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By: Jafar Shareef C

How to Enrich your Leads in Odoo 13 CRM

Functional Odoo 13 CRM

Obtaining new business possibilities has always been the motto of various business organizations to grow and prosper. Obtaining the contact information of the people and on contacting them and turning them into a one-time customer to regular one depends upon the capability and influence and the impact the company can provide. This is the practiced methodology that has helped the companies to obtain new customers with the help of enthusiastic salesperson and customer relationship officers of the company. Potential customers can be obtained at any instance of the company operation, whether it's an educational fair, business meeting, or roadside campaign there are always chances for companies to obtain customers.

Extracting the contact information from these customers will not be easy or may not be providing them until they are sure about the company and its products. Or in certain instances, the company may obtain a list of potential clients only with their email addresses. The probability of turning a leat to a customer with the help of email contacts has always been low. Due to the fact that there are high chances that the customer may be played or cheated via email customers may not be willing to trust the company with a single email. So the companies should be able to contact them personally via phone or in person. Since the company was only able to attain the email address of the person, contacting them in another manner is impossible.

This where the enrichment functionality in Odoo comes in handy to any company. The option allows the users of Odoo to generate quality contact information from outer sources. The Odoo functionality helps the user to have an automatic search of contact information on the internet and provide them to the user.

This blog will describe

What is lead enrichment in Odoo?

How can a company enrich their leads and turn them into potential customers?

Lead enrichment in Odoo

The process of obtaining furthermore contact information of the customer from the simple contact information of email id and from the automatic search on outside sources is lead enrichment in Odoo. Consider a marketing exhibition which is conducted in community centers for various business organizations to showcase their products and services. The tickets for the process are booked online via email generation and the exhibition committee never asks for the name and other personal information. If a company is looking for customers they can obtain the list of emails from which the tickets are being booked for the exhibition from the committee. With the help lead generation technique in Odoo the user can create a pipeline as the lead with the email id as the contact information. On selecting to enrich the lead the Odoo will search on the outsource platforms available such as Facebook, Twitter, other social media, the internet, etc. On which the company can obtain all the contact information and transfer the potential customer lead to a customer of the company.

The process of lead enrichment

As mentioned earlier the Odoo platform allows its users to extract contact information of potential customers from outside sources with the help of enrichment tools available on the platform. The enrichment tool should be enabled in the settings menu of the CRM  module of the Odoo platform to be used in the future. In the settings tab under the lead generation, the menu enables the lead enrichment option. The user can view the settings option available upon enabling the lead enrichment. The option to enable the enrichment on-demand only allows the users to enrich the selected contacts which are proven to be a potential one and skip the others. In case of enabling the lead enrichment automatically, all the leads available in the platform will be enriched and all contact information will be allocated with it. 

The user should note that to generate the lead enlistment the user should have credits available in the account which can be purchased from the IAP page of the Odoo website. These credits allow the Odoo platform to search for contact information with outside sources.

Upon verifying the settings menu the user should save it.


To showcase how the enrichment option in Odoo works let's create a pipeline with the email information only available to the customer. From the pipeline window of the CRM, module select the create option available to create a pipeline upon creating go inside the pipeline to edit the contact information. For instance, provide the contact email id only and save the page. On saving the option to enrich the lead will be available to the user. The user can select the enrich option or can skip it and provide contact details of their own.


On enriching the lead the contact information will be automatically generated and saved to the lead. The log menu will describe the lead contact information being obtained from a source and other listings of the same contact information in outside sources such as social media websites etc. The below image depicts how the lead enrichment option allows the Odoo platform to save the contact information. The name of the contact will not be generated but the user can select to provide one.


If the enriched lead is to be saved into the contacts list in the Odoo platform upon selecting to create the customers the contact information will automatically be saved to the customer contact. The user can provide a name to the customer and save the customer for future operations on them.


The Odoo platform also allows the functionality of the automatic lead generation which allows the platform to search automatically for the contact information of the customer based on the e-mail id available and generate them to the contact information.

The lead generation feature in Odoo is much helpful for all sorts of business organizations dealing with products, services, training, educational institutions, etc to make the potential customer lead into regular customers. The lead enrichment technique also allows the users to have a marketing strategy allowing the marketing team to accompany and generate contacts of potential customers and contact them.

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