises hundreds of business apps such as e-commerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, and so on. Odoo provides customers with a user-friendly nature and excellence in operation with easy integration of the Odoo Module. In the Odoo ERP Software, you are provided with a wide variety of features that enhance the growth of the business world. Odoo ERP works as the only system for all ERP software that provides the best business operations and functions to its users and customers as well.

Odoo ERP has a wide variety of management such as Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Manufacturing Management, Financial Management,  and many more. They offer lots of options for the configuration of various processes. Odoo ERP Software consists of lots of modules, among which the CRM module has got some features. It allows us to see all our leads or opportunities in a single location and manage them from one stage to another within a single system. 

This software has a wide variety of business requirements which include-major Odoo modules like human resources eCommerce, Sales, Inventory, accounting, and many more. Odoo gives customization power to its all kinds of businesses, namely small-scale and large scale and users can pick out their modules that work together to create a seamless environment that empowers the company’s growth. It is providing a cohesive ERP that provides multiple module access to its users. Odoo Modules amalgamate required business functions and operations to make Odoo an easy-to-use, set-up, and cost-effective ERP software.

 Odoo ERP Software provides users with CRM Customer Management Software for the proper management of customers and the implementation of new business opportunities. Odoo ERP  provides a Sales module to manage sales and leads or opportunities for various purposes. CRM module gives a particular tool for the customer’s sales team to identify new leads or opportunities and carry them to close. We can boost and thereby develop relationships with customers by creating and managing leads or opportunities in the Customer Relationship Management Module under the Odoo software. Different stages of the process happen in a firm when we create a lead for any purpose. You can access different pipelines from the Odoo 16 CRM dashboard. As Odoo ERP Software is getting updated each year, the latest version of the Odoo ERP system has got a wide variety of advanced features to enhance the working capacity of the CRM Module. One of those advanced features includes creating new stages in the CRM Module. Here we can look at how New Stages are created using this Odoo ERP Software.

Stages are considered as the milestone of a project which is mainly used for the purpose of monitoring progress, identifying bottlenecks and triggering customer check-in emails for collecting valuable customer feedback as well. It will help us to easily recognize the progress of each operation. So we could say that creation of Stages is a must follow step that has to be followed. For that, we had to follow certain steps, which are given below.

You can create new stages from the pipeline as well as using the Stage option too. First, let's look at how to create stages using the Stages options available under the Configuration menu. For that, firstly login into Odoo Software, where you can see lots of Modules among which you have to go with the CRM Module, as shown below. 


On selecting the CRM Module, a new window will open. The window provides some options like Sales, Leads, Reporting, and Configuration. It is also possible to create more stages or use other stages based on the business requirements. Users can keep track of all leads or opportunities which are present in different stages. Among these categories, go with the Configuration Menu, which has lots of sub-menus like Settings, Sales Teams, Team Members, and Activity types. Under the pipeline, you are available with some options like Stages, Tags and Lost Reasons. From these options click on the Stages button as shown below.


Now you will be directed to a Page where you can see a list of some of the already configured Stages.


Now, if you want to make changes in the existing Stages, you can just click on the stage where you want to make the necessary changes from the given list. if you want to create a new stage for the leads or opportunities, Click on the Create button which can be seen in the top left corner of the screen.  

On creating a new stage, you have to give some details about the new stage like; Stage Name, Is Won Stage, Folded in Pipeline, Sales Team, and some details on the Requirement field as shown below: 


In the Stage Name option, give a suitable title for the stage. Under the Is Won Stage option, you have to click on it if you want to consider it as the won stage for the leads or opportunities. In the Folded Pipeline option, you can activate it if you want to fold this stage in the pipeline. In the Sales Team option, you can provide a specific team that uses this stage , and using this option, other teams will not be able to see or can use this particular stage. Under the Requirements field, you can mention some requirements to move a lead or opportunity. 

After completing all these basic requirements, you are ready for your new Stage and this is how you can create a New Stage. Now you can also create a new Stage by adding a stage in the main menu as shown below:


These are the ways how we can create new stages in the CRM Module using Odoo Software. So we can say that the CRM Module plays a vital role in each function that the software provides. It helps companies to stay connected with the customers, streamline processes, and thereby-improve profitability and growth of the company up to its best level.

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