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By: Linto

How to manage Multiple Cashiers?

Functional Pos

Odoo’s point of sale application allows the user to manage the point of sale operations simply and efficiently. It provides many features which will ease our efforts. One of them is managing multiple cashiers in point of sale. In this blog, we will go through the different methods to manage multiple cashiers in Odoo pos.
The various methods available in Odoo for managing multiple cashiers are,  
 - Switch cashier without any security
 - Switch cashier with pin code
 - Switch cashier with cashier barcode badge

Switch cashier without any security
First, we need to create a user for point of sale from the Settings -> Users menu. Then assign the access rights for the user. After the user is created, we can start POS sessions.
Go to Point of sale -> Dashboard and create a new session by clicking on the ‘New Session’ button.


Once we have started the session, we can see the current user at the top left portion of the screen.


When we click on the name, a new window will be opened which will show the list of cashiers. We can simply change the cashier by just clicking on the name.
Just select a new cashier from the popup list. At the ‘username’ section, we can see the new user’s name.


Switch cashier with Pincode
This option will allow us to change the cashier only after entering a pin code. The cashier will be changed only after entering a correct Pincode. Without the proper Pincode, no one will be able to change the cashier. We can set the Pincode from the user access rights management form. This option adds a security measure to the pos. 
In order to set a pin code, go to the settings page by clicking on the Settings menu and open the user access management form by clicking on the ‘Users’ menu or the ‘Manage access rights’ option in the settings page.


Now select a user and click ‘Edit’. Under the ‘Point of Sale’ tab, we can see a field 
‘Security Pin’.  We can enter the pin code of this user in this field. After entering the pin, save the record by clicking on the ‘save’ button.


Once we have set the security pin, no other user can use this user from the point of sale without entering this pin code.


Switch cashier with cashier barcode badge
If you want your cashiers to scan its badge, you can set it up in by clicking on Settings. Open the user access management form from the settings. Edit the cashier and go to ‘Point of Sale’ tab and add the barcode there.

Note: Be careful of the barcode nomenclature, the default one will force you to use a barcode starting with 041 for cashier barcodes. To change that go to Point of Sale-> Configuration-> Barcode Nomenclatures.


Once we have set the barcode, we can start the session from the point of sale. if we need to change the cashier, just click on the username section. It will open the window where we can select the cashier. Now we can scan the badge of the cashier. Once we have scanned the badge, the cashier will be automatically changed.

These are the methods available in Odoo to change the cashier in a POS. Hope this will help you. 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.



This cybrosys is manage multiple cashier. In this blog methods to available change the session for cashier.




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